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discord im about to

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anyways, mutuals dm me for my new account, i am losing it


welp. i've mailed them in every platform i could, let's see if i resort into making a new account (which i most likely would because i have a lot of stuff to take track of)

A survey if you play games on PC

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Are you

28 Votes I don't mind
2 Votes That's too small fam...

I've been planning to make my story on RPGMaker 2000 instead considering making RPG files and sprites are way comfortable in 16 bit pixel art, though it has a really cursed limit where you have to play it in a fixed windowed version (either 320 x 240 or 640 x 480) which means it may be hard if you use a larger screen like 1920 x 1080

I heard that full screen on Steam RM2K was really cursed so yeah, I'm planning to make an RPG with the small size of 640 x 480

Tl;dr are you fine playing on small screens at windowed games or nay

just in case art fight breaks down

Posted 2 months, 29 days ago by colorful

I'll be a bit busier because 12th grade's gonna break my bones so I would most likely attack back when the characters click with me!

Also I sorted my OCs by tags in TH just in case you want to view my OCs who are up for AF! I actually just stole this idea from my friends on a server

* by high art priority, I mean how much I want art of them and would attack back if they're drawn, not how much they are stoned. Chances of revenge might heighten if you draw anyone from the highest art priority

I'll use this bulletin as an Art Trade hub, because I crave for art. I prefer anime or anime-cartoonish art styles but all other art styles and levels are appreciated and valid

Stole this idea from Ruby because I wanted art for newer OCs I grew attachment to, but I'm so not ready to AT yet due to my workload, so when I finish them I can resort back to this bulletin to do some more trades

I'm only up to do chibis, busts, waist ups, or half-bodies! My style would be a random choice and be pretty experimental so I could be a bit less pressured when drawing!

OCs I want art for:


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  • ALL MY DESIGNS ARE RESELL OR REGIFT ONLY. Absolutely do not retrade! If you are reselling/regifting, please let me know!
  • You can use my designs for everything as long as you won't retrade them without my permission. Do whatever the heck you want. Murder them, give them a crazy backstory, ship them, feed them parmiggiano reggiano, boop them from the screen, and more! Don't ever hold back. I love it when my designs get stories!
  • However, this is very important: I am 17 years old. As much as I don't really mind you giving my designs an explicitly sexual backstory or bio unless it's used for taboo fetish purposes, but please do keep it on the mild level or hold back on writing explicit content for now in order to avoid legal issues. This is for your safety and mine! (This rule will be lifted as of November 26, 2019)
  • You are free to use them for personal use!
  • You can use your OC for commercial use, but please pay 2x-3x of the price.
  • Don't use my designs for insulting.
  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RESELL/RETRADE IF THE DESIGN YOU GOT IS A FREEBIE. If you are not clicking with a freebie design you got from me, please send it back to me.


  • You're free to ping me if you ever do art of my adopts. I will love to see my designs in other's art styles and I don't mind the notification!
  • That being said, if you ask/commission art for my designs, please tell the artist to credit me, colorful on TH, for the design--if they ever upload.


Howdy + I made a carrd

Posted 6 months, 24 days ago by colorful

Sorry for the inactivity! I've been twice as lethargic as how I always was so I reduced time to use social media, which is why I limited myself to Twitter and Discord most of the time. So yeah, if you want to catch me better, please hit me up at my personal Twitter account! Discord's only up for my friends and people I owe art to.

Anyways, on the brighter side, I made a carrd for myself! It's nothing really urgent, but it links all my public accounts and more things about me!

Electricity back + Finished End Roll

Posted 8 months, 7 days ago by colorful

Alright, the electricity is back now that we got the wires fixed! I'll be working on my stuff soon AAA I'M SO EXCITED

While I was away though, I played End Roll and I'm basically dead inside


Posted 8 months, 10 days ago by colorful

school's back! i'll be quite more inactive because of it, and i'll draw something twice/thrice a week to maintain my health span, but i will frequently communicate with anyone i owed art to as soon as i work on it! however, another problem punched me on the face...

some rat ate our wires which is why i lived without electricity for 3 days โœŠ๐Ÿ˜” wires are fixed today but the only thing that's working home are lights (and they're very faint) so i only visit my neighbors for wi-fi rn but i'm sure it'll come back soon and i am excited to work on my stuff again! รฒ โˆ‡รณ)9 honestly can't wait to draw again

so yeah to those i owe digital art to (especially non-designs) i am sorry but i will get into them once weekend passes by! currently working on designs ny sketching them on my sketchpad, though! i've also been outlining them on my phone hehe

then i'll take a few weeks break until february to get my butt back to open customs > wo)b