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Name Thomas Acker
Age: 14
Height: 143cm
Birthday: 1.2 (Aquarius)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Type: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Music: X & X & X & X
HTML: lowkeywicked & vom
"Thomas Acker" leads here. If you're looking for his other canon appearances, check out Thomas Acker (9 years old)
"I tend to get sick really often… I feel like I might be bedridden soon again…

A sickly boy from the same class as Jonathan, Thomas can often appear as reserved and lost in his own thoughts. Added by the fact he appears mentally more mature and intelligent than most of his age, his peers often find it hard - if not even intimidating - to communicate with Thomas. However, he is a very kind and well-mannered boy with a high sense of responsibility and a strong drive to get better at the things he enjoys. He is very stubborn in his own right and doesn’t take it kindly if people try to take advantage of his kindness. He speaks his mind very clearly and won’t hide his displeasure if something is bothering him. Likewise he won't hesitate to do what he thinks is right, even when the odds might be against him.

Despite his noble qualities, however, a certain kind of melancholy characterizes Thomas - but it's no surprise considering how many times he has almost died of illness already; he is very aware of his own mortality and knows he probably won't live for very long. 

Thomas is Karl's younger brother and also strongly affiliated with Ilja and Rosemarie. He also plays an important role in Sinfonia despite not being part of the main friend group Jonathan associates with. 


Thomas is a young boy of fairly fragile built: he has light bones and a narrow body type with his shoulders and waist aligning, making him appear very weak. He has a relatively light skin and is the palest of their family, but very often there is barely any colour on his face due to his constant illnesses. Thomas has freckles unevenly only on the left side of his face and neck, and he also has pigmented moles on his both arms, neck and chest. His face shape is something between round and oval, and he has a short, very light brown hair with thick, darker brown eyebrows. His eyes are light blue, almost gray, and they're usually half opened, emphasizing his thick and dark eyelashes. Thomas carries himself with a surprising aura of dignity and his way of walking is very calm and dignified, albeit a little slurred out at times. However, he tends to be lost in his own daydreams and is often seen with a somewhat hazy expression, especially when he first start talking to people.

Although his school uniform fits him somewhat well, Thomas generally wears clothes too big for him due the facts he comes from a relatively poor family and clothes his size are hard to find. He often ends up using the leftover clothes of his big brother Karl and his friend Ilja.


  • Thomas is extremely studious and spends most of his free time studying out of sheer curiosity and love for learning. Perhaps directly as a result of this Thomas is very intelligent, and he and Claude are considered the best students of their year group. Thomas is particularly good at history, social studies and everything that has to do with the humanities, but natural sciences seem to come just as naturally to him.

  • Has little to no interest in fighting, and his physical strength is so weak he can hardly take care of himself. While Thomas can survive from the daily basics of going to school and doing basic chores like the dishes or the laundry, his body is permanently frail and his weak immune system makes him prone to even serious illnesses. He can't really lift heavy objects, and often has to rely on others - something he doesn't like doing, but even less he wants to faint and cause even more trouble for others.

  • His stamina and endurance are likewise relatively low, and he runs out of breath easily.

  • Aside from being booksmart, Thomas is also regarded as someone wise beyond their age. He's good at giving advice to people, keeps secrets and has a calming and comforting feeling to him when he's being relied on for mental support. Furthermore, his straightforwardness is also much appreciated, as Thomas won't hide it if he has something to say or an opinion to state - something many find extremely helpful when they come for him with their troubles. He's not strict by any means, but he certainly won't beat around the bush either.

  • Keeps up with the news regularly and is interested in what is happening in the world.

  • Very responsible and hard working, Thomas never goes back on his words if he can just help it.

  • Knows how to use a pistol, although wishes he never has to use this knowledge

  • He has a very beautiful handwriting, but his lecture notes tend to be incomprehensible scribbles as he tries to get them down fast all the while adding his own comments and thoughts into them.  


  • He is more admired than he is liked: Thomas doesn’t have many friends, and instead most of his classmates just consider him as someone above them. That being said, Thomas is still very much respected and treated with polite kindness, many even worrying for him and his health. Within the school hierarchy he is kind of a wild card as he doesn't have a set group he belongs to nor a social ranking (due to his introversion), but he most definitely isn't considered any of the most important or influential boys.

  • However, as Karl's brother and Ilja's friends many don't wish to pick fights with him or start any trouble, as the two older boys are considered something of legends.

  • It is unknown what exactly he thinks of whenever he spaces out. Most likely he is just thinking of whatever.

