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Hi there!  I really don't like TH drama in general as I feel it's a bit silly, so I apologize in advance for posting it.  If you like tea, here is a little cup lol.  Please don't send any hate to this user (who is underage) or use this as an opportunity to talk poorly of them.  I fully feel this situation is a misunderstanding and if they ever wished to approach me about it in the future, I would be happy to forgive and forget.

I feel that I was wrongfully approached for breach of TOS and subsequently blacklisted by user wikipedia / infinitytrain, so I just wanted to share the exchange we had for posterity's sake.  I'm posting this in case anyone ever sees me on their blacklist and wonders why, or anything along those lines.  I do not feel as if they were unpleasant or overly demanding of me, but I did feel that I had to stand my own ground in regards to the topic they were approaching me about.

The dispute in question is about my character Rune.  The design was created in January 2022 by wikipedia and traded to sashimifeast, who redesigned him.  I then bought him with USD in July 2022, and added myself as a designer role when I posted my own redesign in August 2022.

Here are all of Rune's designs, oldest to newest from left to right. Artists are wikipedia / sashimifeast / me (gummifrog).


Last weekend, in May 2023 (9 months after my redesign), I received a DM from wikipedia stating that they were uncomfortable with my redesign.  They suggested to me, as a compromise, to either change the design or give it back to them via an art trade.  They cited in their message that, in their opinion, I had broken their Terms of Service.  I responded telling them that I had no intention of changing my design because their TOS was unspecific and I also did not feel that I had changed the design beyond recognition.

Here's a google doc containing the entire message chain (it's very short).  It may be a bit hard to view on mobile, sorry about that.

I know this may kind of seem like an overreaction, but I think we're all very aware that in the adopts community people are really protective and sensitive about both their art, and the art they have purchased and used to represent parts of themselves.  I know I am - my adopts are my babies and I love them fiercely, so it was upsetting for me to receive a message out of the blue telling me that the way I saw one of my most loved characters was unacceptable. If I'm going to be approached about such a sensitive topic, I need to know what specific rules were broken - otherwise it just feels like opinionated nitpicking for the sake of starting a fight.

Specific and clear wording in a TOS is important, if things like changes to a design that was made is important to you.  But also, ultimately, it's important to know that doesn't actually provide the framework within their rules for someone to enforce their own TOS beyond blacklisting, including character revocation if that is necessary.  As we're facing issues with AI art and looking at the creation of laws and specific litigative language for artists dealing with hazy lines in the legality regarding fair use and reference, all artists need to understand that it's an important skill to write about how exactly they wish their art to be used.

artfight? artfight!!

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Soooo July is coming up and I'm super excited for artfight!! If you're doing the thing come follow me, I'll follow back!! 🥰

Midveil Purge! [Open]

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Skies's Trading/Selling Hub

Message . Midveil Folder . Favorites

Hello! I've been drifting away from closed species and more into one-off OCs, so I'm looking to significantly downsize my Strudel Snuggle! All of the designs listed here are up for offer.

At this time, my trade preferences are as such: Art > USD (if applicable) > Vouchers > One-Off Designs.

My priorities are to find new homes for these designs, so I am more open to lowball offers than I might normally be. However, the offer should still relatively match the value of the design. For example, if a design has 10+ pieces of high quality art, I'll expect a rather high quality one-off or high quality art in return.

Only some designs are available for USD resale; they have a maximum $ amount listed below.

Please see my favorites folder (linked above) for ideas of some designs I'm interested in and my general aesthetic preferences! A few of these are for sale, and I would be open to receiving vouchers for them. Please do not offer on a design in my favorites with the intent to voucher until we've discussed it.

When offering art, please provide examples and your typical prices, as well as how many of what type of commission you are willing to do! Linking to a carrd or commission sheet is perfectly acceptable.

If you do end up trading with me, I'd be happy to throw in anyone from my trades folder as a freebie add-on.

You may comment here or DM me directly on Toyhouse. Please DO NOT message me on the SC website or on Discord!

