Gordon McAllister



5 years, 11 months ago


Status main / active / updated 1/15
Gordon McAllister

Overall he is a nice guy if it weren't for him liking to beat up guys and tearing them apart. A rather wild animal to those in the way of the gang but honestly cares for who cares for him as well.

It is rather hard to even think of him as anything but silly and overly childish when initially getting to know him. Sometimes being overly cheerful and clueless on things that some already depict as annoying even. It goes so far as to give off uncanny valley vibes when someone who only knows this dorky side sees him still act like this in dangerous or serious moments where most get scared or freak out. It's not a complete farce, he honestly is this way and actually has another darker side to him as well. His moral compass just seems to be working differently than the ones of what might be considered as "normal".