Hydne Kodama




This OC (Hydne Kodama) was created originally under the name ‘Hydne Kinoko’, before I became aware of the character ‘Kinoko Komori’, who has a quirk and costume similar to Hydne’s. I’ve made some changes to my OC as a result, and I believe they are distinct enough to co-exist at UA. But, to make this a little easier, Hydne Kodama is now a distant relative of Kinoko Komori.

Both characters employ fungal spores, but Hydne’s are used to parasitize and possess, while Komori grows an abundance of mushrooms in an area to overwhelm enemies. In addition, Hydne’s outfit theme is based on the bleeding tooth fungus, while Komori’s is that of fly agaric. (Sort of white on red, compared to red on white, lol.)

While Komori makes mushrooms her whole personality, Hydne likes to avoid the comparison as much as he can.