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Valentine Adelaide
Black Widow
White, German
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177 cm
February 15
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With Aurelio, New York City area
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Valentine Adelaide

Valentine's bio has mildly NSFW and dark content.

Valentine Adelaide is a 26 year old Hitman for the Lammergeier Syndicate. He's a man who crossdresses, and identifies as male despite appearances. His attire of choice most often is a Victorian-era styled maid dress. As for his weapon, he uses a katana, due to his lack of depth perception and a preference for blades. His Syndicate alias is "Black Widow".

Personality wise, Valentine can be best described as flirty and unhinged, yet carefree. He'll openly express his interest in "showing you what's under his skirt" to people he's attracted to without hesitation. His forwardness with flirting can lead to escalation or rejection, but he enjoys both in different ways. He moreso uses it as a weird way to communicate and doesn't always mean what he actually says. People who are around him long enough know to just brush him off. He doesn't care what people think of him, so he'll openly lay anything he's thinking of on the table and not stress over judgement. Even on working hours, he'll spend his time flirting with men and attempting to seduce them to "stay the night" with him. Despite those oddities, he's a social butterfly and gets along with most everyone he talks to, so long as they don't judge him for who he is. Though true that he's a full-time crossdresser as a personal fashion choice and for comfort, he also uses it to feed his own perversions. He hates the feeling of wearing mens' clothing and pants, only wearing them when absolutely necessary for a hit.

He has a serious penchant for one of his bosses in particular, Aurelio. He calls him Boss, along with other nicknames. Valentine is often seen around him, clinging to his arm with a wide smile across his face. They both have a history together, making Valentine feel more dependent on him than anyone else. He wishes a lot of romantic and sexual things with him, but is pushed away due to their work relationship and other factors. The two are together enough to have him be considered as Aurelio's apprentice. As much as he's rejected, he says Aurelio is the only man he'll ever truly love. But he's just happy to be with him regardless. They have an inseparable bond and are rarely seen individually.

He doesn't have a right eye, the area covered with a patch. Incessant toying and prodding objects into the remaining socket is something he enjoys and does to scare others, though it's also a fetish of his. Due to assorted things being pushed too far in, the result has been brain damage to his frontal and temporal lobes. Though, he could care less. If you ask him how he lost it, he avoids the question.

Valentine shows signs of psychosis, often not understanding his own mortality, and at times reality itself. The damage from his socket-fixation can partially be blamed for it. He'll have bouts of aggression where he's bitey and irritable, but they're erratic and not long-lived. He has a short temper with a few things that will instantly make him fly off the handle. Other times, he'll be unable to feel any emotions except hollow positivity. He doesn't view himself as a God, but he feels untouchable like one. In the midst of an episode he won't be "aware" of what he's saying or doing, and will have a foggy memory of it once it ends. He refuses to get medicated for it, having bad experiences with medication in the past. He can't feel much in terms of empathy besides when its directed at Aurelio. Because of this, at times he doesn't understand what he's doing wrong, the consequences of his actions, or how others truly feel. The emotional disconnect between himself and others continues to enable his behavioral issues without the ability to learn in sight.

Valentine's perception of pain and pleasure are mixed. Unable to tell the difference, he willingly throws himself into compromised positions to seek the thrill he's craving. With his job as a Hitman, Valentine isn't afraid of things like death, but is moreso drawn to it. He enjoys the blood and gore of it, and even likes being on the receiving end. Though of course what he can do with those fantasies can't often safely be enacted.

Due to his mental issues, hobbies, and job, he lives his unpredictable life to the fullest, never knowing when it may end. And despite all of his shortcomings, he enjoys the time he spends alive, especially when it's with a man he finds cute.


  • Boss~!
  • Men
  • Hamburgers (his favorite)
  • Dresses, especially with frills
  • Scruffy beards on older men
  • Inexperienced and virginial partners
  • Boss' coat
  • Strong alcohol
  • Red meat, cooked rare
  • Zwiebelkuchen
  • Bell peppers, onions


  • Wearing mens' clothing, pants
  • Being alone
  • Noncommittal, indecisive people
  • Animals, for how they make a mess of fur on his clothes
  • Piercings (with the exception of Aurelio's)
  • Being called a pirate or anything adjacent
  • Children
  • Spicy food
  • Shrimp
  • Liver


  • ???


  • Going wherever life takes him
  • His job as a hitman
  • Pestering Aurelio, in various ways
  • Seducing men, or at least attempting to
  • Sewing
  • Katana-polishing / sharpening


  • Despite being named Valentine, he was born on February 15th... The day after Valentine's Day.
  • Considers "Vally" a cute nickname, but hates "Val".
  • He was born and raised in Germany until leaving at a young age, so he can only speak English.
  • His silver hair is natural, but he dyes the ends yellow.
  • He's ambidextrous.
  • Due to his training, he's strong and can lift his own body-weight and then some. Same with Aurelio.
  • The alias "Black Widow" was given to him because of one of his "techniques" for performing a hit, but also because of something else he doesn't like to talk about...
  • He refers to his katana as "Julia" with feminine pronouns.
  • He claims to hate the idea of dating someone, but will have a catastrophic, angry, emotional episode when he catches feelings for a one-night-stand.
  • He... Has a bad habit of biting people.
  • He isn't bothered by people thinking he's a woman at first. In fact, it gets him excited.
  • Likes to use pet names for people, like Baby, Cutie, and... Daddy.
  • His cooking skills are average at best. Why try when someone else can do it for him?
  • He can't drive. Not only because of his lack of a right eye, but because Aurelio is too afraid to let him try with his destructive tendencies.
  • His biggest dream is to die during sex.

Voice claim: Ian Sinclair

Image song: MAWARU - Kikuo

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He was created on April 27th, 2020.

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