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Hope ur Holidays + New Year slayed ! 💖💖💖

Even only half as much as u 😌

Thank you king 🫶🫶🫶🫶 + back at u!!!!!!! 2024 better be a good year 😤

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All my customs info can be found here! If you already have a specific look in mind, you can also PM me for an exact quote!

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hey! are your CSS customs open? basically i need stuff done to my current CSS that i cant figure out how to do at all

Yep! Feel free to PM here or on discord to discuss more

Requested discord!

It seems I didn't get your friend request; maybe there's a typo? My username is eggbyte

Hello, sorry to bother you but do you still have this code available for use ? Or maybe I didn't see it T^T


That's rarity! It was released recently.

Thank you a lot ! I was a bit blind lmao

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using it for a bunch of my horses https://toyhou.se/~characters/edit/14363779

i cannot find the sticky directory for the life of me, can you link it to me pretty please??

is this what youre looking for? sticky directory on Toyhouse

Yeah that’s it thank you!!

hi i was wondering how i could get an order w/o money if its possible (like whzt kind of payments)

Hi! I'm not sure I understand your question.

how do i get a commision?

My customs info and prices are here! :)

is there any other payment than cash?

what did you have in mind?

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There isn't one anymore!

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context here

8byte? more like 9 bites hahahah!!1 1jsj!!!


got ur cheeks

Hey there! Sorry to bother you. But I was wondering if you still have this code available for use? If not no worries!💖


It's being revamped atm! Will prob come back in a bundle ^^;;

Ahh alright! Thank you tho :3 💖

I got a custom HTML from ya a few months ago and was wondering if you would take an update custom/commission for it? It had several tabs and I’d love to have one of those tabs completely redone if possible! I didn’t see anything similar mentioned on your customs page so figured I’d ask before sending a DM ^^

yep! shoot me a PM and we can work out the details!

hiya! I used one of ur codes for my general th ACC but I cant seem to find it, I'm tryna get the character version :')

Do you have the name of the code saved? Or a preview of it?

i have the code itself but i don have a download or preview of it on hand

could you send me what you have? in PMs preferably!

hi i was looking for this code u made but I can't locate it. I used it here https://toyhou.se/14844545.-luc

That's miniatures! It got retired to here!

Hi! Sorry to disturb you, I wanted to know if you are the creator of the code of this masterlist, I didn't find the credit


And if it's still among your available codes :D

Thanks ! :D

Thanks :)

But that say "Page Not Found We can't find that page!" :/

Sorry! It should be unprivated now :)

That's just awesome ! Thank you <3

100th comment lesgo

:0!! 🍪cookie as ur prize (also where did u see the 100 i thought i turned the number off in my css monkaw)

WAHOO COOKIE!!!!! (i have custom css turned off LOLL)

(i code things but cannot for the life of me figure out custom css it's just easier to use toyhouse this way Orz)

OH hahaha my page is such a mess without custom css tho ^^;; sorry for the ugliness

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It should be https://toyhou.se/9734249.discord. It was never F2U; and I don't rlly like it anymore so I took it down.

Unless you mean https://toyhou.se/12217402.wumpus?

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hi!! i’m just wondering if i can get a quote for a custom code commison?

Yep! Just send me a PM!

will do!

hey! just to let you know, the safehou-se link in the form template on your vercel commissions page is misspelled :o

Oop I'll fix that asap

Hi! I just saw your user code and I was wondering what css you were using to make your interface completely black/grey. And also how you got your characters picture to like move up and down/animate itself?

It's custom CSS I wrote for myself! And for the character, it's an animation CSS on infinite loop.

Ah do you have the animation CSS available for use?

It's a small snippet so I don't have it posted anywhere! It's a very simple keyframes animation.

Can you maybe help me add that to my profile page? Where the focal image is of my character?

@keyframes upAndDown {
  0% {
    transform: translateY(7px);
  100% {
    transform: translateY(-7px);
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hihi!! i ADORE your codes, i rlly love the one used for this character but i can’t seem to find it on your acc!

That's a modified version of puppycat!

ah awesome tysm!

hi!! just wanted to say your codes are gorgeous and I was wondering if by chance you still had the overwatch character info code!! thank you for your time :D

Ah thats been archived over on 388 orz I do intend to remake it at some point.. although its very low on ny todo list atm! Sorry for the inconvenience!

no problem!! :D tysm for answering

your codes are so pretty !!! ;o;



hi! i love your codes so much! im trying to figure out coding myself to make my pages look cooler n i was just curious! is the lil floaty image on ur profile done with html or css? ive been wanting to do exactly that for a while 

It's a mix! If you're asking about the up and down effect, that's CSS!

ohh ok! would it be too much to ask for the code to have an image do that? totally fine if not!

Use a keyframes animation and set it to infinite alternate!

alright ty!

Hello, your heroku character chooser has been down for maintenance for days! Has it been shut down? Will it return? Take your time to respond!

