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One day

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I’ll have the strength to work on profiles......that day is not today but one day....

Immortal Epee

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Just a dump of info related to the I.E verse. Dump includes timeline for each game, ages for protagonist and what not. I put a lot of dumb thought in crap. 

Timeline for Immortal Epee: FRLE/ORAS > three years > HSSS/PLT> five years > bw > two years > bw2/xy >2 years >USUM>1 year> SWSH (Note..Each game usually take at least a month or so and I'm technically counting them within the same year as any time skip that occur.) 

Red-23/24 (FRLE)

Brendan-24/25 (ORAS)

Ethan (from Johto..not Sinnoh)-20/21 (HS/SS) 

Hilda-18/19 (BW) 

Rosa-16/17 (BW2) Serena-15/16 or maybe 14/15? (XY) 

Elio-12/13 years old (USUM) 

Katsu-23-24 (PLT) 

Name: Red 

Champion of: Kanto 

Personality: Regarded as one of the strongest Pokemon trainers in the world, Red is a man of few words. This isn't to say that's he mute. The man is capable of speech as noted by the fact he does give his Pokémon the occasional command whenever he gets serious in battle. Red himself is a serious guy that tends to be bit of lonewolf. He's not much of a people person and tend to express more interest in Pokemon. Honestly, it seems like Pokemon are attracted to him. Other than that though, Red is a relatively kindhearted and outgoing guy once you get to know him. He can be a bit naïve when it comes to certain concepts. Thrall of: Mew 

Pokemon Team: Pikachu-Male-Static-Volt Tackle, Surf, Knock Off and Hidden Power (Ice)-Light Ball 

Snorlax-Male-Thick Fat-Body Slam, Curse, Rest and Darkest Lariat-Leftovers 

Charizard-Male-Blaze/Tough Claws-Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, Earthquake and Dragon Dance- Charizardite X 

Espeon-Male-Magic Bounce-Calm Mind, Psychic, Shadow Ball and Zap Cannon*-Electrium Z 

Venusaur-Female-Overgrow-Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power (Fire) and Growth -Life Orb 

Lapras-Female-Water Absorb-Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump and Psychic-Weakness Policy

(Special)Alexis/Alex-Mewtwo-Bigender (She/He)-Pressure-Nasty Plot, Psystrike, Aura Sphere and Fire Blast-Leftovers

Name: Brendan 

Champion of: Hoenn

Personality: Described as being effeminate by those not fond of Brendan, Brendan doesn’t follow the traditional view of gender roles/behavior of being manly. He believes that doing things a female would like doesn’t make anyone less than a man. Alongside being a great battler, Brendan carries a special interest in Pokémon Contests. He even learned how to knit and sew to make cute clothes for his Pokémon to wear during contests (or in general). Brendan can be a bit shallow at times as he does out too much emphasis when it comes to outward appearance. Partially that is due to his fear of no one paying attention to him. 

Thrall of: Latias 

Pokemon Team: Sceptile-Female-Overgrow/Lightning Rod-Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast and Earthquake-Sceptilite 

Gardevoir-Male-Trace-Mystical Fire, Psyshock, Moonblast and Calm Mind-Leftovers 

Milotic-Male-Marvel Scale-Scald, Recover, Ice Beam and Dragon Pulse-Flame Orb 

Ninetales-Male-Drought-Nasty Plot, Solar Beam, Fire Blast and Dark Pulse-Heat Rock 

Froslass-Female-Snow Cloak-Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt and Hail-Icy Rock 

Mawile-Female-Sheer Force-Swords Dance, Play Rough, Iron Head and Ice Punch-Life Orb

(Special) Yuna-Jirachi-Female-Serene Grace-Psychic, Calm Mind, Doom Desire and Fire Punch-Leftovers

Name: Hilda 

Champion of: Unova (previously) 

Personality: Hilda is not exactly the nicest person in the world. In her defense, dealing with Ghetsis and Team Plasma haven’t been a wonderful experience in her opinion especially when Ghetsis killed one of her Pokémon. Hilda is a serious female that can be a bit blunt with her words and is very independent for her age. In some respects, she is similar to Red. She prefer the comfort of her Pokémon than actual people. She can have a bit of a wild, brash streak to her whenever she gets into a battle. That strong desire to win overcome the reclusive that she tends to have whenever she’s not battling. Hilda herself isn’t pretty tomboyish in nature. 

