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If they're edited enough not to look like the species, it's fine!

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I just wanted to tell you I've been a huge fan of yours since I was a kid and I really admire your art a ton, I'm super glad I found you on here and I'd like to say thank you for perusing art because your stuff really makes me so happy and I ADORE your designs. You're one of my biggest inspirations <3 I've always wanted to say this to you but I was too shy haha ngrjkegnrkej


Omg I'm so sorry for the late reply, but this means the entire world to me!! ;___; I'm so happy my designs and art could inspire you that much, thank you so much for leaving me this lovely comment!!!!

happy to see you active again!! you were a big inspiration to me on deviantart back in like... mustve been around 2012 o-o i still have a design of yours that i won by default back when i was too young to be allowed to spend money on the internet, lol https://toyhou.se/1222395.ai he's important to me! your designs are still as cute and awesome as ever ^^

Oh never mind, I didn't see you dont want art trades. ;A;

I am trying to get my paypal account linked with my bank account so it would take more then a few days to pay for who I was interested in.

Hi! Could you fix the permissions for my foom? c: https://toyhou.se/1422881.anastasia I'm trying to trade or resell if absolutely needed

Hello!! I used one of your codes, and I just came by to say thank you very much! I am very grateful and I appreciate it v much! uwu

Continue a good day~




By any chance are you interested in treading these two for art http://toyhou.se/599859.- http://toyhou.se/1998.swish

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Aw gosh, thank you so much for the kind comment, it means a lot to me when people like my bios! ;U; Sadly I am in the process of changing/scrapping their story and just traded Rocket, but hopefully the new revisions will be just as good. _:3TL You have a lovely day as well! <3

i'm sorry for all the favorites, your characters are just too great -wheezes-

weeps I had no idea you have a toyhouse don'tlookatmysharksyetigottafinishwritingtheirterriblelives

I just want you to know that I absolutely love your babs and the stories for each, I love reading about their past, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and little quirks. I especially love how they are all connected, like one big dysfunctional family. :'D It inspires me to create a world for my own babs too. ~ Thank you for sharing your wonderful characters, I look forward to learning more about each!! <3

I apologize for all the favs You have such pretty bbs ;u;

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Pie- I still haven't forgotten Wally World I introduced it to my parents and now- they don't wanna mention the store again OTL


It may be a challenge but I can always make a horrible harem dating sim ;'D


I'd melt into my grave the day I see that come to life HAHA //also omg there's reply buttons now, this is so good


I can actually try if you let me use the artwork of your ocs ; D My friend have a visual novel maker so YEA


That would be so awesome I'd-- not even be able to handle it ;_; *weeps* If you ever do attempt it though, I'd suggest limiting it to my babs or your favorite characters of mine-- I have so many, I'm not even half way done uploading them all LMAO


Sexual orientation: Pie's ocs


you beautiful soul ♥


//weep tears I really need to get to drawing your babs seriously


cries because i'm still inlove with all your babies