Scientifica Dimension Multiverse


Introduction (Overall Concept)


The Scientifica Dimension Multiverse is a multiverse that consist of five different universes that are connected to one another via wormholes; moreover, the multiverse is believed to be connected with our planet even if it is distant light-years away; thus, any accidental phases of Scientifica affects the planet either it is harmed or blessed depending on the situation. Each universe has different form of civilizations that are specified to the nature of the inhabitants that they contain; for instance, a very cultural nature of the inhabitants have objects which each of them having green forest with tall diverse trees.


 In relation to the setting, each universe has species that inhabits called “Incarnates”, also known as (aka) “Scientificans” that represent the branch of science that they belong: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics; in addition, they possess diverse levels of magical powers and weapons that varies by how long they’ve been in Scientifica but there are certain factors that affects the tier they belong such as being blessed or summoned by a deity and precise training by their “mentor” 

Their conflicts are interconnected due to countless interactions between them: trading, alliance, hospitality, and tourism. Because of these actions, the multiverse developed a strong bond between one another. 

Aside from the interactions between universes, they’ve communicated with humans of our planet by various means depending on where they live which is also to be specified in the universe of Scientifica.

All of these actions are filled with peace throughout the years in addition to the drastic economic growth; however, it is believed that the “phantom” forces acting between one another turns the multiverse into chaos: the disagreements between the prophecies, war, and boycott rises in pursuit of power. It is still in debate between the incarnates whether they’re controlled by those “phantoms” or it is really a destructive personality that they have.

The Creator

The Multiverse has one creator of all the biotic and abiotic phenomena but it is never seen nor felt by any other incarnates, not even the deities who sometimes visits them for the condition of their universe. It is forever an entity that believes to exist.

Ancient Scientificans theorize that The Creator is the one responsible for all the deities that regulate the balance of curses and blessings. It can destroy everything in the multiverse in one tap of little force when angered and he can reverse the process at the same time by recreating Scientifica and even rewrite the concepts applied for their daily lives. 

Specific Sub-component concepts and discussions

This section discusses the Scientifica’s sub-components and the relationship with one another, on how they interact with humans of our planet back then, the history and nature of their incarnates. (This is also currently Work In Progress)

  • Mana Materia (formerly Elementa Periodica): The Base Line of Everything

  • Taxa: The Guardians of Diversity

  • The Force of Nature: Scientifica’s Natural Egalitarians 

  • Spectra Electromagnetica: The Vibrancy Advocates