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Valentine Adelaide
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Gay and evil
177 cm / 5'9.5 (he insists on stating the half inch)
February 15
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Valentine Adelaide

Main page

Most of his personality/etc. there applies to his AU version as well!

A short set of writing is in progress for him, so spoilers and extensive info are omitted.

A more demonic version of Valentine that comes to visit Aurelio to "play Cupid".

Visiting from an alternate timeline, it's Valentine's sworn duty to make the human form of Aurelio confess his feelings to the human form of Valentine. Since he's already together with the Boss in his universe, he's dedicated to making it a reality in all universes. He says it's to stop "torturing the poor guy"... Maybe it's just him being a little self-centered. He's more distant with Aurelio since he's not exactly the man he's currently in a relationship with. Demon Valentine sees this world's Boss more like someone who needs mentoring, as a friend... Sort of like being a wingman. If they're both happy in his universe, he feels its unfair to let them both be unhappy in their own world.

Overall he has some small differences with his human form-- he's somehow more impatient than the normal counterpart, is more irritable, and is generally more willing to do "immoral" things to get to what he wants. Morality is loose in his world, it's not seen as a weird thing, but a moral code does exist among the species. In a way, he's more "animalistic", relying on wants, needs, gut instinct before manners when the more demonic part of his brain activates. He acts a little more emotionally mature than his human self. Maybe the demon version of Boss is just good at subduing his wild personality.


  • HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION - Only works on humans. Allows him to subconsciously plant ideas into the mind of another-- whether they choose to act on it is of their volition. Only is effective when the other person trusts him enough.
  • MEMORY WIPING - Only works on weaker beings (humans and animals). Has a limited range of time that can be erased.
  • HEALING - General wound healing abilities. Effectiveness scales on who is being healed (humans, another demon, himself). Healing himself is far less effective.
  • STRENGTH - He has a considerable amount of inhuman strength and energy, paired with relatively sharp and hard claws. He's generally pretty harmless outside of those... He isn't trained for combat like his human form.


  • Valentine headbutts Boss with his stubby little horns to be an asshole. A prehensile tail has a few uses too. Mostly to bug him or creep him out.
  • He says he knows that angels exist in another parallel timeline, and that the depictions of angels and demons by humans are from there being frequent timeline-hopping to the human realm. He insinuates that he's met the angel form of Valentine in some way.
  • He can and does eat souls, but he doesn't eat those of humans exactly often since it's more work than it's worth. He doesn't make his food source clear, but he does say he doesn't need human food to survive. He compares the effect of consuming souls to drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Unlike the name would suggest, he doesn't particularly enjoy the violent and "evil" parts of being a demon. He more likes the "pleasurable" parts-- take of that what you will.
  • He says that human Valentine is a much better person than he'll ever be.

Voice claim: Ian Sinclair

Image song: Goliath - The Mars Volta

His demon AU version was created on January 28th, 2022.

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