  • Attends PE much like the other boys, but he's often allowed to take things much easier - everyone knows he's frail and can't keep up with the other boys, so it's only better if he can strengthen his body with his own limits in mind. Some boys initially thought of this as unfair, but upon learning about Thomas' circumstances they have taken back their words.

  • He has a lot moles all around his body, but his freckles are visible only on the left side of face. He doesn’t really like them, but isn’t too concerned about them either.

  • Thomas isn't really the one to care too much about his appearance, but he does try his best to look presentable. There is a tiny sting of pressure he sometimes feels about behaving and performing with the same kind of grace and style as the nobles around him, but first and foremost he wishes to stay true to himself: he will do what he feels is right or appropriate, but won't pretend to be anything else than what he really is.

  • Many mistake him for a noble, but they hardly ever mention it: high social standing is almost given in Lottenberg, so many don't confirm with Thomas whether he's actually a noble or not. His commoner status, however, always comes as a surprise to those who learn about it. 


Unlike his outgoing and loud big brother Karl, Thomas is a rather calm and introverted individual. He speaks and moves in a calm, almost graceful manner, and his way of communicating with others is usually tactful. He is considered very mature for his age and his composure often makes people mistake him for someone of much higher social status. He doesn't like too much attention from others though, and as such usually asks his teachers to not read his essays out loud to the class, and instead to give him private critique. With his achievements he's very humble, but unlike his brother he hardly puts himself down upon being complimented.

Thomas is generally very silent, not really the one to start a conversation on his own accord. In fact, Thomas seems to be a little reserved, and is often lost in his own thoughts to the point he must be shaken a little to return back to the present. Resulting from this, people tend to find Thomas a little odd and don’t always know how to approach him. As he also appears older than most of his peers, other kids also don’t really know how to communicate with Thomas, especially since he isn’t interested in rough games or in any other loud activities boys typically do. Despite this, however, Thomas really easily agrees to play with others, no matter what they are playing - it's just that with the loudest activities he often seems not to be really present, so they might as well not even ask him to join at all. His classmates sometimes describe Thomas “might be physically present" but "his mind is somewhere far away, not in this place at all.”

Despite his oddities, Thomas is a genuinely kind boy who other children often feel confident in to trust their secrets to. Thomas can be very reassuring and he keeps secrets no matter what, so he ends up learning quite a lot about the people around him even without actively socializing with them. He has a very fixed set of morals he acts according to, and he wants the people around him to be happy. However, Thomas does have his own quirks and habits that might rub people the wrong way once you get to know him properly: he is very proud and stubborn in his own right, even more so than his big brother is. He also doesn’t like it when people order him around or take advantage of his high sense of responsibility, and he is known not to hide his displeasure if people do him wrong. As a friend he often takes the role of an adviser thanks to his mature disposition and great intellect, but he's also not afraid of standing up for his friends even in situations where he know he will lose - to Thomas, defending things dear to him is one of the greatest principles in his moral code.


Thomas is three years younger than Karl, and is the youngest of the five siblings. Born to an already weak mother, Thomas had a frail health was apparent ever since his birth: although he had no present illnesses whatsoever, he was weaker in build compared to his other siblings, and his endurance and stamina were also much weaker in comparison. They lived a poor but relatively happy life, but the great poverty always loomed over them as an unsettling, imposing shadow.

The family’s life changed when the father fell ill and died only two months after contracting the disease. Karl’s mother, with her already poor physical and mental health, couldn’t handle her husband’s death and fell so ill she could no longer take care of her children. The oldest sister moved to a nearby city and started working as a teacher in order to support her mother, the second oldest was also forced to move to another city and started working in a bar as a waitress, and the third sister went to a factory where her small stature would help her to crawl into places adult workers couldn’t go to. Being only five himself, Thomas was sent together with Karl into a foster family in another city.

Coming from a poor family and not having a very high education yet, the foster family didn’t treat the brothers as their equals. Instead they put both of them into hard work, cleaning the house and running errands - all the while Karl also had to attend school. Thomas, given his somewhat weak stature, was often not able to do as much as he was tasked to do, often making Karl take over his jobs as well. Although he was young and understandably weak for that fact only, the guilt of letting his older brother do everything (knowing he also had to attend school on the top of all this) for him was a constant source of anxiety and guilt for him. So, when Karl started receiving physical punishment either by the step-parents for "slacking off" or from the oldest son just for the fun of it, Thomas, who was only six at the time, would often try to negotiate with people. He did not always succeed, but very often Karl was saved from a terrible fate secretly by Thomas, who could talk some sense into people with his child's innocence. Thomas himself was beaten rarely if ever, partially because he was already too weak to take it like Karl did, partially because Karl took Thomas' share of beatings as well.