Thrall of: Kyurem 

Pokemon Team: Emboar-Male-Blaze-Earthquake, Wild Charge, Flare Blitz and Head Smash-Leftovers 

Braviary-Male-Sheer Force-Brave Bird, Superpower, Roost and U-Turn-Life Orb 

Excradrill-Female-Sand Force-Earthquake, Swords Dance, Iron Head and Rock Slide-Life Orb 

Haxorus-Female-Mold Breaker-Outrage, Dragon Dance, Earthquake and Poison Jab-Lum Berry 

Scrafty-Female-Shed Skin-Knock Off, High Jump Kick, Dragon Dance and Ice Punch-Sitrus Berry 

Eelektross-Female-Levitate-Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Knock Off and Flamethrower-Assault Vest

(Special) Cain-Keldeo-Male-Justified-Scald, Secret Sword, Hidden Power (Ice) and Toxic-Wise Glasses

Name: Ethan 

Champion of: Johto 

Personality: Ethan is still the cocky, reckless guy he was when he was young. In fact, those in Johto often cite that it doesn’t seem like he grew up. He likes to believe that he’s the best around seeing how he defeated Red that one time. However, other than that, Ethan is a happy-go-lucky guy that can be quite the optimist. He always look to the bright side of things and even if things don’t go his way. He can be immature at times, but has no problem admitting his faults if his immaturity cause someone else harm. He’s completely oblivious to anything that centers around romance and the like. 

Thrall of: Ho-oh 

Pokemon Team: Typhlosion-Male-Blaze-Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Hidden Power (Grass) and Eruption-Charcoal 

Togetic-Male-Serene Grace-Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Dazzling Gleam and Metronome-Eviolite 

Donphan-Female-Sturdy-Earthquake, Knock Off, Gunk Shot and Rapid Spin-Leftovers 

Hitmontop-Male-Technician-Bullet Punch, Rapid Spin, Toxic and Close Combat-Leftovers 

Lanturn-Female-Volt Absorb-Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hidden Power (Grass) and Scald-Assault Vest 

Scizor-Female-Swarm/Technician-Swords Dance, Knock Off, Bullet Punch and Bug Bite-Scizorite

(Special) Electra/El-Raikou-Demigirl-Pressure-Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Hidden Power (Ice) and Thunderbolt-Leftovers

Name: Serena 

Champion of: Kalos 

Personality: When you meet Serena, you’ll be quick to find that the female is a kind and polite girl that has her moments where she can be rebellious. While she may have a strong will, Serena can be sensitive and insecure when it comes to battling. It does occasionally lead her to lash out verbally at others. When that happens, she is quick to apologize as she hates blaming her others on her frustration. Even when she does lose her composure, she’s quick to bounce back and remind herself to push forward. She has the tendency to ramble and say things that she should be careful with saying. The female rarely shows any hints of being vain or overconfident. 

Thrall of: Xerneas 

Pokemon Team: Delphox-Male-Blaze-Calm Mind, Psychic, Flamethrower and Grass Knot-Wise Glasses 

Sylveon-Female-Pixilate-Calm Mind, Mystical Fire, Psyshock and Hyper Voice-Leftovers 

Aurorus-Male-Refrigerate-Earth Power, Freeze-Dry, Thunderbolt and Hyper Voice-Shell Bell 

Gougerist-Female-Frisk-Phantom Force, Seed Bomb, Will-o-wisp and Foul Play-Leftovers 

Goodra-Male-Sap Sipper-Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast and Thunderbolt-Assault Vest 

Lucario-Male-Steadfast/Adaptability-Swords Dance, Meteor Mash, Earthquake and Drain Punch-Lucarionite

(Special)Almas-Diancie-Genderfluid-Clear Body/Magic Bounce-Moonblast, Diamond Storm, Earth Power and Protect-Diancinite

Name: Rosa 

Champion of: Unova 

Personality: Rosa is a high-spirited young lady with a strong sense of justice and a self described "living meme". She's the type of person that has no problem citing whatever meme she has on her mind regardless on how old said meme is. The female can be a bit smug at times and is known for her smirk. She is a sucker for fame and money to the point she will do whatever it takes to get it. She likes to think she's a lot older than she is as noted by how she often regard those who are only a few years younger than her as youngsters. This does come as a result of the female wanting to grow up faster so she doesn't have to deal with being regarded as a child. 

