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i just want to say i absolutely adore your art style, its so damn pretty and nice to look at :0

Heya!! I met you at the castaway cats raffle, and I had no idea you had a Toyhouse! :D
It's so cool to see all your awesome characters and art, your whole page is super inspirational!! I'm gonna learn how to draw then draw tons of fanart >:3

Omg hey!!! I was just wondering how you guys were the other day! Doing well, I hope?!

Haha my WAY too many characters that I hardly have time for anymore WEEPS <333 

Hey! I was wondering if you'd be able to part with Sharkie, Fishbone, or Barnaby.

I could offer art or money, I don't know how much art or money you would want. I know you still use Barnaby so I understand if you wouldn't wanna take offers on him ^-^ 

[I don't know if you still use the other two]

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, just saw this!

I don't think I could accept a reasonable amount of money for Fishbone or Barnaby! And although I haven't used Sharkie in a long while they're a very nostalgic character so I'd consider offers, but would be equally cool with like a co-own situation if that's something you'd be into!

You're fine! And I'd more than cool to co-own Sharkie!!! I've only co-owned once but im assuming you have rules with co-owning? ^-^

Are your design trades open? Your art and designs are so cute and the anatomy is realistic and flaws with the style nicely. 

I actually don't accept design trades! But thank you so much! 

would you possibly take a high bribe offer for a custom?

Haha perhaps!

Sent over a PM regarding this. :)

are your commissions always open, or only during certain times??? <3

I open slots at the start of each month over on Patreon! 

hey! do you have a comm site?? <3

thank you !

Omg I have been a fan of your art for years and I can’t belive I finally found you! 😊😊

YAY!! i'm here!! and on DA/twitter/insta still posting art :D

just seen some of your art and it looked really cute

Thank you!

I can't believe how creative all your adopts are, with borders and bgs. ;_; And you even do little icons for all the characters it's so cool.

Omg thank you!!! I've been doing teeny icons for my ocs for SO LONG, it's made it a lot easier to upkeep haha. ALSO!?! WELCOME BACK?! I am so excited to see you around TH again!

I always wanted to do stuff like uniform icons. I end up doing one and then just give up. :P

And, ty. :> It's on the downlow. Turns out I was a dude the whole time and I wanted to start with a fresh slate, plus I wanted to not be pressured by a large audience so I could try drawing for fun again. It's going well. :D



Yee im tracking you now >:}

Look at who is getting active on!


I found yoooou!!!

Found you!! Your characters are all so awesome!


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