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Thanks for the favourite, cool art style. :D

Np and thank you!!

Omg I love ur art style and characters they are super nice (*^^*)

uwaaa thank you so much, your art is super nice too!! Spicy....

i absolutely love your style, and your character designs??? *mwah* chef's kiss!!

uwaaa, thank you!!


Thank you!!



Thank you so much for the favorites and for subbing <3

Also your boyos are *chefs kiss*

THANK U.... I like your characters a lot too!!

You're welcome, I'm glad you do ^ v ^

woooa im in love with your art!!

Thank you so much, I’m glad you like!!

Tysm for the face on Casper!! I see your ocs so much and I love em!!

It's no problem, I'm glad you like my boys!!

They’re such cuties!!

thank you so much for the fav on Maze! you're one of my most respected people on TH,,,your chars and art are just so gorgeous and detailed and i am losing it rn,,,tysm, you've made my day <3

uwaaaa I'm so flattered!! I'm glad I was able to make you happy, thank you so much!! This is so sweet kljfgkljdfh

ofc!! and thanks for the faves on my other chars too aaa

i too like hot men


Your profile makes my heart soar, lmfao.

I love you characters, and your art style is,, MWUAH *chefs kiss*. <3

ueeeee thank you so much!! Love those boys… I do my best for them 

They are definitely amazing. They give me MDZS vibes, but to an  e x t r e m e level, haha.

Once I get decent at humanoid anatomy, I'd love to draw for you. ^^

I’m honored!! Only draw them if you wanna, but I’ll love whatever you make!


I doooo I’ve been into imas for a long time now! Cinderella Girls, OG, and Million Live branches

I keep log of my accounts over here! https://cinderella.pro/user/35/JonathanJoestar/

Thank you so much for drawing Skelly!! I love your art style!! >///<

I'm glad you liked it!! Was my first time ever doing a forum art game and I had fun!



AAAAA HELLO....... I LOVE YOUR BOYS AND ART...... chef kisses,,,,,, 

wig......thank you so much!! glad you like my boys!!

Super flustered that you favorited one of my boys, I love your art so much. ♥ Hope you have a good rest of the week!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like what I make!!

Just wanted to say I love your character - Valentine!! The way you describe his profile is so cute/ funny and impressive lmaoo 💕

Waaaaa i'm so glad you like him!! I work hard on those bios so it means a lot!

"they live in my head rent free" is the cutest way i've seen someone describe their OC canons :D

I love those boys!!

honestly one of my fave things about having discovered toyhouse (albeit very recently ;-;) is finding a community who loves original characters so much!! i used to think no one would ever care about my OCs because fan art or fandom characters were where it's at xD

thanks for dropping a like on my eyepatch bb btw!! white hair + eyepatch bbs unite 8D

I'm pretty new to TH too and its helped me into transitioning into making a lot more OC stuff! It's made me realize the joys of creating my own babies with hyper specific things i like and having them interact, it feels so much more meaningful than fanart ever did tbh

Love the long hair and eyepatch character type....... tastie........ 

DEFINITELY MORE MEANINGFUL ;0; not that fandom ocs aren't valid!! 

delicious... long hair.. mans..... missing Eyeball... but not missing... saxiness @[email protected]