★Alien Story★


Earth was discovered by aliens and invaded in 1874. The humans, who had neither the technology nor the strength to fend off aliens flooding in, could only stand by, die, or adapt. The aliens who settled in were mostly criminals running from the law of other planets,  conquerors seeking to start their own empire, or immigrants fleeing their own planet for whatever reason. 

Some groups of aliens subjugated the humans, using them for labor or enslaving them, while other aliens just let them be and did their own thing.  Either way, the earth and its natives saw rapid change.  Technology improved, new plants and animals were introduced along with new diseases. Cities sprawled and enlarged, archetecture becoming a mismash of different alien styles. 

By 1892, the earth had become more alien than not. Few humans lived who knew the Earth before aliens, and the others couldn't imagine a life without them.


Other things to note: Abilities

All individuals are born with abilities (including humans). The most powerful abilities are listed as T3 (short hand for tier 3), while the less powerful are T2 and T1.

  • T1 are abilities that only affect the individual (for example, being able to float oneself or being able to teleport oneself)
  • T2 are abilities that affect the individual and the environment (for example, being able to teleport oneself and inanimate objects)
  • T3 are abilities that affect the individual, the environment, and other life forms (for example, being able to teleport onself, inanimate objects, and other life forms)

Abilities are passed down hereditarily, but the higher tier the abillity the less likely it is to get passed down. T3s are often feared, alienated, and discriminated against by T1s and T2s. Thus, many T3s try to keep their ability a secret. However this is hard to do, because whenever a T3 uses their abillity, one of their eyes glow.


The Gang : The main group that the story follows. A ragtag group of humans and aliens who've decided to work together to survive in the changed earth and to acheive their various goals.  They're often at odd ends but manage to work together well when need be. They all live in Shetra Ka'ris's ship and travel the earth as they do different jobs. 


although with some characters, this is completely absent, character descriptions may include the following:

  • general dark themes, drugs, enslavement, references to forced prostitution and sex trafficking, implied underaged sexual assault

I don't ever describe anything in detail, but if you don't want to see content like this, I advise you to proceed with caution or not to not proceed at all. I will generally warn you within a character's description if there is something like this that's about to pop up though.