Arael Asteria



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Basic Info


Arael Tansi Asteria (Ah-ray-el Tahn-see As-tair-ree-a)


Often shortened to Rael (ray-el), sometimes shortened to Rae (ray)




Dyric Ela Twiva




Sovereign heir of Jha'Lena


Nonbinary, but they are perfectly comfortable with any pronouns; they/them is most correct



Significant Other

Enoch Juneas (betrothed)

Creation Year



Parents are king and queen of Jha'Lena, no siblings


Jha'Lena (known as the human kingdom of the central plains) - Varloryn, Skacastavelle

Current Home

Jha'Lena - Varloryn, Skacastavelle


Physical Appearance

  • Long dark brown hair usually worn up in an ornate ponytail with braids, trails to mid-back when up and to hips when loose
  • Pale golden eyes
  • Brown skin, warm skin tone
  • Medium in height, 5'9"
  • Relatively fit with a toned build
  • Tattoos on face, backs of hands, feet, and back
    • Appears black normally and glows golden when rifting
  • Four piercings per ear; 2 upper, 2 lower
  • Notably long and full eyelashes

Clothing Style

Arael always dresses in a refined manner befitting of their royal status, often opting for outfits that cover their entire body. They usually dress in the colors of their kingdom, which consists of primarily white, black, and silver with some gold accents. Their outfits always tend to look rather warm, especially since many of their cloaks also have fur accents to them, usually white. While at home in the palace, they tend to wear ornate tunics or robes, and when outside the palace they will sometimes wear armor depending on the circumstance. Rael always has their hair up in some kind of ornate hairstyle, and they always are wearing some amount of jewelry. They are essentially never seen without wearing at least their royal circlet, earrings, rings, and a necklace, and they usually wear golden jewelry but will sometimes wear silver or a mix of gold and silver depending on their overall outfit composition.

Rael's standard outfit during their narrative is their armored outfit for their presence on or near the battlefield. It consists of a black underlayer, a white and gold overskirt with a black sash belt, black gloves and boots, and silver armor pieces with gold accents. Their armor pieces include a chest piece with a modified Jha'Lenan crest, spaulders (covered by their cloak), wrist guards, tassets (covered by their overskirt), and legguards. The cloak they wear is mostly black, and it has a black and gold shoulder design along with a gold chain that connects in front across their chest. The cloak also includes white fur on the shoulders and the same modified Jha'Lenan crest on the outside. Rael's accessories include their circlet, earrings, and rings. As their narrative goes on, they do have several outfit changes depending on the location and circumstances.


Arael is the level headed and serene heir to the kingdom of Jha'Lena. Often referred to as the crown prince, Rael takes their responsibilities to their kingdom seriously and has trained themselves to be a cunning and vigilant royal. They are intellectual, open minded, and equally skilled in speaking and listening to others, and they always work to make well thought out decisions while considering the needs of as many people as possible. Their subjects have described Rael to be a down to earth and welcoming prince who is eager to lend their ear to the concerns of all in the kingdom. Despite the fact that Jha'Lena is a primarily human kingdom and has always had pure-blooded humans on the throne for all its history, Rael is a well-loved and accepted heir to the kingdom and is determined to continue Jha'Lena's long-lasting peace and prosperity.

On the surface, Rael appears very composed, well mannered, and eloquent, and they lend themselves a demeanor that is both confident without being overly intimidating. On a personal level, Rael can be more demure and gentle with their emotions, and they aren't much for breaking rules or acting spontaneously. They may seem a little boring at times since they rarely seem comfortable with cutting loose and trying new or unusual things, but Rael is always easy to approach and pleasant to speak with. They have a sense of maturity and serenity that seems beyond their years, and they are selfless in lending aid or advice to those in need. Their greatest weakness, however, is their lack of experience in the real world. Rael can stand their ground in any political, tactical, or academic standing, but they are still inexperienced on the battlefield despite their clear skill with a sword and magic. They have not been in enough physical conflicts to have built up the nerve or instincts to fend for themselves well, especially if they are caught on their own or disarmed. They tend to freeze up when in impending danger, and they also are easily flustered by rough conditions or people that don't act according to standard noble etiquette. They can keep composed well with commoners in a diplomatic setting, but Rael would not know how to react if left to traverse the real world on their own. Although it hasn't affected their humility, it's obvious that Rael has grown up in a very spoiled and pampered setting, and they are still naive and vulnerable to the risks outside the palace.