High Value / Most Tentative
High Value / Catalogued Design
High Value
Has Catalogued Design
Somewhat Tent / Handhelld Design
Somewhat Tent / Allibunn Design
Somewhat Tent / Allibunn Design / $60 partial
$55 / Has Earthen form
Ophangel Mod Adopt

Design Preferences

  • Non-dog, rabbit, or housecat furry/anthro designs (reptiles / amphibians are priority!)
  • Cartoony / toy / retro / nostalgia designs
  • Seasonally inspired designs
  • Bright and colorful designs, especially neon/rainbow
  • Off-base designs
  • Art of My Sonas
  • This also includes experimental / writing / music / etc. art!
  • USD (for applicable mids)
  • Voucher offers
  • One-Off Anthro Designs
  • Other Midveilers / Crumbs / Closed Species
  • Feral or Human designs (that are not in my favs)

The-Onesie-Dragon: (4 clean fulls)
- Choco Waffle Cone
- Blue Velvet Cake
- Trickster MYO

Nine-Broken-Clocks: (3 fulls + 1 headshot)
- Gummy Shark Float
- Gummy Chameleon

CyberneticCaballus: (2-3 fulls)
- French Cruller

FoxoftheSevenSeas: (2 fulls, 1 half)
- Vampire Plush

CryptidBunny: (3 lined/cel shaded fulls)
- Death's Head Hawk Moth

Crypticbunnies: (2 regular fulls)
- Pastel Goth Sweatshirt

PlushieMunchie: (8 fulls)
- Videogame
- Strawberry Cow Print Cardigan
- White Teddy Bear
- Ghost Charm

My RP Comfort Meme

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About Me

Age Over 18
Activity Sporadically Active
Message me on
I participate in multishipping, which means that while my characters do not cheat on their parters, I allow for my characters to exist in multiple universes where they can be in romantic relationships with anyone. I usually paraphrase this by saying "all my characters are polyamorous." Generally, this manifests as actual AUs, life paths, and lifestyles for each character. This is meant as a personal failsafe, in the case that if my partner leaves or becomes inactive, I don't feel guilty taking on a new partner, and to allow myself and my characters multiple options. If you're uncomfortable with this concept, I recommend you notify me of this in advance, as there are some characters I may be comfortable single-shipping with, but not all.
Other Notes
  • I will not interact if I find out you are under 18.
  • I move in and out of various RP settings and characters depending on my muse.
  • Please contact me here on TH before anywhere else.
  • If you propose plots but then do not talk to me at all, and we have not exchanged any details about the relationship or any amount of RP, I will consider the plots in question to be dropped after around 3 months.
  • You may comment on this bulletin or any character's profile to initiate interaction.
RP Location

Google Docs
Other Notes
  • I prefer forum RP over anything else. I do not enjoy RP in any IM or DM setting, as I often lose it.
  • I am willing to create a World or direct our RP to one if we need a space.
  • However, I love talking plots and headcanons over Discord!

One on One
Up to 3
Up to 4
As Big as Possible
Other Notes
  • Generally, I prefer for RP to be intimate and 1-on-1.
  • If there is a third person we are mutual friends with, I am happy to bring that third friend in.
  • While I am sometimes comfortable with doing ORPs, any more than 3+ people actively interacting can be overwhelming for me.
Post Type

Script Style

1 or 2 Sentences
1 or 2 Paragraphs
2 to 5 Paragraphs
5+ Paragraphs
A few pages worth
Other Notes
  • I enjoy all forms of RP to be valid, but I generally prefer my RP to be in para+ format.
  • Generally, I consider Script and Headcanon formats to be supplemental material to para RP, which is the "main event."
  • I will typically match my partner's length, unless there is some reason my post must be either much longer or much shorter.
  • Long-form is lovely, as long as we maintain that there are generally no length expectations! Different scenarios call for different RP post lengths.
Preferred Character Types

Don't care

Don't care

Original species
Other Notes
  • I am generally flexible to RP all of my characters in any setting, regardless of where they originated.
  • For Feral characters, I'm open to working out settings. I've RPed many Feral characters in the past, but I need to be sure you intend on RPing intelligent, sentient creatures instead of just animals.
  • I love closed species and am always happy to RP them in their lore-appropriate worlds, or even AUs!
  • I prefer closed species to interact with other closed species of their type, but again, I'm open to anything.
RP Types

