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I'm holding my first solo exhibition in Japan!!!!!!!!!

DESIGN FESTA GALLERY ~ 1-F WEST Harajuku, Tokyo [原宿]
6.14 - 6.16

CONCEPT: Exhibition of artworks I produced while enduring strong emotions. Positive, negative, everywhere in-between, and everywhere outermost.
I have exhibition exclusive goods for sale on-site and online! I’ll even have a few of the prints for sale at the gallery.

Exhibition goods will also be sold at FANIME Night Market May 24th - 26th in San Jose, CA!!

Please see my website for all the info!!! https://re-verberation.carrd.co/



I want to be candid and mushy for like 5 minutes.
Having a solo exhibition/being in an art gallery has been my main goal and dream as an artist ever since I learned how to draw (I started at ~2 y/o) so actually being able to do that feels... like Something. It feels good.
I've been preparing this for about 6 months. Notice when I allowed my art to get even more experimental and weird LMAO
Having a space where I'm allowed to draw what I want and display it and not attract ire has been the most freeing experience in my entire art "career".
I even have more stuff to follow this up with once the exhibition is over & I arrive back in the US. It's been a part of my life for over half a year and that time frame has been extremely turbulent. I'm basically baring my soul there for a few reasons

I hope to do you all proud.

Also this is why I don't have much new stuff for Fanime sorry ADKJFDFKJG my plate is already really full with exhibition stuff and it's taken main priority. (I leave the country a few days after the con ends so my deadlines are tighter than ever)

Happy 4th Anniversary, Valentine💛

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(The full version is over here since it has non-sexual nudity with his weenie out lol)

Happy 4th anniversary to my beloved baby boy Vawentine... I'm glad to have him as my son. Thank you for existing, sir. Even if his personality sucks lmao. Love him. I'll save my sappy remarks for later

I have a very important announcement coming mid-late May that I've been keeping a secret for several months. However I can say confidently as a hint: it involves him. He's kind of a central part of it. I hope you guys will be excited to see what it is

https://s1m.ufoshock.moe  -  Twitter post

I'm in this zine with 50 artists!! I've uploaded my previews already but you can see my full art in lower quality for free on the website if you can't afford a copy!
There's digital premium and physical versions and both are on sale for the first 24 hours!!
It's the least "corporate" zine I've ever seen its just people expressing themselves unabashedly. A lot about the human experience, especially when it's related to the internet. I love it so much for that
(It's all original/OC art!)

Dig it!!!!!!!!!!




His bday celebration picture grows larger every year..... his third one!! since his birthday is months before his anniversary I couldn't celebrate his first LMAO
Fun fact: if he aged like a real person he would be 30 this year. Enjoy avoiding your 30's crisis sir!!

There'll be a bunch of art of him (and probably other OCs) incoming for a secret thing I'll be able to announce around his anniversary in late April! Can't reveal much about it besides that for now

Thank u all for liking my son...... I'm always glad to see people interested in him🥺
Here's to many more years of my silly goose🥰


Valentine BJD is done!! Pwease view my son💛

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Guys, wha one is youw favowite

7 Votes Nun dress
2 Votes Bunny suit
3 Votes Oversized pink sweater
0 Votes Black sweater + pink flared skirt
4 Votes Jirai kei pink/black skirt set
1 Votes Plaid JSK set
0 Votes Green dress w/ black lace

Hello oomfies... I just finished Valentine's BJD and wanted to show him off! He has a tab here with all his info like the shop links to his outfits.
Also take this as an announcement that I've moved around his and Boss' tabs and image galleries so their physical items now have their own separate tabs to organize easier! No more digging through Valentine's massive art backlog for them