  • Lyte rifting - rank 4/5
  • Skilled at swordplay, particularly with rapiers
  • Skilled at horseback riding
  • Trained in strategy, diplomacy, leadership, and public speaking along with other skills/tasks required as prince


  • Eloquent, down to earth, and selfless
  • Clever, well-read, and calculating
  • Composed, level headed, and responsible
  • Open minded, a good listener, and easy to approach


  • Although confident enough with a sword, they are inexperienced on the battlefield and can easily lose their nerve when disarmed or cornered
  • Generally inexperienced in the real world and is easily flustered by rough people/conditions
  • Somewhat naive and overly trusting, and betrayals tend to cut them deeply
  • Their strengths shine in speech and strategy, otherwise they are skittish about new environments and tasks


Arael was born to the human king of Jha'Lena and an elven mother from the northern mountains. They lived a rather pampered life in the palace while being tutored in various subjects, particularly strategy and the skills necessary to one day ascend the throne. Jha'Lena has always been a primarily human kingdom, but they have a peaceful and welcoming relationship with the diverse races that live across their lands and in the surrounding regions bordering the kingdom. Rael is considered to be the beloved prince of the kingdom and will make their mark in history as Jha'Lena's first ruler who is not entirely human.

In recent times, Rael has become engaged with a Jha'Lenan noble of house Juneas, a man named Enoch. Rael is expected to ascend the throne as king relatively soon after their marriage, although uncertainty looms on the horizon for their thus-far peaceful kingdom. Jha'Lena has always had an alliance with the human kingdom of Kenadrie, which is located across a mountain range to the east. Unknown to them, Kenadrie has built itself into an empire with unprecedented technology and weaponry, and although they are aware Kenadrie has developed this technology they are ignorant to Kenadrie's merciless conquest of the surrounding lands on their side of the mountain range that has only recently spilled into the western forest kingdom of Rulvian, which borders Jha'Lena to the south. Their attention has been inadvertently diverted from Kenadrie's atrocities by the sudden conflicts raised in Jha'Lena by the deep forest witches of Rulvian, seeking justice against Kenadrie's invasion and believing Jha'Lena to be complicit in their conquest.

Arael has focused most of their attention on formulating strategy for Jha'Lena's troops in repelling the witches' attacks from the kingdom. Unbeknownst to them, their Imperial allies are conspiring against them, believing the notion of a "half-breed" on a once-pure human throne would sully Jha'Lena and stain the alliance between the kingdoms. During one successful skirmish against the Rulvian witches, Rael was thrown from their horse and knocked unconscious. When they finally came to, they found their royal guards dead around them and their supporting Imperial troops slaughtered by a handful of orcs from the northern region. Neither Rael nor the orcs are capable of communicating with each other due to a language barrier, and Rael is under the impression that the orcs are now kidnapping them, although for what reason they are uncertain.


