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Username Change!

Posted 14 days, 1 hour ago by IIDX

Which are you

2 Votes Country girl
4 Votes Super city boy


which i cannot fucking BELIEVE wasn't taken i guess there's not many Bemani weebs on here

Original username is dated by now and has to do with one of my very first babies back from... 2017, maybe? So a change was due. Don't wanna use ""my professional"" art name on here though LMAO

stream Daisuke

Some updates + release schedule

Posted 30 days, 7 hours ago by IIDX

Hey y'all, few things, first is the unfun stuff

I've been super ultra mega sick, got some sexy new chronic/genetic illness diagnoses and the others have all been acting... the worst of my life LMAOOOO so I've been pretty much half dead on the daily. It's not rona I promise I'm so immunocompromised that I only go out for doctors appointments. Since rona makes going to them hard it's kinda been downhill. But I've been getting a lot of treatment starting this week at least

What this means: Art's slow! Y'all probably have noticed since the summer. I aim to at the very least put out a painting a month, Camilo's the next one. I don't got commissions lined up but if I get some in the future they might take longer. I have a hard time being awake or sitting at my PC or uhhh holding a pen without severe pain so. I'm gonna try to not force myself to work as much. I got brain fog so sorry if forum responses with games and shit take a few days

The rest (release schedule and plans)

What I'm hoping to have out soon: The last character of the verse I'm writing for to be designed. Mr Lazzaro is gonna be in his mid fifties and I'm not super experienced with drawing middle aged men. It'll take time

Near future: Birthday art for Valentine where him and his pseudo husband totally aren't married because I'm fucking predictable

Unsure: The release of Bossentine & co's writing. I originally planned to have it out by Vally's birthday (February), but at this point in time I'm not totally sure. It was originally gonna be pretty short and it just seems to keep expanding, and my health and general workload made it take longer. At the very least, it'll be out next year. I'm hoping by spring.

Some fun stuff about the Bossentine writing and some general info:

  • Current plans sit around 15-20 chapters, give or take. Most likely a higher number in that range or even past it
  • Updates will be scheduled weekly (like posting Fridays). I'm finishing it all before posting so I can make sure I maintain consistency and quality. It'll be posted here and on AO3 (which is linked on my page)
  • Yes it's gonna have ~18+ content~ have you seen me. Have you seen my sons.
  • Once again I continue my habit of musical naming/theming conventions. It'll share 2 groups in particular depending on POV
  • Speaking of POV, Valentine and Aurelio. No one else, they're the main characters after all. We'll get to see their baby forms. Gremlin Valentine
  • After the final chapters are posted, I'll be making a "history" tab available for Valentine and Aurelio. As of now they reveal major spoilers, so they're hidden. They'll act as a TL;DR with a non-biased narrator unlike in their POV writing.
  • It's not gonna be the uhhhhhhhh lightest read in the world with content. Warnings and all that shit will be in place but in most standards its incredibly vanilla. Mean people and violence and banging. Gender bendy. I made Valentine and hoped he wouldn't awaken something in me. Whoops

As of now I'm not sure what else to share, you're free to ask about it if y'all would like. Can't reveal everything! But I'm an open book besides major spoilers.

That's about it I guess? Merry Cringemas


Holding an OC review thread on the forums

Posted 1 month, 18 days ago by IIDX

Those "review your OC while IC" things are super neat so I wanted to hold my own, especially to hone in on my character writing. Got a project brewing and I'm hoping to have it out in time for a special demonic white boy's birthday, so it's good writing exercise to have them break out of the conventional box. Y'all are free to join in, I'd love to be able to do stuff for ya!

Thread link

Be aware it's mature locked, not for NSFW content but because I'd really prefer if the characters I'm sent and people I complete these for are 18+. Valentine is horny y'all don't gotta see that

23rd Birthday Babey!!

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago by IIDX

Turned 23 today.... Feeling extra old....... don't even have energy to draw something really LMAOFLKJHN;DLKFNH SORRY I JUST GOT DOODLES

THANK U SO MUCH TO FRIENDS WHO GAVE ME ART..... Will keep this bulletin updated with the stuff I'm gifted!!!



also crying over Lemonylulu 's gift of a real Goosentine. look at him he has a fucking eyepatchfkjlghdfkdh


Happy Birthday, Aurelio!

Posted 3 months, 7 days ago by IIDX

Happy birthday and International Boss Day, Aurelio!

Its only been about... 5 months? but him and his deranged rat warm the cockles (aha) of my heart

When I made him as a counterpart to Valentine so that he doesn't have the shadow-boss-offscreen syndrome I didn't expect to get as attached as I did... I'm really glad I made him. I'll be back for your actual Earth years birthday on the next June 7th, sir



Happy Birthday Kouta!!

Posted 5 months, 5 hours ago by IIDX

Happy birthday Kouta!!

I may have only started fleshing him out last year, but he’s been around since 2018! My oldest baby boy