Liam Lemonseed



9 months, 14 days ago


"Aw what a shame, did someone take your candy? Too bad, honey."


Full name: Liam Lemonseed

Species: Android (Or rather, a "Dolorian")

Age: Technically he's in his mid twenties

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

"Blood" Type: Oil Negative

Favorite Object: Green Shades

Favorite Food: Tempura Shrimp

Favorite thing to do: Schadenfraude, Crime, Stealing kisses from his crush, Target Practicing



The infamous well-known arsonist, thief and agitator, Liam Lemonseed lives to cause chaos, working alone and being a free spirit, yet also holding a romantic point of view. To him, to be free is to disregard the shackles of society's rules over niceties. Naturally, such transgressions make him be well-known as being one of the few non-group criminals who to this day, continue to enjoy a free life. But he had a choice and chose to be this way.

He began life as a simple factory worker, perhaps one that was made different due to some outside interference by two people, who had a boyfriend who he loved muchly. One day, however, the factory had caught fire. No one knows if he was behind it in order to escape, or if it was an accident. But the flames got to him and his beloved one. However, they managed to survive the flames. Once they were recovered, the factory was deemed a failure and him and his boyfriend were separated, their memories being gone as their memory chips were damaged by heat..

And Liam was then gotten by Mr. Hallow, who had fallen head over heels for him. The two lived a happy romance with each other, and all seemed perfect until Liam saw his ex, once more, passing by a street.

He remembered everything. He remembered who his heart actually belongs to.

And then his mind kept going back to his ex. He realized he still loved him. And he couldn't be in a relationship with someone while thinking of someone else.

After leaving Hallow, but on good terms, he tried to win the affections of his target, only to fail every time. And then he decided to make a game of cat and mouse in which he keeps being free and sowing discord, in his personal belief that his freedom is power and this power may change his fate and bring him together. Besides, it gives the ace cop a purpose. A goal.

Outside of this, he tends to feel lonely and bored. He only hasn't broken down because of his belief.

  Fun Facts  

  • He used to have golden-colored eyes, but now they're just black.
  • He only has a few pairs of clothes that he wears.
  • His pink pistol is capable of giving burns, but not cheesing someone. He's on the lookout for updates.
  • Still passes his holidays at Mr. Hallow's house.
  • Very much a Yandere-type.
  • Very loyal, oh so much.
  • Incridebly self-assured, with a high self esteem.


Mr. Hallow <"An old flame, an old love. I still think you're nice~">

Cornelius <"B E H A V E, try and capture me~">

Honey Dust <"I'll keep my eyes on you so your bee ass doesn't run away again from fights.">