Thrall of: Victini 

Pokemon Team: Samurott-Male-Torrent-Ice Beam, Knock Off, Swords Dance and Liquidation-Wave Incense 

Scolipede-Female-Speed Boost-Swords Dance, Earthquake, Mega Horn and Aqua Tail-Waterium Z 

Darmanitan-Male-Sheer Force-Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Rock Slide and U-Turn-Life Orb 

Krookodile-Male-Intimidate-Knock Off, Earthquake, Stone Edge and Superpower-Black Glasses 

Ferrothorn-Female-Iron Barbs-Body Press, Knock Off, Leech Seed and Gyro Ball-Rocky Helmet 

Reuniclus-Female-Magic Guard-Recover, Calm Mind, Psyshock and Focus Blast-Leftovers

(Special)Genesis-Genesect-Non-Binary-Download-Iron Head, Techno Blast, Bug Buzz and Dark Pulse-Drives

Name: Elio 

Champion of: Alola 

Personality: Elio is a interesting kid. Being one of the youngest champion in the regions, Elio typically comes off as being a laidback and goofy kid. However, don't let that fool you though. The young man is a genius as noted by how he battles during battle and how attentive he can be. He carries a certain level of fondness when it comes to battling someone who can truly challenge him when it comes to battles. It's something that he feels that he rarely receives most of the time. It seems like he plays off being a fool so most can be caught off guard when they actually battle him. He's oddly mature for his age. 

Thrall of: Lunala 

Pokemon Team: Decidueye -Female-Overgrow-Spirit Shackle, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade and U-Turn -Decidium Z 

Salazzle-Female-Corrosion-Toxic, Flamethrower, Venoshock and Hidden Power (Ice)-Black Sludge 

Bruxish-Female-Strong Jaw-Swords Dance, Psychic Fangs, Liquidation and Crunch-Muscle Band 

Lycanroc-Male-Tough Claws-Swords Dance, Stone Edge, Fire Fang and Drill Run-Life Orb 

Kommo-o-Male-Ability-Clangorous Soul, Body Press, Earthquake and Dragon Claw-Leftovers 

Alolan Ninetales-Male-Snow Warning-Aurora Veil, Hidden Power (Fire), Dazzling Gleam and Freeze-Dry-Light Clay 

(Special) Riley-Marshadow-Demiboy-Technician-Spectral Thief, Knock Off, Poison Jab and Drain Punch-Life Orb

Cat’s Attempt At Being Organized

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Currently working on: Katsu Sinnoh Team

Alright. I did not get what I want done during the summer because work was a thing for a bit so whoops. This is a update to this thread here with no set timeline because so I learned that’s a horrible idea.

[X] One final update of the Persona characters.

[] Work on Tales of Moon. (Might work on these guys after I update Persona group since there’s only three profiles I need to work and my TOV motivation is coming back.)

[] Work on Fallen Inferno (Currently on the back burner since I have to do some researching on some things.)

[] Work on Realm of Impar characters (Been working on them slowly. Currently I’m working on the plates and bouncing to work on smaller profiles. Honestly, been working on NPCs of this world in a doc to get me inspired)

[] Work on Bounded Worlds and Golden Chains.

[] Work on other characters and organize more??? (I got a couple of other characters that I can drop into their own worlds. I need to get around to doing that)

I’m taking it a bit slow when it comes to working on characters since my final year of college is here and I’m trying not to destroy my brain. If you want to see what character I’m working on, well you can more or less figure out what based on the note at the top!

Please wish me luck fsjdjbd

The dumb ramblings of a loser

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So yeah. Thought I post my plans on what profiles I plan to update during the summer and what not. Some have some priority over others but gosh darn it I'm going to get these things done.