  • The kingdom of Jha’Lena is primarily a human one, although it has a harmonious relationship with all the other races that live across its lands and surrounds its borders. The human kingdom as a whole look to the heir of the throne favorably and don’t seem to have any issue with Rael being a half elf, which is not something that has occurred in the kingdom’s history so far.
    • Something Rael and his parents have noted is that despite how open and welcoming their kingdom is as a whole toward other races, the kingdom also is generally traditionally about their views, and the city surrounding the castle in particular is a bit unlearned about outside cultures despite being open minded about them.
    • The kingdom as a whole has taken to referring to Rael as their prince since it is assumed they will ascend the throne one day and become king one day. For this reason, there is a misconception that Rael is male rather than nonbinary, which is somewhat of a foreign concept to most of the traditional humans of the kingdom, whereas the elven people Rael’s mother is a part of don’t particularly think much of gender overall.
    • Rael has no issue with being referred to as he/him and being referred to as the prince. It doesn’t really mean anything to them since they’re essentially just words in their opinion, and there aren’t any gendered expectations placed on them either way. They also wouldn't care if they were referred to with she/her either, but it never really happens since most people perceive them to be a prince anyway.
  • The name Arael is that of an angel and means “lion of god,” although it is typically spelled as Ariel. Rael is also apparently a Hebrew name meaning “lord of light.” I don’t actually know if those meaning are correct, but I feel like they suit the character nicely.
    • Also, the name is generally gender neutral or has both masculine and feminine connotations to it, with Ariel being the name of an angel but also generally taken to be a female name in modern times, and Rael is accepted as either a male or female name.
    • Also it has the “ar” sound in it, further proving I am incapable of breaking this unintentional naming convention for this particular story.
  • Rael’s middle name is their mother’s surname, Tansi. It is a spelling alteration of Tansy, which is a type of yellow flower. All my elves have plant based last names, so I picked a golden flower to match their eyes and gold accents of their armor.
    • Tansy’s are typically viewed as invasive and everlasting, with their name coming from the Greek word athanatos meaning immortality. Tansies were used for preservation and embalming and are also somewhat toxic and have an ominous connotation, meaning “I declare war on you.” This implications are intended to be ironic and are merely the perception of the outside Imperials on Rael’s family and elven kind, since they find a “half-breed” like them to be invasive to an otherwise human kingdom and toxic to their longstanding alliance with Jha’Lena. Rael’s mere existence is some kind of declaration of war to them, but of course they are resilient and prove to be “immortal” to their treachery.
  • Their last name, Asteria, is their father’s surname and the name of the royal lineage of Jha’Lena. Asteria comes from the titan goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars from Greek mythology. It is also a play on the Aster genus of flowers, which is the genus that Tansies are from.
  • Rael’s design came from me playing around with yet another dollmaker (this image included in their gallery), this one including a humanoid character in some kind of confrontation with an orc. This dollmaker comic game basically inspired Rael’s initial characterization and the start of their story arc involving the orc by putting a twist on the presentation of the comic panels.
  • I generally followed the design  of the dollmaker pretty closely because I think it looks really nice,  but I tweaked the chest plate design to be unique along with a couple  other small details, and I also had to design Rael's lower body myself  since their legs aren't included in the dollmaker image.
  • Although Arael's mother is referred to as the queen and as a mother, they are also nonbinary and prefer they/them pronouns. The queen has no issues with being referred to as female and with she/her pronouns though, similarly to how Rael doesn't mind being called the prince and he/him by their subjects.
    • Arael's father has a tendency to refer to his wife as they/them normally, but he may shift to she/her when talking about them to Arael as their mother, or sometimes when talking about them in an endearing and affectionate manner as his wife.
  • I specifically bought a blue and silver dice set for this character with the intent to redesign them a bit to match that color palette, and then I just didn’t do that when I drew their reference, so now I need to get them a new dice set. ^^; Maybe the blue dice set can go to the blue orc instead.
  • Rael has not visited the home region of their mother yet, which is the territory of a clan of mountain elves. They are somewhat familiar with their customs through their mother, but otherwise they have no first hand experience with that side of their heritage yet, since the mountains are quite a trek from the heart of Jha’Lena.
  • Enoch has been courting Rael for several years now and they've only become engaged within the past year or so. They intended to marry during the next coming spring, yet things have become somewhat derailed when the witches began attacking the kingdom.
    • Enoch obviously knows that Rael is nonbinary and doesn't particularly identify with the traditional gender binary that is standard in Jha'Lena, but like most Jha'Lenans Enoch is open minded about it and tends to waver between pronouns when referring to Rael.
    • Enoch typically uses they/them or he/him for Rael depending on the company he is with. If others are comfortably using they/them around him, he will fall into that pattern as well, but sometimes when around subjects who refer to Rael as male/the prince, Enoch may occasionally do so as well. Enoch would only refer to Rael with she/her in a figurative sense, since his father is under the impression that Rael is going to be "Enoch's wife," so he may light-heartedly refer to Rael as "my princess" or "my queen" when in private. It's somewhat of an inside joke between the two of them now, and Rael considers it to be just more silly pet names.
    • Another term of endearment that Enoch gives Rael is "my radiant star," which started as a reference to Enoch complimenting Rael on their lovely golden eyes that seemed to sparkle like starlight. He also uses other adjectives with it and tends to talk a lot about falling stars and wishes with Rael when complimenting them.
    • In terms of bedroom dynamic, Enoch is typically the dominant one and Rael is something of a pillow princess. Despite this though, Rael is probably stronger and heavier than Enoch is and could probably easily turn the tables on him if they had any desire to.
  • The design on Rael's chest plate is modeled after the tattoo on their forehead. In canon though, the armor and the tattoo are both based on the crest of Jha'Lena with some mild modifications to account for the tattoo style from their mother's elven culture. The tattoos are common among the mountain elves, and Rael's is something of a middle ground in terms of style between the elven and Jha'Lenan motifs.
    • Rael's tattoos were inked with mildly enchanted ink, and the tattoos are meant to serve as a ward against evil spirits and ill intent. These tattoos also glow like gold when Rael uses their magic or rifting.
    • Rael's eyes can also glow golden when using magic or rifting, but that's for unrelated reasons.
  • Although Rael is typically confident, intelligent, and level headed under pressure, they lack experience in the field and may freeze up when directly faced with danger. They work best when the stresses are based on political or strategic pressure rather than direct physical threats.
    • They are stronger than they let on by their gentle and serene nature, but their strength doesn't help much when their nerves get the best of them.
    • Rael is also relatively fit from training with a sword and horseback riding, but they lack endurance and have never had to do any extremely rigorous physical ordeals for extended periods of time because of their rather pampered life. They can be quick on their feet during combat and with their swordplay, but they cannot run very fast and get winded rather easily. Gotta get that cardio in, pumpkin pie.
    • Rael usually comes off as rather delicate and dainty due to their demeanor, but they are surprisingly solid and heavier than one might expect. They don't have excessive body fat or anything, they are just very solid due to their mountain elf heritage. Must be higher bone mass or something, because Arael honestly doesn't look that big. The armor also doesn't help, so it definitely would take something like a giant orc to ever pick them up.
  • Arael's horse is a stocky dappled brown draft horse. It is rather big and solid, so you can imagine why falling off of it would probably knock him out.
    • Normally it's a very calm horse that deals with the stress of battle well, but it got spooked by the deep forest witches.
  • Not a strong swimmer at all. Might be able to tread water, but they might also panic in deep water and sink faster. They especially can't swim well when wearing all that armor.
  • Often spends time in the castle gardens since they like plant-life and flowers so much. The gardens are their favorite place to read or think about things.