Mr. Hallow



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Full name: Duke Kasper Hallow

Species: Dolorian (read: an android)

Age: Supposedly a bit older than 200, but acts like he's 38

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

"Blood" Type: Oil Positive

Favorite Object: Chainsaw

Favorite Food: Sun Pie (With a side of Canola Oil!), Rose Tea

Favorite thing to do: Selling, Gardening and Cutting.



The rumored first of the Dolorians, Hallow was created as one of the first fully sentient automatons, as an experiment on an AI fully forming human conscience by usage of a different kind of energy. Predictably, he went rogue and dispatched the scientists, leaving the city shortly before the civil war between humans and robots (rather, humans that uploaded their brains in robotic bodies) broke out. As he waited out, he managed to carve out a place for himself to live as he subtly gave small pulls that helped the robots, now calling themselves Dolorians, win. In his current state, he owns a food-making company and manages his own wide garden in his mansion.

Despite his prior transgressions, he is fairly kindhearted and casual with people, with a few screws of his being loose. Why, no one is sure. Some say it was all those functioning years. Others say that Hallow was always like that. But one thing is certain: his swings and quick temper make for a kind of horrifying sight as he wields and uses his chainsaw with a huge, toothy smile that he nearly always sports. (Bonus points if he's drooling for some reason and even more if his ever-present glasses shine red.)

He adores to hug those who he deems friends and has a severe adoration for flowers, to the point where he can see giving flower arrangements to those who he likes. Perhaps his soft wholesomeness and his utter violence is one in the same...

 Fun Facts 

  • His eyes are only said to be circle-like and red with dark red irises. Hallow isn't really fond of them as he thinks he looks too scary with them so he dons the glasses. The judge's up on whether it helps on him looking less scary or not.
  • He's gotten a prize over his Golden Tulip. He's very much proud of it.
  • He also has collecting gnome and egg statues as a pasttime.
  • Very notable also for his cooking.
  • Wonders where did he go wrong with one of his previous romantic relationships frequently. One could say he's a hopeless romantic.
  • His Making Day is May 2.


Liam Lemonseed <"Why can't you return to me?">

Darryl <"GOOOOoooooood morning, buddy!">