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l0veinc's art requests!

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^^ i really like their art and one of the reqs is to post a bulletin so here it is :> def go peep it if you're interested in getting art yourself!!

State of the Subreddit

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It's been like forever since I actually sat down and wrote up anything in a bulletin that even remotely resembles an update post and isn't a silly poll, and I've done some little stuff here and there so might as well. I haven't been posting a lot of writing/art lately because Lun's had a good chunk of time off work (and her new job has better hours), so we've been playing video games and roleplaying, which doesn't translate into content very well. But I've been having a nice time, so win-win, I think. I thiiiink?

We bought Rune Factory 4 for the Switch yesterday, and I've been getting back into Flight Rising a little, so I don't know if I'll ramp up activity or not considering the call of video games is alluring. But OCs have definitely been on the mind a LOT lately (Lun and I spent like all of a few days ago just talking about our characters. Primarily Hantel, but also a good chunk of Mags too). I have a weird guilt complex about not posting art or whatever let me just fumble and try to cover my ass okay 9_9


This is something I actually lowkey prepped for! I posted a bulletin detailing story progress/stuff I'm actively working on. I have a billion more WIPs but I have confidence these will be finished much sooner, I just need to self-motivate more. (Not that that's not already a challenge, yikes :grimace:). But general updates for important stuff:

House of Liars - there's only two chapters left and I desperately need to finish them, but just.... god my brain is fried from working on the trilogy. I swear to god it won't rot in near-completion hell forever. Probably. I know what needs to happen in-story, I just need to sit down and write it out. But I promise it will get done.
We're all Deities... - this is progressing better. Chapter 3 is at ~3k words and I have a rough outline idea of what scenes I need to hit, they just need fluffed up and detailed more. It's also going to be REALLY LONG, oops. Temptation to split the chapter is rising, but we'll see once it's done. Chapter 4 is "done", but it'll receive some rewrites after chapter 3 is done so I only marked it down as 75%. It's like only 4k words so it definitely needs polishing.

I have something like 28,500 words of unpublished content sitting in Toyhouse drafts, which isn't counting the stockpile in Google Docs (or profiles, or roleplays. Did you know Mammon's profile is 7,000+ words? And I need to update it with more content!). So add that to the 600,000+ word published count already on here, and yeah. I promise I write often; it just takes a lot of effort to get it to a state I'm happy to post.

OC Stuff

Right. OCs. 

I reworked Trina into Affine a while ago. I'm also heavily reworking Affine's concepts and information, so any information about "Trina" in other character's profiles and links are now non-canon, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Affine is similar enough that it won't require a ton of editing, but take this as a sort of heads up. Trina still existed, in a sense, in canon. You'll see when I get off my ass and finish his profile (it's been a WIP for a while....)

I also made a new profile code, if you haven't seen already, and have been slowly updating the Mags to it. You might've also noticed they all have new icons. I don't plan to roll out the icons to all my characters, just the Mags - and maybe new characters going forwards? Not really sure yet. But I don't plan to redraw 1500 icons. Ideally I'd update my main/main-adjacent characters into the new profile code, but it's hard to think about anything but Mags/Hantel right now. (I will definitely update Hantel characters).

Mags done (or at least semi-filled in) with the new profile code include: Kolo, Srce, Linija, Vodovorot, Zmeya, Dijamant, Shestiugolnik, Semiugolnik, Devetougao, Zehneck, Jedanaestougao, Farley, Quantum, Juice, and Prox. Currently working on Affine. So like 15.5/30. Halfway there!

Also, at 188 total, Kolo is very very close to reaching 200 images. Also he has 29 favorites, which is wild to me because that means he's my character with the most amount of favs. Also that makes me really happy /ovo\ (Juice is the runner-up, which is also absolutely great.)

Some other fun stats:

  • All Mags (save Trougao, RIP Trou) have over 10 favs!
    • Next-lowest, after Trou, is Prizma at 12 favorites. 
    • Nine Mags (Kolo, Juice, Polum, Farley, Pya, Sessy, Zenny, Trapet, Semi) have 20 or more favorites.
      • F to Dijamant, at 19. Not so popular now, are you?
    • Six Mags (Chetyre, Linija, Ren, Prav, Zvezda, Affine) are at 16 favs. It's an exclusive club.
  • All of the Mags (with the exception of Polly, sorry Polly) have over 20 images in their galleries.
    • Three Mags (Kolo, Dij, Pya) have over 100 images.
    • Six Mags (Kolo, Dij, Pya, Linija, Juice, Farley) have over 50 images. (wow, my favorites are obvious....) 
      • Zmeya and Sessy are just under this threshold, at 49 and 47 respectively.
    • Only five Mags have under 30 images (Chetyre, Srce, Affine, Semi, and Polly). Chetyre, Srce, and Affine, at 29, 28, and 28, are ready to class out.
    • I am absolutely going to draw Polly after this and mess up all of these statistics.
  • Kolo (10) and Pya (9) have the most literatures of the Mags. This doesn't count unpublished lits they're tagged in, though (If it did, I think Dij would have 10 as well).

ANYWAYS. Thank you if you read this far, I appreciate everyone who favorites or reads my stuff and I cherish every nice notification I get. You're all cool.

Story Progress Tracker

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A way for me to publicly show what I'm writing and progress on it. I offer no guesstimates as to when these'll be finished, I only write when my muse strikes because otherwise my writing isn't that great OTL I write other stuff like all the time but this is for things I know I'm going to finish (eventually) or that I have active plans for publishing.

House of Liars

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

We're All Deities Washed up in a Sewage Leak

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


Kolo/Farley Interaction Story

Vodo/Zmeya Interaction Story

Sessy/Linija Interaction Story

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