A BJD of him was always something I considered and wanted to do but didn't really have a final push to do it for a few reasons... namely financial investment and weirdo Guilt over having a little son to enjoy because of that. Also people think dolls are weird LMAO. Bestie pushed me to attempt and here we are... I gotta say I feel very emotionally fulfilled with him I like to hold him like a baby. the joy of parenthood. Not to sound like a cornball but I got attached the moment his body came in. Literal parent and child moment for the guy I consider my son
It's nice to also not have to commission a ton of people for stuff I want him wearing, considering artists that I think can draw him really well are pretty rare and expensive. Love skeb but they don't got a lot of people who draw adult looking men (not moe moe cute) & especially not muscular ones

Here he is!! He's holding the little nendo I also did of him. that's my son's son. they're both nuns for now bc its the only real Matching outfit I have for them both


He was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it I love him soooooo much😭 the insane amounts of serotonin I feel when I see him. Like i'm gonna throw up but in a happy way


I wanted to show off outfits I got for him!! I don't wanna change his clothes a ton right away especially with all the work I did body blushing him.
Also, I have a second wig for him that's got his hair in a ponytail! Will have to show it in other pictures later. I'll upload all the good ones I take there

I'll probably get more cute little outfits for him Taobao Rocks. I love dressing him up like a little poodle. I'll probably commission his maid outfit one day👀
This isn't everything I got but it's the most important and Cool stuff


(I thought the bunny suit didn't come with ears so I bought another set. turns out I was wrong it did come with some LMAO)
2023-10-06-00-58-14.png^^ My favorite!!!!! SO cute

I hope y'all like him!! Hold him gently like a tiny chihuahua... If u can answer my poll for ur favorite outfit of his out of these I would love to see ur opinions!!

Take my silly OC quiz for your Assigned Boy

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Who did you get?

10 Votes Valentine
3 Votes Boss
4 Votes Camilo
2 Votes Santino
1 Votes Lazzaro
4 Votes Kouta


I wanna see y'all's results👉👈

Happy Birthday Valentine!!🥰💛💌

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Happy birthday to my beloved son Valentine!! I love him so much uuuuuuuu
it's the third time I've been able to celebrate his bday so I made him look extra fancy and pwetty... Enjoy your day, sir!!


I made a strawberry cheesecake for his annual bday pic!! I wanted to make zweibelkuchen for him too but i didn't have the time... anniversary present?😳


I also got this beautiful comm to celebrate his bday!!


Camimi's birthday was June 6th and Boss' 2nd anniversary was June 7th because I'm really bad at planning so happy bday/anniversary to them both!! I just especially love my old man. pawpaw👉👈

I finally made ACTUAL ref sheets for Boss and it only took 2 whole years LMAO consider it his anniversary present, nicer art can be for his bday later. Now I can commission people without a confusing mess for a reference


+ Bossentine height difference ref... Look at how tiny Valentine is hhjkdfgkhfhdf he's so small and shitty........


I will draw something for Camilo sometime I was just preoccupied with this since it took a few days to do it all.... He will get nice anniversary art instead, probably. I love him but I haven't drawn him since his bday last year. RIP

Fun facts for their Days:

- Camilo's bday is based off national black bear day in the US! So technically it changes yearly but June 6th was it in 2020.
I also chose a shitty day for it because my favorite idolmaster character (Syoko) was born then too KLJFHLKDFDHS celebrating too much!!

- This is how I chose the color scheme for boss:
Nothing says opposite couple more than going across the color wheel

- I gave Boss the nickname Boss because it's endearing but also because his name is kind of hard to pronounce for native English speakers and people seem to call him Claude by accident

- I chose liver as a food Boss likes because I had to think of like. The most disgusting food boomer dads like. Liver seems universal. Camilo got Oreos because Argentina has an Oreos Thing going on... its kind of surreal and they might be more nutso for them than people here in the US

- I wish I was joking when I say I chose Camilo to be from Argentina because of a shitty boomer music album. If you know you know. But other than that I needed him to be from South America to have him be Boss' common link anyways so it baited me... I learned like a year after making him that Adidas is their football team's sponsor LMAO

I have 67 or so doodles of boss here are the only times he's made something other than a deadpan face which is mostly him being agitated. It goes chronologically. We've entered the boss torture arc