Heroku no longer has free plans so it will be shut down until another free alternative comes up! Sorry about the inconvenience

Will the warriors wiki code be available again? I cannot find it and I currenlty have/use it but am afraid ppl will keep asking for it so it would be good to know wether I can link it or confirm it's discontinued ^^

It should still be up! Its in my customs folder.

oh neat tysm I found it! I had a hard time navigating with the layout (really pretty just not used to it ahA) thanks for the fast reply, your codes are incredible I use so many of them

thank you! sorry about the difficulty navigating orz.. ill probably reorganize again at some point

hope i wont be a bother but i was using one of your generators (the character picker generator) and it seems to be not working whenever i added a proper link in there ;u;

What do you mean by proper link?

like a character folder link

oh it's because you have a warning on your page. i don't have it setup to bypass warnings yet

ah i see. thank you ^^

Your codes are so gorgeous! Used your edanverse code in a priv but definitely eyeing some others!

(edited, sorry had the wrong tab open!)

Which edanverse code?

If you mean this one, that's not meant to be for public use so I'd really appreciate if you could take it down.

Oh so sorry!! I had a bunch of tabs open that day, I actually meant Aki! I was just looking at edanverse, sorry for the confusion!! :’0

Ohhh, no worries then! And haha happens to anyone :) tysm!

Your codes are beautiful! I try using one of them in my character's profile and it turns out awesome. Thank you so much ^^


hihi! sorry to bother you, but did you happen to edit the lobster css? it says there's an error with the import, while it was working fine a while ago! sorry for bothering ^^

yes! the new version will be out in like ten minutes ^^;; just have a few final things I need to do! so sorry about the issue!

oh no im sorry!! thank you!! i didn't know how long the problem was lasting as i havent opened that charas profile in forever lolz sorry for bothering again!!

ahhh ok the CSS should be up again: here!! so sorry abt that!

i cant seem to find the code! aaa;;;

I'll DM u!

Your codes are so creative and fun to edit!

thank you so much!

I'm glad you raised your prices!

gotta get the bag 😤😤😤

Damn right :D

Hi, random question! I was curious why you're making all your codes P2U? (Not like, in an angry way, just genuinely curious-)
I'm just asking since I swear I remembered you had some FTU codes at one point-

I really love creating toyhouse codes, but lately, the amount of time + effort that I spend on each code is just not worth it unless I get at least a little bit of income from it ;;v;; some personal things in my life have also made it difficult to continue w/out having a little more income qwq also, there's been an influx of new coders on this site that are providing really excellent F2U content! In order to make sure I'm not just churning out duplicate copycat codes, it does take a lot more effort and energy than previously ;;v;;! I do intend to keep *some* of my codes F2U, though, especially the simpler ones + some that have a soft spot in my heart :)

ohh fair fair!!! I totally get that! hope everything gets better for ya tho ;v;

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Ahh ty!!!

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Ahhhh Tysm!!!!!! It’s currently a private code just for me and I don’t think I’ll be releasing it to the public any time soon. However, my customs have one CSS slot monthly so if you’re interested, DM me and we can get you something similar! Thank you again so much!!!

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hey, i was trying to use your drivers license code and i noticed while testing it out that it moves the "view more" gallery button right under the code.
any idea of what might be causing it? ive never seen a code do it before


That’s an older code; just change the pull-right in the credits part to text-right and ur should fix that!

that was it, thank you!!! n__n

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I think it may be due to the content warning you have; I haven't written a script to bypass those yet ^^;;

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No problem! Let me know if any other issues arise :)!

Aaa im a bit new to things may i ask how to make my profile change? Like how yours is all black with different fonts for ”profile, forums” etc etc and how you have gumroad shop bulletins and they are purple like just a whole page set up? How do you do it and were do you get the layouts to do so?

Everything on my page I coded myself! A lot of what I did was using CSS, which requires premium. This thread gives a good overview on how to add coding to your profile, and you can check out my premade codes here!

Thank you!!!

your snippets really helped make my profile look so aesthetic! <3 i always love seeing your stuff!, it's really helped me get better at  editing codes and stuff!

Tysm!!!! I’m glad to have helped!!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

meow meow   

*lobster noises*



gosh i probably spam you with favs, but your codes are genuinely so good

Haha no worries!!! Like spam is appreciated and I’m glad you like my codes!!

hello! i used one of your codes, it was lovely <3

Thank u!

I used one of your codes for my cat's profile on here, lol! Thanks for making them!

np! glad you liked my codes!

u have beautiful codes, im gonna use one of them! <3

thank you!!

Oooo beautiful updated profile 8byte! *o*

tysm again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (also if ur here from the authorization thing.. u can now view all my wips ;))))


Ohhhhhh I was wondering what that meant 👀

o ur codes seem rlly pretty!! ^^ subscribed

thank you!!!

np :>

You are one of my favorite and imaginative coders on this site

Just wanted to say this!

Have a nice day <333

Ahh thank you!!! I'm just getting started so it's so nice to hear that ;;v;; I hope I can continue making fun codes!