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Jessie Anne Carlos

21 ✦ He/His/Him ✦ Anxious

"W-wait! Cant we take a break?"


● Jessie is a nervy bby thrown into a life of action and adventure when all they really want to do is to lie down and play video games all day.

● He's very shy and has a bit of a stutter and is a huge pushover. That said when he's comfortable enough around people a little sarcastic and funny side to him shows its self. But there's very few people he feels comfortable around.

● His anxiety often leaves him making bad choices, usually in the way of choosing a non action. Often leading to situations becoming a lot worse than if he had just done something or said something.

● Also he's a super mega ace.

● Pinterest board


Jessie has bright unnatural looking orange hair and green eyes. He's very VERY pale. His fashion sense falls under smart casualish. Shirts and waistcoats and cardigans but usually coupled with bright converse and/or goggles. Has a soft spot for anything 'rainbow' coloured. He also likes goggles. He has many different kinds of goggles. His fashion sense, to be honest, is awful.

  • Cats
  • Videogames
  • Pasta
  • Goggles
  • Bright colours
  • Yelling
  • Busy places
  • Violence
  • Vampires
  • Wearing black.


Jessie grew up during his planet's 'revolution' which resulted in a split across the world causing his happy white picket fence childhood to plummet into chaos and destruction.

His planet was full of ungifted (as in, no magical abilities) that relied heavily on technology but there was also a dark underbelly where Vampires lurked.

Jessie, having lost his contact with his family and lost his home in the revolution and knowing he'd be easy pray for any vampire that crossed his path went into hiding in the subways and underground paths that weaved their way under the suburbs and city he had once called home.

Jessie's blood type comes from a lineage of specially bred and created humans that were made specifically for vampires so this was his best chance to survive. While it has been several generations he knows that it has not been bred out completely yet and that he'd be tracked to the ends of the world if a vampire even set eyes on him.

Finding some safety with a group of others who had the same idea as him they set up an unofficial medical centre as these were quickly gaining success in the lower income areas and each of them had some experience in medicine whether it was via family like Jessie or now dead dreams of being in the medical field back before the revolution.

Settling into this life for a few years and being fully prepared for this to be his life style; shut in and dealing mostly with corpses, he became subservient and quiet. Far from the energetic child who would play street hockey day and night with the neighbourhood children and his brother.

That is until one day a corpse that was brought just happened to not be dead at all. Or from that world at all he would later learn. Shae, who had been feigning death stood on his operating table from where he had turned away commanding him to follow her across the city. No context was given even when asked (on multiple occasions) but the girl had a gun, two guns in fact so who was he to argue?

Over the course of a day and a bit (and after a brief encounter with a vampire) Jessie's life went from dark and dimly lit musty rooms with the odd whiff of formaldehyde and antiseptic to standing in the middle of a white and silver metallic room (that smelled oddly like apples) only to be told he would not be returning to that world he had called home. He was of use elsewhere.

Going from only being aware of other worlds in science fiction to standing in a teleport dock on another planet was quite a culture shock. From that point on Jessie's been living very different life; a much more active one. Travelling from planet to planet collecting information alongside Shae and the rest of her team. A Data Collector.

To be honest he'd much rather lie down and sleep/cry.


Kali was the first person to talk to Jessie when he first arrived on Base.

She tasked her self with being his tour guide and getting him used to being on a different planet because she had already gone through that years ago.

She admittedly scared Jessie a little at first but over time they found their differences endearing and have became really good friends.


At first Shae was exasperated at Jessie's anxiety and inability to do much but after looking at him like a work in progress she is very pumped up into helping Jessie become a functioning member of her team.


Zeek and Jessie are close friends and are probably each other's most trusted person to speak to. Jessie feels that Zeek is one of the few people in his life that doesn't force him into a life style he never chose and knows he can trust Zeek in the event he needs to vent about work.

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