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Posted 1 month, 7 days ago by 8byte

Doing a little project >:3 can't say much abt it yet bc it's still in beta and I want it to be a surprise but..... it would help a lot if you could fill out this poll!


- you can vote for as many options as you want
- you can vote multiple times
- you can add as many options as you want, but the way strawpoll works you have to reload the page to add a new option idk how to make it automatic


vote for next code :3

Posted 3 months, 21 days ago by 8byte

which code should i revamp :3

9 Votes jumble
13 Votes red lights
8 Votes wayhaven
9 Votes reagan
5 Votes screen
19 Votes aki
8 Votes pines
1 Votes other! (say in comments)

this month's cq challenge is to revamp an old code... so here are the (main) options! links below:

also anything from my side account is fair game: https://toyhou.se/388/characters 

if there's one that's not on the poll you REALLY want to see redone, lemme know in the comments :)

ArtScuffle Launch!!!!

Posted 7 months, 3 days ago by 8byte

After (several) weeks... it's finally live!

About ArtScuffle

ArtScuffle is a Discord bot that lets servers host art trading games between server members. Members can "attack" other members by drawing their characters and filling out a quick form to generate their point count! Attacks you've done can be viewed using /attacks and attacks you've received can be viewed with /hits.


Other commands include adding characters to an "attack", chaining an attack if the person you're attacking has attacked you in the past, and viewing your various stats! The full list of commands (w/more information on how to use them and what they do) can be found at artscuffle.xyz/docs.

Our official site is artscuffle.xyz! More information about the bot and the invite for the bot can all be found here as well :) If you intend to use the bot, please read through our terms of service first!


Feel free to ask questions about the bot in the comments here or join our support server if you have a more specific question/bug report! I also have a retrospring for anonymous questions!

Quick Links

Support the Bot!

ArtScuffle is currently being funded entirely by me... so if you'd like to support the bot, you can check out our subscriptions page!

Pinglist: Sampo cappycode Camy

formal apology

Posted 1 year, 18 days ago by 8byte

It was brought to my attention by some friends that the code I posted yesterday was very visually similar to a saintofmisery google doc. While I had seen the doc before and did use it for some inspiration in my code, I had not intended for it to look so similar so I'd like to formally apologize for my mistake. 

I have taken down the code and will be replacing it with another code for the challenge. Apologies for any inconvenience caused to buyers; hopefully the new code will be up sometime this/next week as I will treat it as a rush order.

In the future, I humbly ask if a similar situation arises, to message me privately first before jumping onto drama blogs. I would like to be held accountable for my actions, but it's very difficult to do so when I am not informed if I make a mistake and have to find out through friends about the situation. I promise I'm very approachable; I would like to grow from my mistakes :) 

I've also formally reached out to saintofmisery to work out a compensation. 

aghhhhhhh pain.

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by 8byte

hows this semester treating yall

31 Votes im no longer in school/uni LOSER
13 Votes still on vacation B)
35 Votes pain. devastation. agony.
13 Votes its alright
10 Votes i am a hypernerd so everything is great i love being so smart and brainy

Codes Haven't had the time to code recently ;v;... I've been swamped.

I have some mockups planned... hopefully I'll be able to get to them this month :sob:

Customs I'm a bit behind on customs, but I'm hoping to get caught up this weekend! Check-ins will be sent out on Monday at the latest, I appreciate your patience!

I will also need to take on some more customs... I'm currently between jobs so customs and shop purchases are paying for my groceries rn LOL (side note: ty guys for literally letting me eat) if you know someone looking for a custom, or even something offsite, please send them to me!

Misc Updates I said I have a pretty light course load but I'm already swamped orz... one class is taking up all my time/energy, but it's a tough learning curve so hopefully I'll be doing better by next week!

Progress on the ARPG site has also slowed down bc of this... devastation... but I'm doing my best

holidays update :)

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by 8byte

New CSS goncharov and new HTML beachfront (part of new HTML bundle Form)

Codes Dropped a new CSS + new HTML in the last two days... I was on vacay for a while so I wasn't able to code orz

I've also unbundled all the CSS from the last bulletin... all of them are now only $9!

Customs Customs are open! I got through a bunch of backlogged ones yesterday, so send me a PM if you'd like to order! Customs really help me out woth my bills so it's super appreciated!

Misc Updates I'm going to be working on a personal project in the next week... more info on that soon... 👀

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Use code turkey2022 on Gumroad, or check out my Ko-Fi and Itch sale links!.

big update!!! important!!!

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by 8byte

Big update to Safehou-se... a feature to convert Bootstrap themed codes to Custom Colors!

Codes Got through 2/4 of the raffle prizes... orz. Still chugging through the CSS.

Customs Got a pretty hefty backlog going on... as you can see in my queue... I'm hoping to get updates out on Sunday since I have a friend visiting me tomorrow.

Misc Updates Got a very, very, very, very important job interview on Monday ;;v;;... pls wish me all the luck in the world on it

weekend wrapup!

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by 8byte

hows your day going :pleading:

3 Votes kisses reality on da mouth
14 Votes pretty chill
8 Votes meh
2 Votes not the best
9 Votes dropkicks life into a toilet

As per my last bulletin, all bundles have now been updated! The headers on all my bundle codes have also been updated to reflect this... if you've bought a bundle that has been merged, you can DM your receipt for access to the new bundle!

Sales + Raffles The 800 subscribers raffle is still up here! I'll be letting it sit for one more week before I draw winners :)

Codes Several new codes out this week, be sure to check them out!

Plethora, a replacement for my old Bulk code. This one's a massive, truly extensive, DND inspired code.

Reef, an old world CSS bundle. Now updated to include several world pages AND with a cleaner look. Submitted for this month's CQ.

Misc Updates Still working on making my F2U stuff Safehou-se compatible... orz

Also, all my codes are now up on my portfolio site! You can find codes easier this way with the sorter as well o7. I'll slowly be working on making this site prettier and better... let me know what you think!

Currently, work is just... orz. I'm dying lol. Tell me something fun in the comments? :pleading: