Alice Spades



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A feisty demon with a horrible gambling addiction

Basic information 

Full name: Alice Spades

Nickname: Spades

Birthday: Aug 18th

Species: Demon

Gender: Female she/her

Height: 5 foot 5

Sexuality: Pansexual

Languages spoken: Demonic, English


Likes: Gambling, chance, adrenaline, cool hats

Dislikes: being alone, showing weakness, getting close to people


Spades wasn't born to win, she was born to gamble. She'll bet on anything and everything, regardless of the implications. Even if she knows she'll lose. If you say "wanna bet", even jokingly, she'll insist on betting.

Spades doesn't like having friends or being close to people. She often tells people to call her anything except her first name, because that's too casual. Still, she can't stand being alone, and her mental state will almost immediately start deteriorating if she's ever left by herself.


Addictions: Gambling

Mental illnesses: Severe Autophobia

Physical illnesses: None

Disabilities: None

Allergies: None

Fears/phobias: being alone


Spades has luck on her side, literally. Things tend to lean in her favour more often than not. Her luck isn’t perfect, though. Bad things can still happen (like losing a bet), but she’s definitely lucky.


Strengths: Lucky

Weaknesses: addictions, can’t be alone

Weapons/tools: Deck of playing cards, bag of dice


Spades was summoned in a bit of an unconventional way. Most demons are summoned by an Oomay, in order to be killed so their resources could be harvested. She was not summoned this way. Instead, she was summoned by one of Mirror Domain’s oldest living demons, Klaus.

Klaus had been setting up a bit of an illegal trade. A smuggling ring, if you will. He needed a lackey that was good with the business side of things, so he set out to summon one. Unfortunately for him, summoning isn’t an exact science, even for demons. Sure, demons do have a better connection with their realm, so it’s easier to get a desired result, but it’s difficult nonetheless.

Violence ensued immediately upon being summoned. Spades wasn’t too happy about being brought into Mirror Domain. Even after realizing she wasn’t summoned to be killed, she was still defensive. Not even a demon can trust another demon. She knew that better than anyone. Eventually, Spades realized that fighting was pointless. Klaus was stronger, despite his small stature. Reluctantly she stopped her attacks and listened to Klaus’ proposition.

Klaus explained his plans. He had access to mirrors, and he was using them to travel between worlds. Once in other realms, he’s gathering objects and then bring them to realms that valued them. The cycle would continue until they were rich beyond belief. That, or until they were all killed by the Ministry of Demons (although Klaus conveniently left that information out). After much pondering, Spades accepted.

The deal wasn’t made because Spades wanted to be rich, however. Spades lived for one thing, and one thing only. Gambling. You can’t gamble without any money, and she had nothing of any value to this new world. Plus, if Klaus and his gang ever became too much trouble, she could always bail. Who knows. This could be fun!

Even though Spades was working for Klaus, she spent a considerable amount of time alone. The gang was good at smuggling, but they weren’t any good for hanging out with. Klaus always seemed to be on the run from something or other, Dewey was too large to bring into a populated area, and Fennel… Well, let’s just say someone with luck powered and someone cursed with bad luck don’t mesh well. Instead, she spent her time with some of Mirror Domains more unruly citizens.

Most of her time was spent at various casinos. Her luck got her out of most bad situations, but that didn’t stop her from getting banned from many of these establishments. Casinos don’t want you to win, they want to make money. So, obviously, Spades isn’t the kind of person they want hanging around. That, and the fact that she’s a demon, but most of these places were shady so they didn’t care as much.

Being alone proved to cause many problems. While Spades didn’t necessarily like any of the people she hung around (the gang included) she found herself going mad when left alone for even a few minutes. If left alone, her mental state would rapidly deteriorate until she was nothing more than a scared feral animal, out for blood. She didn’t like this, so she had to find a way to circumvent it.

That’s when Spades discovered something. There were others like her. Not demons, obviously there were other demons, but Oomays. Oomays that were just as addicted to gambling as she was. One day, while betting on a table at a Casino, she encountered one of these people. It started out as a bit of fun, but the game quickly went off the rails. The two seemed evenly matched, and they continued to bet against each other even after leaving the casino.

Spades had never encountered anyone who could beat her so easily. The man was getting cocky, and after countless games he decided to bet his own soul. Spades thought it was a joke, she had gotten this offer from many back alley junkies, but he was dead serious. He was really that confident in his abilities. Spades accepted.

She won, of course, and the man’s soul was now hers. The problem she faced now was what to do with it. Where do you even keep a soul? On a whim, she decided to “remove” the soul from his body and store it in one of her many dice. This started a trend for Spades. Whenever she met a competitor that even came close to matching her abilities, she’d try to win their souls. She never did this for random run-of-the-mill gamblers off the streets, though. To her their souls were worthless.

Having souls in her possession didn’t bring her any extra luck or give her any new abilities, but now when she’s alone she can last longer before going insane. Sure, her dice can’t talk back to her, but it brings her comfort knowing she isn’t technically by herself.

So, that’s Spades life so far. She’s still a relatively new being to Mirror Domain, but given that she’s associated with Klaus and Dewey she’s quickly becoming more renowned in the world of organised crime. She already has quite the bounty on her head, too, which is unusual for a demon of her kind. Who knows what she’ll get up to next?

Artist notes


Clothing: Very formal, usually wears Casino worker attire. She’s ALWAYS wearing a visor or hat of some sort, and she usually wears a tie or bow tie.

Physical appearance: Thin, but well put together. Very big, bold, and strong wings.

Expressions: Happy, big toothy grins, mischievous, grumpy


I made Spades in honor of a dice rolling bot that sadly no longer works. RIP Roll bot, you will be missed

Spades keeps the souls of her competitors in her dice and cards. These are like, her most prized possessions, as she doesn’t bet on souls very often (it’s just not as fun) There names are as follows

D4: Kerry Mccoy

D6: Archie Hunt

D8: Thomas Rivera

D10: Doc White

D12: Wilson Cook

D20: Talisman King

Deck of Cards: Jack Singh