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come make starlyngs

Posted 1 month, 21 days ago by Sacchim

they are cute :J im also sacchim there!

edit: warghh ty guys for the referrals!! im maxed on them now so u guys can refer other ppl!! thank youUUU 🥺🥺

small update for upcoming stuff yippee

Posted 3 months, 8 days ago by Sacchim

dances in here hi!!! whoa its been.. so long LOOOL im almost at the end of my todo so i wanted to start planning and announcing things for the near future... 

im gonna make a big effort to actually make more of my own adopts this year, starting with some dragons (humans) ive drafted out for the new year!! probably no wips of them until then, i want to make it a surprise :')

also a lot of people have asked me for this as well so i will try to take formal custom comms in a few months or so!! if i owe you something of this sort already then no worries, i havent forgotten you and will try to update you on that soon!!

a lot has happened these past few years and im rlly grateful to everyone who has ever supported me; thank you all and i will do my best to carry that energy into the new year!! 

also you guys have probably noticed but im trying to finally get my ocs on here erm so expect more of that <33 


interest for grams? :thinking:

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago by Sacchim


34 Votes yea

disclaimer first, if i ever do this kind of thing it will probably be like............ christmas this year or something at the soonest, deeefinitely not some time even close, and definitely not until i finish my todo

but anyway hi, sorry im always so quiet here LOL i keep telling myself ill do stuff but never get around to it... i cant believe the last adopts i made were about a year ago...

anyway if you dont know what a design gram is, its basically a semicustom gift you buy for someone else usually for some occassion, and the design is revealed on said day of the occasion; ive made some and i rlly enjoyed it so i thought itd be a nice thing to do, and wouldnt require too much out of me since i tend to be pretty stressed over full customs, and something like this would be a good compromise :thonk:

theyll most likely be an off-base chibi style thing sorta like a clean version of: 


most likely i wont allow buying for yourself, but exchanging and all that is fine... also, for pricing, i really have no idea at the moment but i was toying around with a pricing tier that correlates to how detailed the design is, but yeahhh if people are actually interested in this kind of thing ill seriously consider working towards it... either way thank yall for staying with me for so long <3


Posted 5 years, 11 months ago by Sacchim

ive made my pick!! thank you guys so much for interest lkjdlkm ill definitely try to have more openings in the future!

[CLOSED] adopt auction!

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Sacchim

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE BIDS!!! SOBS... ill def make more adopts in the future, stay tuned!! TuTb

hello!! asdgkf these were supposed to be adopts for halloween but better late than never...!! i'm fundraising for con prep so bids are very appreciated!!

since i've never actually sold human adopts before, i wanted to make these a little special -- so they're painted and i've included their design notes below! some of the details on the notes didn't make it into the final version, but if you win the adopt, feel free to use them as an alternative!

i may add in extras depending on how high the bid reaches! i may also consider payment plans, please pm me about it if you are interested. 


sorry that the composition's a lil funky ldskj i wanted to fit them all in... you can see the full vers here! /o/

★ Please read my Adopt T.O.S.!
★ Paypal accepted only.
★ Please reply to bid chain.
★ Do not retract or edit bids. Discuss with me if there is a problem.
★ Auction ends 48 hours after last bid.

SB: $35
MI: $2
AB: please see below




thanks for looking!!! \o/ lmk if you have any questions! ill crosspost this tomorrow... skdljflasd

interest check.... maybe

Posted 7 years, 13 days ago by Sacchim


sooo tbh ive been thinking of doing some human adopts on this acc? maybe some flatsales... for some reason im not super comfortable selling them on da but id still rlly like to try my hand at making some T__T i know i havent used this acc much yet (IM SORRY.. EVENTUALLY ILL ADD OCS I PROMISE) so id like to revive it more somehow...

iLL PROBS end up making them anyway but itd be nice to hear what u guys think!!

name change + memer wiener + stuff

Posted 7 years, 9 months ago by Sacchim

heyo firstly i changed my user!! ;w;7 jsyk, ravens -> Sacchim ! i feel like its more recognizable and i use it more too so there~
secondly just wanted to give a heads up that ill upload more here soon LOL after i finish my todo list ill be working on posting ocs bc i have sooooo many... boi i die

also @princesamm got me so time to meme, also so u can get to know me if u want~ >wob

Name: Diana
Online handle(s): Sacchim, yunbao, used to use visceraven 
How'd you pick your name?: sacchim is supposed to be sachima/shā qí mǎ as in this snack which im a complete ho for 
Nickname(s): sacch, dianers, dina, used to have vivi
Age, DOB and Star sign: 19, feb 5th, aquarius
Height: 5'4 i think?? give or take
Place of Residence: texas~
What are you wearing right now: its just pj's lkjglkjasd my closet is so boring honestly i need new clothes... 
Pets? (how many? What's their names? What kind?): i dont have petsss _(:'3 i used to have five guinea pigs (2 adults and 3 pups) and i miss themmmmm wehh... atm i really want a snake or lizard tho :'Ic
Favourite color: ok probably anyone who knows me knows im a purble ho but tbh i like a lot of colors when theyre in combination with others
Favourite animal: BIRDS especially the corvidae family and vultures
Last song listened to: idk but it was probably some wuxia or kpop thing sorry im trash
Last Movie/Show Watched: i rewatched grand budapest hotel!! super love that movie gosh T_T
Do you drink or smoke: nah i dont do that
Do you play an instrument: piano and violin~ tbqh tho ive always wanted to play cello, flute, and organ too :'^)
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: nope
What are your hobbies?: besides drawing: reading (esp abt science history), games, learning other languages, starting programming projects i never finish, composing music, cooking, sometimes tennis, sewing & attempting to make plushies, also tbh ive always wanted to pick up some obscure hobby like glassblowing or making rock candy LOL
Are you in a relationship?: nope
Anything else?: im in an excessive number of fandoms/into things in general, like seriously if u ever wanna talk about something 90% of the time ive probably heard of it or am interested in learning more...also i super super love traveling, especially to culture-heavy places. despite being kinda quiet i actually do like talking to people when i can so pls dont be scared to drop a message if u want :'3c

woooo ok idk who to tag lmFAO i dont wanna bother anyone, so thank u for reading and have a great day!! :3c