41722852_6uw.pngA small world swathed in the light of its broken suns and moons, stretching from its northern ice cap to its southern abyssal ocean. Across its six continents are strewn Flames - incredible sparks of conceptual power. Bound to the magical Magninium inherent in all living beings, these Flames find themselves nestled within people and blood, granting their tenders unique boons. And, in turn, their bearers kindle their precious Flames - gaining strength, power, influence, admiration, and immortality. 

And so it has been, since the dawn of time. So think its people, busy toiling in work and food and politics and religion. So think its mortals, distracted by adherences to ritual, indulgences of ambition, and worries of famine. But to those privy to the keys of reality, the insignificance of their existence - and this cycle's forced perpetuity - is the centerpoint of everything.

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