Jupiter Corentine



🌩 Name: Jupiter Lumen Corentine

🌩 Age: 16

🌩 Pronouns: He / him

🌩 Occupation: Student, apprentice mail courier

🌩 Species: Torimimi (greater sulfur-crested cockatoo)

🌩 Place of Living: Wahou Island

🌩 Mahou Title: Electrogale

🌩 Magical Skills:

  • Atmokinesis — Jupiter constantly creates small, localized storms wherever he goes. They're usually weak and dissipate quickly, but they're just enough of a nuisance that Jupiter tries his best to control them.
    • Electro- / Fulgurkinesis — In times of extreme emotion he starts generating and discharging electricity of his own, and if it gets bad enough he can create full-blown lightning storms. These are difficult to stop once they get going.
    • Superspeed — Jupiter has learned to harness some of his lightning's power to give him a boost to his speed. While he likes to claim this means he can literally go as fast as lightning, he's gotten nowhere close.

🌩 Inventory:

  • GanymedeJupiter's cat-fox-bunny-dog-thing. He's training her to be his partner when he's fully hired.
  • Goggles — Not wearing these while flying is the perfect way to get bugs and dirt in your eyes. 
  • Messenger Bag — Complimentary on behalf of the Mahou Wando Postal Service.
  • Wand — 12 inches, ironwood, inlaid with amber. One of the few things that helps him focus his magic.

🌩 Personality:

Jupiter is a cheery, chattering chatterbox that is impossible to shut up. He is the gossip-iest gossip to ever have gossiped and you can't tell him anything unless you want the whole realm to know about it. This gift of the gab has gotten him a wide network of friends, and he always knows a guy who knows a guy. He's easily excitable and surprisingly hardworking, and he's always willing to lend a hand. He gets bored extremely quickly, and always has something in his hands he's messing with.

🌩 Backstory:

Jupiter isn't a native of Mahou Wando, but he's pretty close — his parents moved soon after he and his siblings were born. This turned out to be a a smart thing to do, as every Corentine kid developed powerful, hard-to-control abilities that their home realm would've never been able to handle. His childhood consisted of several near-disasters as his powers developed before his parents finally, finally, were able to drill in his head that he should be more careful. His parents also instilled a strong work ethic into him that has inspired him to start picking up odd side jobs. His latest foray has led him to the post office, and he's liking it more than he thought he would. He's probably gonna stick around after he graduates...

🌩 Tidbits:

  • His birthday is March 20.
  • He's 5' 5", with a wide, stocky build.
  • Jupiter is the youngest of sextuplets.
  • He can talk super fast. Like, this fast. He thinks it's hilarious.