Action / Adventure
Horror / Mystery
Slice of life / Casual
Canonical Universes
Other Notes
  • I love any and all settings and situations!
  • I don't mind RPing or Headcanoning our characters in multiple universes and timelines.
  • My favorite type of RP is angsty romance, but I also enjoy fluff and combat, and anything with an emotional or physical plot that drives forward in some sense.
  • I believe that utilizing RP prompts is a great way to start RP and keep it fresh.
  • "First Meeting" RPs are uncomfortable and awkward for me. I'd generally like to assume our characters already know each other at least by face. If we want to go back later and RP their first meeting because it's got great meetcute potential, that's fine.

Must be planned in advance
Characters must know each other
Depends on the character & situation

Exclusive Relationships
AU relationships with others
Other Notes
  • I consider shipping to be more reliant on the compatibility of the players than the characters.
  • Typically, I do like to RP together a few times to get a feel for both dynamics before deciding to ship. I find that chemistry tends to manifest pretty quickly.
  • I need a shipping partner to be open and comfortable to discussing the ship, and where it's going, with me.
  • Some of my characters are eager and available for one-night stands.
  • If a ship starts to go sour or we drift apart, I won't take this personally, and I expect you to hold that same courteous emotional distance! It's just RP, after all.
Relationship Speed

Slow and steady
Molasses, I want to suffer
Depends on the characters
Other Notes
  • I utilize fluid time in my RP. This means we could have any number of threads going at the same time, in any stage of a relationship, in any universe, in any situation. Therefore, I consider this section to be somewhat irrelevant to me.
  • I like slow burn, I like fast burn - it's just gotta burn.

Skip the act
Write build up, skip act
Only write the act if it's good
Write the act always
Other Notes
  • I'm ace, but I think it's fun to RP smut and I can enjoy it.
  • I don't consider myself to "need" smut, but I'm generally open to doing it.
  • I'd really prefer that we have been RPing together for a while, and that we check with each other before initiating smut RP.
Romantic Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with
Post but don't show me
Don't ever post w/o consulting
Don't care

Hugs or Cuddles
Sexual Acts
Other Notes
  • Do what you want with art! If you make art of our characters, I will be so flattered.
  • Generally just show me! I will probably love it no matter what, so don't be afraid to.
  • I don't even care if we've RPed, I'll like it regardless.

No violence at all
Discuss it with me first
Don't care

Verbal arguments
Mild (Papercut, Elbow to the face...)
Normal (Stabbing, Fist fight...)
Extreme (Torture...)
Other Notes
  • While I generally like all types of RP, I'd prefer for me to choose what violence affects my character.
  • I'm willing to explore extreme violence situations, but only in AU and with an RP partner I trust.
  • Check with me before choosing to injure my character. Otherwise, I will ask you to change your post.
  • Situations like domestic abuse and rape are NOT ACCEPTABLE, and I will not choose to RP these under any circumstances.
Psychological Problems

Neurotypical only
Discuss it with me first
Don't care

Depression or other similar problems
Extreme personality problems, PTSD, etc.
Other Notes
  • Because of what I personally struggle with, many of my characters also struggle with high-functioning depression, anxiety, and PTSD.
  • If your character suffers from psychosis or reality warping of any kind, we must discuss it first.
  • Yes, let's RP our messy characters together! I'm okay with unhealthy relationships. However, if our relationships move into a toxic area, let's work together to move out of it.
Dramatic / Violent Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with
Post but don't show me
Don't ever post w/o consulting
Don't care

Mental stress or self harm
Mild depictions (scrapes, bruises...)
Average depiction (open wounds...)
Extreme depictions (dismemberment, torture...)
Other Notes
  • I consider this to be rather uncomfortable because I consider this type of artwork to be rather gratuitous.
  • If we've RPed a situation where our character/s are scraped, cut, in the hospital, etc., please feel free to draw it. Otherwise, I'll ask that you don't unpromptedly put my character into gore or other injured situations for the sake of your art.

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