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oh my GOD, your character profiles are so well-written and gorgeous! the way you write about your characters is super engaging, and the characters themselves are just incredibly interesting and well thought out with a lot of nuance and fun little details... i'd be 100% sold on a show about your characters just from reading their profiles, to be honest. they're that fun and engaging!

Aaah thank you so much for taking the time to read them! 😭 And I'm so, so glad you enjoyed them! I always have a ton of thoughts in my head about my chars but I'm never sure if it's worth taking the time to write them all down, so it really means a lot to hear that <333

(I actually would love to make a larger project with my band kids someday! Maybe one of these days o/)

EE thanks so much for the drawing in the forum games!! You did a lovely job, thank you!! ;w;

Just wanted to pop in and say that I LOVE all these dollmaker versions of your charas that you're doing... You've led me to so many good dollmakers and its so nice to be able to put a face to some of my characters without stressing over art x.x So thanks! <3 (Plus I love seeing more stuff of all your babes, so its a win win)

Aw 😭 Thank you! I'm so glad too, aah. Honestly dollmakers used to be one of my big passion hobbies and I'd just... sort of forgotten somewhere along the way. It's definitely so refreshing to get to work on char designs without doing the art!! I always come up with new ideas/combos I wouldn't have thought of on my own, and doing the same design across several makers is a great way to quickly concept variations. (I even worked out a whole extended family tree for one of my characters on one of them! :D)

But yeah! I always worry about how much I'm spamming these so I'm glad that someone is getting some enjoyment out of them xD Really glad it could help! <3

Oh my goodness. You were the person that helped provide codes for people to go to Toyhou.se and I didn't the chance get to thank you for that until months later! Your profile is so detailed and elegant, I love it! ^‿^ ♡ )

Oh, hello again! <3 Glad to have you here on the site! (And thank you! <3)

Woo 100th comment! Also- Where did you get the profile coding for your folders/subfolders? I'm in love with the way they all show up on one page o.o

Ooh like in my trade folder? Actually we can all do this now! If you go to your folder settings you can choose Flatten, and it'll display all the subfolders right on the page. 

(And, nice! :D)

oh sweet! Thanks!

Aah, if you're okay with that, I'd love to give them a home, for sure! <3

Thank you so much! <33

thanks you so much for the art of jitsu!!! Its so cute! I love it!

Glad you like it! Your characters are adorable! <3

yhanks you! you're character are also adorable! X3

omg that's the cutest ;;-;; Thank you so so much!!!

Seriously your message and this drawing made my evening, thank you for drawing my precious boy <333 I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well, and an awesome new year! <3333

Hnn I love your profile!! im screeching what a goal--

If you don't mind me asking ((and you don't have to answer, since asking CSS and profile coding and stuff can come across as invasive // asking the person to do work // freeloading and other nasty things ))

Could I ask how you managed to get the sidebar to the top, and how you changed the dividers on the sidebar? Ex: .side-nav li.divider {display: ???;} or is that something different from display?

I'll send you a PM <3

Tysm ;w;

Love the look of your profile! Seems to be pretty new as I haven't been here in awhile but I love it. <3 Just wanted to say that.

It is! I just updated it this past week o/ The main page was more or less by template, but the sidebars on the other pages took a bit of tweaking while I'm trying to learn CSS more. Thank you! <3

Hey, has your WTA event ended? I completely forgot the date. XD

Alright, thank you!

Thank you for the many many favs~ Feel free to have a peek at my primary account ( KizunaYui ) too~

Hey there! Thanks for the really cute gift thread character~~~ ( you have so many cool chars :0 ! )

You're welcome! I hope you can find some use for them! (No worries if not though! And, thank you! <33)

Just wanted to say thanks for the WTA. ^^ Funny we had the same idea for him. Haha.

No problem~ Hope you have fun with him! <3


Hey, thanks for the sub! Your characters are so stunning, I hope you don't mind the small fav spam <3 Also, it's super cool that you make games! 

Eheh, and thank you too! <33 I caught a piece of your art on someone else's page and had to follow! I'd love to comm something from you soon! :D


Awh, I'm happy you like my art! :D And I'd love to draw for you <3 I do have a slot open, so feel free to message me anytime!

Apologies for liking all of your characters, they're all just so wonderful! 💗

Heheh, it's no worries! I love seeing your fave bombs! <3

Ahh bless you for being so kind and understanding. 💗

i like your art and your ocs O:


i absolutely love your ocs! i came across Charity in a forum and she's the cutest! do you have any more info/stories for her? yanderes are the best!

Aw, I'm glad you like her! :D I don't have lots of info for her yet. She's a bit of a killer, sweet with a dark side (obviously xD). She used to have a girlfriend/admirer who was also a killer but things didn't 'go well' between them...

Beyond that, I haven't done too much planning with her yet, unfortunately!

Heyy, your concepts and characters are super amazing! :D Nice to see someone else with multiple original storyverses.

