Tomomi Fukuda

Basics:She/her pronouns. 20 years old. Born March 3rd.
Obtained:July 28th, 2016

A young woman who was abducted by Heaven College and experimented on, having her soul fused with that of two demons: a spider demon named Elise and a mantis demon named Isabel. This corrupted her body into a monstrous form, and while her personality still pilots the body, bloodthirsty Isabel is often able to wrest control from Tomomi and gore anyone nearby. Unable to control Isabel, Heaven College dumped Tomomi into Hell College's labyrinth, where she was taken in and now attends as a student. She's become very fearful and shy, however, not confident that she'll ever learn how to resist Isabel's urges.

old wip stuff:


 nervous  ✂️  shy  ✂️  kind  ✂️  gentle  ✂️  loyal

     Tomomi's body houses three souls, each with their own individual personalities. Tomomi is the one primarily in control, with the two other souls seldom showing their presence.

     Tomomi is shy and tries her best to be a friendly person, but she's had issues with anxiety ever since she was a kid. She gets very flustered and nervous around strangers and often can't even make eye contact with them. She's very gentle and kind, but it's hard to get close to her due to her nervousness. Once you manage to get her to calm down around you, though, she'll be extremely loyal to you and will be your friend forever! She's surprisingly protective of her friends, if only because now she can actually defend herself and others. For the most part, though, she'll spend her time hiding behind her friends and using them as security blankets.

     Often has trouble speaking when distressed, which is often. Used to twiddle her fingers a lot, but now she doesn't really have any...

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