Valentine Adelaide (Design Notes)



This is a page dedicated for design notes for commissions, art, etc!

Valentine's main page:

Valentine's closet tab; for clothing likes/dislikes, outfits, etc:

The important stuff:

  • He's male, and 26 years old. He's from Germany.
  • He has a buff/muscular build. He's also 177cm tall (5'9.5). (I don't mind if he's drawn a little thin, just so long as he isn't drawn with a woman-like body.) 
  • He doesn't have a right eye, just the socket. His eyepatch is mandatory.
  • He's a crossdresser who wears feminine clothes. He shouldn't be drawn wearing pants or shorts.
  • He wears his necklace with every outfit.
  • He has a single fang, it can be drawn on either side of his mouth.
  • His hair fades from silver to yellow. The separation into two parts at the back (almost like twintails) should be kept the same as his references. The 2 fluffy bits at his neck end at around the shoulders.

  • His black gloves are mandatory when in his default maid outfit. Outside of that, it's still highly preferred that he wears them. He paints his nails (usually pink).
  • He hides the straps of his eyepatch under his hair— you can only see them when his hair is up.
  • For other clothes black and neutral colors are good, pale pink as well. Pink is his favorite color. Clothes from his closet tab are all good choices!
  • The ring in his reference images is optional.
  • He has a "tsurime" upturned eye with more prominent lower eyelashes, the opposite of Aurelio. 
  • As for R18 art... He has an F-List page here (18+ only) 👉👈 Sexualize him as much as you want LMAO

  • He's traditionally masculine, personality wise. He acts like more of a frat boy than anything-- clothing choices don't influence him to act differently. He's an extrovert.
  • His temperament is mostly upbeat, even in situations where it's inappropriate. He often flirts when he sees someone he likes, but he usually doesn't fully mean it. It's just him trying to be friendly. (He's a little socially inept and doesn't have a filter. But he still likes talking to people.)
  • He has a short temper. He can be... Bratty. Biting people that upset him is a common occurrence. He's prone to mood swings.
  • He has a bit of an obsession around his boss Aurelio, who doesn't (seemingly) reciprocate his intense romantic feelings. He's deeply and madly in love with him... He claims his boss is the only person he'll ever truly love.

Below are his reference images. Please see his full image gallery [HERE] for more art of him!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!