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anthro cuties • do not offer

These designs are characters that represent an aspect of my personality or aesthetic preferences! I spent a long time trying to find a "true" sona for me, and I've now realized that I can have a kaleidoscope of characters that are all me in little ways. I'm working on a little world and story for these guys, but their concept is pretty loose and I'm very open to shipping/RP scenarios with them!



anthro & human • written ocs • do not offer

These are characters who are not quite sonas, but they are still very special to me! For these guys, I've connected with them really well and have probably written content about them. For many of them, they are characters in larger works I'm working on, such as novels, comics, or podcasts. My characters that are directly related to my fandoms go here, too, and I love to RP with them!



wip • redesigns • open to offers

These designs are adopts that I've obtained or made that I really love, but I'm still working on connecting to them, finding a personality and story for them, or thinking about redesigning them sooner or later. This includes characters that I'm still not super comfortable drawing in my style.


Closed Species

comfort characters • open to offers on some

This folder includes Midveilers, Jakians, Kebanzu, Griffians, and a few more species. I've moved away from closed species to work on more personal characters for myself, but a lot of these worlds and designs are very close to my heart and a huge comfort for me. Please do not offer on any character with the tag "permahomed."



offer • trades • sales

These are designs that I have little or no sentimental connection to anymore, even if I loved them once. Only some of them are open to money offers, but to be quite honest, a lot of them have been sitting around for a while. I am always open to art offers. If you offer trades on one and I don't like what you're offering, I'm really likely to just give it to you for free, so please don't be shy!