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MAN I’ve been constantly holding off on this because i suck at talking HWHDJAFJ

But hi! I really enjoy your art and your ocs and ive been on the sidelines contemplating this for a while now, Id be so down to rp and char whenever! I’d love to get to know you more and all :,3

Omg yass!!! Come chat wit me :,3

I'm not as active on here as Discord so shoot me a friend request over there and we can chat n get to know eachother there :D

User is soundbbabe 

hi !! i just wanted to say i love your robot and transformers ocs !! theyre so cool and lovely to look at !

thank you ;-;

Wanted to comment and say thank you for SporeCloud!! :D Adore the little guy so much and am so happy to have gotten the chance to adopt them! Your art is absolutely lovely and I can't thank you enough!

thank you!!! Glad Spore is going to a good home!! :,)

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thank uu!!! ;-;

I just recently got into them, I love looking for other hard rock bands :,) !!

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lol, way ahead of you. I've already listened to their albums. Atm, I've been going through BAD OMENS music!

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Honestly I do recommend them, their vocals match well with the rythem of the instrumentals

I just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite artists on here, I just adore your designs and style

I’d love to commission you sometime when you have them open!

oh good heaven s ;-;
th ank uuuu

my coms will prob be open again soon for a new batch, I'm just finishing up one last com. :,3c

I managed to finish all the headshots plus a bonus one of a character who wasn't one of the alienites but I really wanted to do a sticker of xD

on my hands and knees for your beautiful ocs 👏👏

this could be us, think abour it


also thank you , lololo

I am heavily thinking about it 😏


Yucky 🤮 


welcome ;,3

*gently holds the character you gave to me* ;o; She's so beautiful... Thank you so much for blessing my eyes oml. I'll have to come up with a good name for her

ye :,)

ngl your alienites are really cool :0

thank youu quq

Who keeps paying you to draw vore of me?


I wanted to say your art is wonderful

Thank you- 


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welcome :,3

sorry for the trubs earlier wanna offer you a pixel icon or full-body as compensation for your help with sorting things out here are some examples

Ah no worries man, we all make mistakes.

You don't gotta do anything for me fam, don't worry about it. 

Aright but if you ever want a pixel image/icon you can always message me on discord for one Tommy#2111   

^^ will do 

Thank you for the art! Your style is beautiful <3

Thank you and you're welcome :,) !

Oh my goodness, thank you for the design on the demon! They're so adorable and I love the way you took the design!!

You're welcome, I'm glad you like them! :,)

Thank you very very much for the drawing of Forest Spirit!

I love it, it's so cuuutee <3 <3 <3

no problem :,) !!

AdoptsBabe adopt account

thank you a bunch for the art of raspberry! i love it sooo much!

You're welcome :,P

Hiya!! Popping in to say I ADORE what you drew for alaric <333 thank you so much!! ;v;

You're welcome ^^

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful art of Tenshi! *-*

You're welcome ^v^ !

Awww!!  Thanks for the art of Aleksandr!!! I love it! 

welcome <3 :>




Miller is the best homie tbh

I agree

I just wish we got to beat him up in the real world in SR 3, you know.
or that romancing him was more then just talking dirty about Nightblade lmao

We did kinda beat him up out of the simulation in SR4, when he told us that we couldn't save Jhonny. I guess that would suffice for getting to beat him during 3. His romance was kinda disappointing, but it was amusing just hearing how annoyed the player was.

yeah but like, you have so many Deckers running around and you got to beat up both the leader of the Morning Star and Killbane. 

although I guess it's a good thing that Matt didn't die when earth got blown the fuck up, unlike Oleg rip

He was such a good character and they killed him. Rest in peace you giant Russian man.

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SHFHSJJD it’s a crime that we spent so long unsubscribed to each other 

huuhuuhhuhuhuhu It sure is :.000000

Thank you for faving Prism~  


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