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Green "Greenie" Zircon


everyone’s (my) favorite disaster lesbian

Greenie, Gweeni

3,176 years

May 27




Gem (Zircon)


Facet 1


Love me, love me, Say that you love me...

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...Just say that you need me.

Likes: drawing, werewolves, (most) other gems (zircons in particular), her friends/family/partners, affection/compliments


Greenie is generally a very kind, good-natured Gem. She can be rather awkward and socially anxious at times, but tends to put the opinions and feelings of others before her own, and always tries her best to make other people happy. Despite some bad relationship experiences in her past, she's a bit of a hopeless romantic, and above all just wants to find a partner who truly loves her.


  • Gem weapon is crystalline brass knuckles; she’s surprisingly stronger than she looks, and is very much capable of physical fighting, but only does so when she absolutely has to
  • Possesses standard Gem abilities (shapeshifting, bubble summoning, etc) and can summon hologram screens, much like other zircons
  • No real elemental abilities, but has demonstrated a sort of connection with animals at times
  • Body temperature regulation: can adjust body heat depending on the situation or emotions (warmer when happy, cold when nervous/sad)


  • Made for Green Diamond
  • Originally outgoing and very social, chosen for the guide/temporary rooming program for new arrivals to the planet bc of this
  • Met a gem named Eclipse Jasper and fell in love with her; Eclipse took advantage of this and manipulated Greenie into thinking everyone hated her/no one else would ever love her, and treated her like a toy for her own pleasure
  • Greenie ended up getting dumped once Eclipse got bored of her, and became seriously depressed + developed social anxiety
  • She quit the guide program and became a lawyer like most other gems of her type (defense)
  • Several hundred years passed, and she was contacted by her diamond to take one more guide job; this time, with two Homeworld zircons wrongfully exiles for “treason”
  • Took in Blue and Yellow Zircon as roommates, and soon began to fall in love with both of them
  • It took a while for her to become confident enough to tell them how she felt, and it turned out Blue and Yellow had taken a liking to her too, so they started dating :)
  • Future timeline:
    • Ended up having three gemlings with Blue and Yellow (Teek, Jackie, and Junior)
    • Quit her job as a lawyer and started working at an art museum/art related job


  • Potential Voiceclaim(s): Miranda Hart
  • Loves to draw; used to do portraits of each of her former roommates so she wouldn’t forget them
  • Has a fursona, a neon green maned wolf/hyena hybrid named Metami
  • Has pretty bad social anxiety, but tries her best to hide it when around others unless she knows them well
  • Current occupation is a defense attorney, but since her planet is mostly peaceful she doesn’t go into work very often; she actually doesn't like her main job very much and wants to find another
  • Tends to get crushes on other gems a lot, but always has the nagging fear that they’ll turn out to be manipulative like her ex if she did end up dating any of them
  • Loves video games but isn't a fan of horror games; will only play them with at least one her partners present for emotional support
  • Possibly the first canon-accurate zircon gemsona in existence! (was made two days before The Trial released)
  • Made as a love interest for Blue Zircon before The Trial aired; because of this, she originally hated Yellow Zircon
  • Original design did not have buck teeth; those were added a few days after she was first designed to differentiate her from the other zircons
  • In earlier story drafts, she had a pet Gem chicken (called a lightbird)

Dislikes: creeps/abusers/generally awful people, Purple Zircon (coworker), embarrassing herself in front of others, her current job as a lawyer


Bangs can be drawn on either side depending on the direction she’s facing

Eyelashes are optional, but typically no other makeup; eyelids are always dark/have eyeshadow

Outfit changes welcome; main outfit is work clothes but she does wear more casual things quite often

Hair is usually shoulder length but can be drawn longer




Slim, tall

OBTAINED VIA [ creation; 5/27/17 ]