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Posted 7 years, 10 months ago by Sacchim

heyo firstly i changed my user!! ;w;7 jsyk, ravens -> Sacchim ! i feel like its more recognizable and i use it more too so there~
secondly just wanted to give a heads up that ill upload more here soon LOL after i finish my todo list ill be working on posting ocs bc i have sooooo many... boi i die

also @princesamm got me so time to meme, also so u can get to know me if u want~ >wob

Name: Diana
Online handle(s): Sacchim, yunbao, used to use visceraven 
How'd you pick your name?: sacchim is supposed to be sachima/shā qí mǎ as in this snack which im a complete ho for 
Nickname(s): sacch, dianers, dina, used to have vivi
Age, DOB and Star sign: 19, feb 5th, aquarius
Height: 5'4 i think?? give or take
Place of Residence: texas~
What are you wearing right now: its just pj's lkjglkjasd my closet is so boring honestly i need new clothes... 
Pets? (how many? What's their names? What kind?): i dont have petsss _(:'3 i used to have five guinea pigs (2 adults and 3 pups) and i miss themmmmm wehh... atm i really want a snake or lizard tho :'Ic
Favourite color: ok probably anyone who knows me knows im a purble ho but tbh i like a lot of colors when theyre in combination with others
Favourite animal: BIRDS especially the corvidae family and vultures
Last song listened to: idk but it was probably some wuxia or kpop thing sorry im trash
Last Movie/Show Watched: i rewatched grand budapest hotel!! super love that movie gosh T_T
Do you drink or smoke: nah i dont do that
Do you play an instrument: piano and violin~ tbqh tho ive always wanted to play cello, flute, and organ too :'^)
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: nope
What are your hobbies?: besides drawing: reading (esp abt science history), games, learning other languages, starting programming projects i never finish, composing music, cooking, sometimes tennis, sewing & attempting to make plushies, also tbh ive always wanted to pick up some obscure hobby like glassblowing or making rock candy LOL
Are you in a relationship?: nope
Anything else?: im in an excessive number of fandoms/into things in general, like seriously if u ever wanna talk about something 90% of the time ive probably heard of it or am interested in learning more...also i super super love traveling, especially to culture-heavy places. despite being kinda quiet i actually do like talking to people when i can so pls dont be scared to drop a message if u want :'3c

woooo ok idk who to tag lmFAO i dont wanna bother anyone, so thank u for reading and have a great day!! :3c


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:'3c mmMMMMMMM u kno me beb

clutches heart and keels over

Sorry to ask buuut, what is wuxia? ._.;;;

oH haha its like a chinese genre of like shows/fictional stories!!

its pretty prevalent in mainland tv and can sometimes be kind of like a historical drama? i really like the osts from the shows so i listen to them a lot _(:'3

Oh wow~! That sounds really cool! Maybe I need to do some research into some of it! c:

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bREATHES BACK OVER UR OCS aaAA yes we should omg!! holy dang yeah it has been a while o__o how does time pass so fast... do you still use skype a lot?

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n O

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