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V-Day Sale is OVER!

Posted 9 months, 13 days ago by Colonel

Thank you so much to everyone who came and bid and congrats to the winners!!! It is a very proud mama moment to see all those characters sent off to their new homes, I cannot wait to see all the love they get!

I'm glad the toyhouse auction went so smoothly, so much better than with DA's stash that I think we might just move here permanently for the following year..

and next year will be a BIG one so get ready!! 10 year anniversary babyyyy C:< 

Feel free to FOLLOW ME for more art/designs and if you were at all interested in my closed species, be sure to check me out on PATREON!

People usually hesitantly ask, so I figured I'd clear it up! I am always taking offers on any of my characters!! However this doesn't mean they're all for sale or that I'm actively looking to sell, so just be okay with potentially hearing no or "i'd be looking for more" in response, especially since most characters only have a fraction of their art uploaded here to toyhouse. You definitely won't bother me by asking, though!

I'm STILL trying to get all my characters uploaded here, but it's slooow going! If a character isnt listed here but you're still interested in making an offer, feel free to reach out anyhow! Here/DA/FP/Discord are all okay places to reach me! 


Posted 6 years, 11 months ago by Colonel

I dont check (or upload to) Toyhouse very often!! Any questions/concerns should be noted to me on DA or FP:

Find me on DA at Colonel-Strawberry and Colonels-corner

Please don't use my characters without my permission 8D