Aw, ty so much! You've got some awesome chars too! I love all the food-themed kids :D

Edit: Heheh I've got too many honestly! xD And more are always trying to spawn. I just love worldbuilding a lot~

Why, thank you! :D

Edit: Also, same~ :P worldbuilding is fun!

Did you really bury a penny on a mountain in Italy ten years ago? ;;o;;

I really did! xD We took a little suspended car up the mountain and while we were up at the summit I shoved a 1 euro cent coin into the dirt somewhere by a big rock. I reeeeeeally vaguely remember kind of where it was, so I kind of wonder if I could still find it if I ever went back, if it's still there! xD

"T-thank you...!" The small creature stammered, his tail twitching nervously. "For the favourite, I mean! It's quite nice of you!"


wink wonk

bink bonk

Your art is wonderful. I'm subbing for now while getting everything set up here myself and will be back to look more later.

Aw, thank you! My own art is actually fairly inconsistent, so a lot of what I upload is pieces purchased from other artists, but I hope you enjoy seeing them nonetheless! <3

:x ping -disappears in a puff of smoke-

-WHEEZES- oh my god?? That is amazing!! That is actually perfect aahhh TT_TT

Like seriously omg, that captures this big stern boy so perfectly (and I was actually just discussing him with my friend the other day for the first time in a while, how did you know omfg)

Seriously, thank you so so so much! I can't offer as quality art in return but if you ever need some writing or anything, I'd be thrilled to provide. Seriously thank you, this made my afternoon <3333

Lulz I actually love writing comms >u>;; BUT NO I DREW THIS AS A GIFT BECAUSE YOU RESPONDED TO ALL....TWO OF MY THREADS OR SOMETHING. Rofl I'm so glad you like, he was fun to draw. He looked like a pretty serious broody guy so very excellent <3

Ahaha ye, he's the Super Serious older brother to the completely irresponsible MC of that particular story! He's a good guy who's usually very :| face.

But aahh thank so, so much again <3 And I'm glad I've caught your threads anyway! You have such a cool art style.

I would love to write something for you sometime though, so if there's any sort of thing you'd be interested let me know <3 I don't have a central commission listing up currently, but I do poetry and prose of all varieties, any content~

I love crazy and serious siblings, they make the cutest pairs. And you're very welcome AGAIN. Thank you for all the kind words. I don't have anything that I'm dying to see written ATM (i went writing-commission-crazy a few months ago and got like 10 of them) but perhaps someday I will return to you with something stupid or dramatic. I wouldn't even know where to start with poetry

Heh, no problem. Let me know if there's ever something you're interested in, I love writing for people <33

(Out of curiosity where do you usually pick up comms from? I've been considering doing some proper advertising for some casual writing comms but I'm never sure of the best venue.)

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Thank you for the fav~~ aaah~

No problem! <3 He's a lovely character~

Thank you for the favourite!

You have adorable characters! <3

Thank you for favoriting, Vampig! <3

It's such a cute design! <3

Thank you! <3

i love your style!


Your characters all look awesome!!

Thank you!

you're welcome!



just curious, why'd you send back the character?

Huh?? I didn't, I thought I deleted it. I wonder if TH did something weird. @[email protected]

I was giving the character to Ji-Yunnie and I couldn't transfer it because of the settings, so I deleted it so I could just send the file to them lol. I think TH must be glitched out a bit.

ooohhh that makes sense 0: i was like. what.

lol yeah xD Did it get sent to you or something? Maybe they accidentally transferred it when they were trying to assign creator rights.

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(ty omg xD <33)

np bby~ 8D i hope your bday went okay, and you have a great year ahead of you!!

I am slow as heck, but tyy so much! <333

(ty also to quaazera, @shyruko, and pastie! <33)

happy happy birthday! hope you're having a great time with the big day~!

Thanks for the mention in the character art thread quq <333

np!! Thank you for the lovely sketch <3

Didn't bother reading your profile till now. We should talk more about our writing. ; v; b

Eeee, I love your new icon! <3 Who did it?

It was DemonicAdversary! Of my space android babe AKINO <3

ohh, i checked your profile out of curiosity and it's nice to find more indie game/writing enthusiasts! i love doing collabs on games and the works!! maybe we could talk about it casually sometime?

Hey, absolutely! I just played through your Twine game Stars, it was really fantastic <3

Gave a follow on Twitter, feel free to drop me a DM or Note anytime if you'd like to Skype or such ;D

ashdlaf You have so many wonderful characters /touches them all <3

Aah glad you think soo <3 tbh i have too many babies but I love them all xD All your babs are the best too~

Oh, wow, you changed your icon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Super-cute, by the way!

Oh yeah I did xD Thank ya <333

Eeee, fellow Sci-Fi/fantasy fan!! ;w; Awesomeee!! ;w; <33


I love them ohmigosh -rolls around-