Snackeria is a Universe based around food - primarily desserts and treats. It is ruled by Sprinkles, who split the land into seven Realms and assigned various Harmonics and Chaotics to watch over them. Heavy censorship, propaganda, and military occupation prevent anyone from even dreaming of rebellion, and Sprinkles' terrifying rule intimidates the lesser gods into line. 

Its residents eat primarily meat, rather than baked goods or processed foods. The Harmonics & Chaotics are sorted into what Realm they live in, not by god spectrum. The Realms are aware of each other, but travel is restricted to only a small handful of "approved" Realms (like the Pie Realm) that allow tourism. The doorways between them are strictly watched over by lesser gods, but an adept mage could make a new door.

The Universe was originally owned by Virgil, but was handed over to Gladwin after he was created. Sprinkles is aware of Gladwin and the two are in communication. 

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