The Nexus

Synopsis: After the apocalypse, the State was founded in a small corner of the New World and set about rebuilding what was lost. The State's discovery of the Nexus spearheaded innovation and invention, the mystical ink being able to power nearly anything in a multitude of ways. Now, there are those who find themselves a part of this blessing incarnate - human beings with the power to wield the ink as part of their own body. Praxis Rubbold is one such individual. Before the Nexus, they were a nobody with nothing to live for, but now they find themself on the road to the Evemakker Institute for the Nexus's Chosen - the most prestigious  organization in all of the New World. There, Praxis will find friends, a home, and a purpose through which they will undoubtedly better their life and the lives of others. 

And how could they not? The Nexus is a divine existence, and they are truly Blessed.