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Artfight talk..

Posted 8 days, 10 hours ago by cytoplasm

Being serious for a minute, does artfight stress any of u guys out. i get mad stressed cus im trying to pump out revenges and get all of my friends and i end up not vibing with most of the stuff i make</3  to me it’s soo difficult cus it is FUN and i get to draw my friends but the PRESSUREE to make a lot of attacks. WOOF! anyways. thanks to anyone who attacked me so far, i’m gonna continue to try my best with all my attacks and i appreciate all the art i’ve gotten so much ;w; happy artfight! 

Comms interest check!

Posted 8 days, 13 hours ago by cytoplasm

Hello! So.. once again i need some money. I’m posting a little bulletin to see if anyones interested!  If you would be interested, please comment :) payment is upfront and my TAT is pretty fast (usually a week, a month maximum) thank you!


Posted 12 days, 12 hours ago by cytoplasm

Linking my AF characters here incase your site is as slow as mine….

gonna be aiming to make some scenes and fbs this year :D very excited, but don’t expect a load since i’m a little artblocked .. happy fighting!

Random thought

Posted 23 days, 15 hours ago by cytoplasm

Do you guys ever think about the fact that transphobic insults can be like actually the most validating thing sometimes? like by accident “You dont even look like a girl. You’ll never be a girl. I can tell you’re a man.” Thank you! ^_^ That’s what im going for!!! 

they always say this to. clearly the wrong person. (they think they’re transitioning the other way) and it comes off as like. a compliment??? just. a thought i had. 

wanted to know if u guys had ever had an experience like this.. cus personally i haven’t. i mean i have had a few “you look like a 12 year old boy.“ which i think is meant to be an insult but like… to me thats kinda awesome. LMAO

anyways. happy pride ily trans people and gay people and everyone in the lgbtq community!!

AF ‘24! (seafoam)

Posted 27 days, 15 hours ago by cytoplasm

83631042_pBqQdumXDB7oSef.pngSorry for my late post! wanted to finish my yearly banner :3 Here’s my profile!!

Flight rising…

Posted 1 month, 1 day ago by cytoplasm

Once again I am flight rising posting :3 I just wanna share my lair tbh… After like a month or two of playing I’m like. obsessed. my lair is slowly turning into a g1 lair… PLEASEEE add me if you play and if you ever want some art for some frc let me know… ❤️

OC trades: Freebies, trades, eo

Posted 1 month, 14 days ago by cytoplasm

FREEBIES ARE NOT FCFS prioritising friends :)

 Art>Customs>ocs Comment offers HERE, not oc profiles clearing ocs again! 



eo comes w hatemail ^I AM SOSOSOOO tent i dont REALLY want to trade them i just havent been using them and wanna see if someone would use em more than me^w^

Proship DNI!

Posted 1 month, 22 days ago by cytoplasm

Since a lot of proshippers are coming out of the woodworks recently, i want to make my stance very clear. 

I do not stand behind the romanticisation or sexualisation of: SH, Ferals/ real animals, noncon, incest or any of the shit like that. I am a MINOR on top of that, don’t do that shit around me!

This is NOT a safespace for you. (THIS IS NOT A THREAT. JUST SAYING LIKE … I don’t want you here!^3^) I love all my freaks and queers but proship, zoos, pedos or anything of the like are unwelcome here. If you think that because it’s fictional it doesn’t affect anyone you are so far from the truth. Fiction does affect reality, we’ve seen it happen before and I’m not here to see it happen again. Thank you for reading this even though it’s quite a strong post but yeah :’3


Posted 1 month, 27 days ago by cytoplasm

yaayyayayyy i sorted my profile last night go follow me :3 i wanna attack some awesome furries this year… ALSO FEEL FREE TO PROMO UR PROFILES TOO!

TOS update

Posted 2 months, 4 days ago by cytoplasm

Added a section to my general TOS

- “Do NOT trade my characters to anyone who supports or condones nazis, pedophilia and the like. NEVER use my designs for making light of abuse, incest, pedophilia etc. I do not and never will support any of those things, so I never want to see my designs used to uplift those kinds of people.“

As a side note, I’d obviously prefer if you didnt interact if you make that kind of content. Awareness/ stories where these topics are handled seriously are amazing, and you guys are doing God’s work - but please do not interact if you’re making any kind of fetish content with these themes.
You can find my TOS under any and all of my designs, if you’d like to skim the whole thing.

Thank you! I apologise for the serious post, some people on this platform are genuinely shocking…