As a result of stress and hard work at home, Thomas' health declined considerably. He was often sick and down with a cold that could have potentially turned out lethal for him. Every time, however, he almost miraculously he recovered, often thanks to Karl's hard work and care.

He started school at the age of seven, but very soon Karl's bruises were found out and they were finally sent into a new, loving home consisting of two parents who had lost their children not too long ago. They were unconditionally kind and loving, and Thomas would no longer need to cover anything for Karl, and in turn Karl didn't have to protect his little brother from abuse anymore. During this time they also befriended Rosemarie, and some time after that Ilja also joined the group - followed by even more children, and the formed group would eventually start calling themselves Wildcats. Despite being bedridden more often than not, Thomas would greatly enjoy these new relationships he forged, and make long lasting friendships through it.

Blackmail and business

Around this time, however, an unpleasant figure would soon make her appearance as well: after realizing the potential of using children to do her morally questionable tasks, an assassin pretending to be a nun called Vivian would approach Thomas during a rainy night when the boy was alone. She spoke sweetly of promises of better life and education, but despite her best efforts Thomas could not make his decision of helping her right away - much to her dismay. When Vivian would then start subtly pressuring Thomas, Karl came to interfere - but in his pursuit of making the woman leave Thomas alone, Karl found himself threatened to agree to Vivian's dirty work. Thomas, however, did not know of this, and remained ignorant up until Vivian would try to get both Ilja and Rosemarie to work for her as well.

Soon all four of them were pressured and threatened into conducting Vivian's unethical business, but the children had no intentions of giving their souls to her: together they crafted up a plan to get Vivian's illegal activity exposed, and almost succeeded in it. In the end though they were no match for an adult, but Vivian had come to realize the children were perhaps not as harmless as she had initially thought them to be - in particular Thomas, whose sharp intelligence his sickly and tired appearance hid behind. After this showdown Vivian proposed a rather generous deal: would they work for her one more time and succeed, she would not only leave them alone, but to also work her way to get Thomas and Karl to the boarding school Thomas so desperately wished to attend.

The four of them succeeded, and soon Thomas and Karl received the appropriate funding to attend the prestigious all-male boarding school Lottenberg in the town of Maisier. Ilja would then join them, and even Rosemarie would join after talking Vivian into forging her papers so she could attend disguised as a boy - she had an experiment she wished to conduct, and Vivian decided to humor her.


Karl and Ilja would then proceed to attend Lottenberg first, paving way for Thomas to then come to the school with full knowledge of how the place worked. During this time Thomas and Karl would exchange a lot of letters, and Thomas would also write to the sisters he had not really been in contact with. The years without Karl, Ilja and Rosemarie around were undeniably rather lonely to him, but they taught him independence and made him reach out for other people, although with mixed results - Thomas had always been a rather odd boy compared to his peers, and he found it often difficult and awkward to form connections to those his age. However, he would also focus on socializing with adults, little by little learning etiquette and other appropriate skills he thought he would need in Lottenberg where he'd be surrounded by countless of noble children. He also read a lot, studied a lot and learned a lot; caught up with everything he thought he was lacking in in preparation to going to his dream school.


During the autumn he had turned 13, Thomas finally arrived to his dream school in Maisier. Karl and Ilja had graduated from Lottenberg middle school and moved to the high school building a little distance further, but he didn't mind: he already knew just about anything he needed to know about the school, and had by then learned enough independence to get himself accustomed to his environment.


Thomas is working extremely hard at school despite his constant absences for sicknesses, and tries his best to be the top of his class. He wants to proceed with his education as far as he just can, and his dream is to go to university - even though he knows it's currently nothing but a dream, as his new family isn't rich enough to pay the tuition. However, he wants to do his very best to get the best education he can and land a high-paying job so Karl no longer has to work himself sick because of him.
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Claude Lovelace

[ friendly rival ]

A fellow top student, Claude and Thomas are not friends per se, but share a mutual respect & friendly rivarly with each other. Thomas doesn't necessarily approve Claude's actions, but doesn't want to interfere with his business.


Jonathan Linden

[ friend ]

A new student in Lottenberg, Jonathan's friendly yet considerate attitude right from the start made Thomas warm up for him quite fast. He considers Jonathan a friend.


Walter Harvey

[ classmate ]

Classmate. The two don't really hang out together, and Thomas has no strong opinions about Walter. He does think he's a funny guy, however, and acknowledges Walter is more intelligent than what his teachers often give him credit for.