[] One final bloody update of the Persona characters. (Listen I know I updated them a few times but it's time for one final good update for every character. I feel like some are lacking and quite frankly I want to free from them until Royal comes out and ruins my life.)

[] Work on Fallen Inferno (I been doing some digging into DMC and all things demon related. I suppose it's a good time to start updating them.)

[] Work on Realm of Impar characters (some of them honestly need a good update tbh)

[] Work on Bounded Worlds and Golden Chains. (Only really hesitating to work on them now because I know Sword and Shield is going to add stuff to ruin my life)

[] Work on other characters and organize more??? (I honestly have so many characters that I actually feel bad not working on)

I love all my characters and it's a curse that I have so many because A) profiles are pain, B) I feel bad because it seems like I'm giving some characters more love than others and C) I keep making characters ggdfgdfg But yeah that's it. I'm probably going to do a thing where I dedicate a week focusing on a specific folder/realm/group of characters. We'll see if I keep to it >.> But uh...look forward to me acting working on characters??

Please save me. I'm going to die from making profiles

Oh and apparently my birthday is like in 10 days?? I'm going to be olllldddddd x.x 23 is old right?


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(But hey that means I have more of a excuse to update Adrian C:)

....Oh who am i kidding? i'm writing this fic soon regardless of royal. I'm sorry ponytail girl but sacrifices are needed to be made qwq

Clean up my folders a bit!

Got rid of a few duplicate characters I had and moved my hidden characters out of private folders. For example, Cooper (in World Of Pokemon folded) has been removed due to his character being a ‘proper one’ due to Goro the Rockruff existing in Golden Chains.

Started to use the split tab for my characters in tabs so it’s easier for people to click on them. Not going to have fun doing that for Bounded World characters x,x

Rearranged a few folders and added a few folders inside some of them so they’re cleaner.

Probably going to spend a good 10-20 minutes slapping tags on characters tommorow (basic ones at least) and work on side characters for the P5 fic for my sanity. Need a break from working on notes for Fallen Inferno and Tales of Moon characters >.>

Now off I go to bed at...4 in the morning....oops

Canvas Size: 11.889x11.542 Inch (856x831 pixels)

Current Plans for Profiles

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Just some rambling about plans and what not.

I still need to finish up characters for Realm of Impar. I’m doing those little by little as I do need to finish establishing the world itself so it’s easier to work on the last of the characters there. Hoping to get those done sometime in 2019 uwu

I also got a few side characters from other stories to work on. I might use one of my long breaks during classes to do those since thankfully they shouldn’t be too hard. I just need to work on fleshing out their worlds and what not. 

Adrian is so close to being finished >.> I need to finish up his Twilight tab and he should be ready to go for my story. The relationship section is almost done but that history is going to be a pain. I also need to tweak some profiles for some characters in the Persona folder. Might use a new profile for the Pack since their profile are eh and I need to swap around one of Ku’s skills. My goal is to have this completed by this year and finish up the last bit of stuff to start working my fanfic. >.> 

Once the above is done, I can fully devote time to Vincent. He’s a DMC fan character (yes I know I’m hot garbage with my fan characters but shhh it makes me happy). I do have basic idea of what I have planned for him in my notes tab (which is a hot mess but oh well) on his profile. I plan on doing a lot of research when It comes to demons and what not since I love my dumb research. Also, gotta figure out names and figure out his other sin powers. I think I might be able to pump out some stuff for him before DMC5 come out. I’m looking forward to working on him more~ No clue when I will complete it. Maybe 2019 :0

My struggle

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by Adrian Kuzuryu HowlingCat

Alright I finally finished Adrian's relationship tab so i can now safely say that I'm done and I can move on to building more profiles :D 

*five minutes later*

 Brain: Ok but what if we made another tab for Adrian though so we can't have to put in effort to make other profiles :0 


(Someone please ban me from working on Adrian more. Please. I keep getting new ideas for tabs,,,orgivemeonelastideaforatabforhimwhichevercomesfirst)

Head's Up

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I did change my username to the one I always used on other sites so yeah :P As a note, I was catwolf1266.