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19 ✦ He/His/Him ✦ Recluse

Ughh do I have to??


● Zeek is an antisocial, recluse fairy who left Neverland as soon as possible. He currently work as an administrator for Damian's contract killers as none of them seem interested at all in technology.

● He's developed a bad habit of getting massive crushes on people. Often. But he tries to keep them to himself despite the super obvious blushing. The boy's a disaster.

● He is pretty selfish (without meaning to be a lot of the time) and his sarcastic personality can make him seem unapproachable and insincere at times.

● His real name is kept secret. (It's a really boring name tbh)

● Pinterest board


Zeek has naturally green hair but he dyes the rest of it black so his antennae can blend in with it when he tries to hide them. Fashion sense goes: Black hoodie, black pants, green cons. Seriously, he has like 20 different black hoodies with green accents.

  • Spiders
  • Videogames
  • Junk food
  • Plants
  • Lying in the sun
  • People (generally)
  • Being outdoors
  • Blood
  • Fetch quests
  • Clothes that are not hoodies.


He grew up in Neverland but wanted out. Neverland fairies have strict rules and regulations to follow. A combination of that and "The grass is greener on the other side" plus it being well known that Tree fairies, such as himself ended up working in Admin and IT support caused a young Zeek to fly the nest and leave Neverland like most of his brothers had before him.

Like all Neverland fairies he was especially gifted when it came to computers, coding and hacking so it wasn’t long until he had some funds to get away and find a nice little nondescript home elsewhere. He continued small hacking jobs here and there but kept getting cocky. The small white hacks slowly started getting bigger and more morally questionable. It wasn’t long until he was quite well known in certain circles online going by the code names Zeek or spider.exe.

Around this time, to cure his ever growing boredom he started playing a popular mmorpg where he made 2 good online friends when it was apparent he needed a mixed team. This life continued for a few a few years. Hacking here. Gaming there. Requiring another player class on their team Zeek and online co. stumbled across a newbie Jessie who had literally taken his first steps in the digital world and just happened to be the player class they needed. Zeek was distant at first. Exasperated at the training they were having to give Jessie to try and level up to an acceptable level to go into the dungeon they needed him for.

Over time Zeek grew closer to Jessie as they had a similar sense in humour and Jessie seemed to really enjoy the game in such an enthusiastic way it was hard not to get pulled into the excitement. Another year or so passed and Zeek messed up. He hacked something he really REALLY shouldn’t. That its self wasn’t unusual but he slipped up and got caught. And traced. He was going to be captured and punished.

He tried to flee his apartment but was followed closely behind. Had he kept in shape and regularly sunned himself like a proper tree fairy he would have been able to fly off but he had neglected his own health for years.

He got a little lucky and managed to put some space between him and his pursuers only to run into Damian, a high class, well known (in certain circles) Contract Killer. Apparently Damian had been looking for him as well but for different reasons. Zeek could hear his pursuers catching up and went to flee but Damian stopped him and gave him a choice. Work for him and be safe or be left to die. At that point the pursuers had caught up to where they were standing and were barking orders and pointing weapons. Zeek chose Dam and Dam was quick to demonstrate his abilities, removing the threat that currently surrounded them.

Zeek, having never seen irl gore was quick to pass out. Apparently he's not that great with blood. Which Dam found hilarious.

Zeek awoke in his new room in the Manor that houses several Contract Killers, all lead by Damian. Doubting his decision slightly he stayed put, not wanting to wander just in case. He was later greeted by maids who informed him that Damian had been considering getting someone skilled in to help with the computer side of the business. Previously it had all been paper. Which, back when the Contract Killers were less renowned had been perfect as it was easier to destroy a paper trail (and the previous owner had been inept at computers anyway) but now it was much easier to have it all digital as with a few handshakes here and there their work was mostly above the law now. Mostly.

So that’s how Zeek ended up being a Secretary/Administrator/IT Support to a bunch of killers.


Jessie and Zeek met online in a video game and became close friends after months and months. They have similar interests even if their personalities are quite different.

Jessie, after finding out about Zeek's new life is understandably concerned but after being assured he is safe there he's just happy zeek's happy(ish).

Zeek has a miniscule (read: huge) crush on Jessie after meeting with him in real life.


Dam is his, in Zeek's words, "Scary Stabby Boss". He finds him pretentious and terrifying. But is somewhat grateful to be given a place to work that keeps him out of harms way....even if it's in a house of killers??

Zeek accidentally developed a crush on Dam and is trying his best to not let it show. (Dam already knows and finds it hilarious.)

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