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I think this person traced your art, they said they didn't use a base like i thought they had.

shiny math rocks are good

UGHHHH your designs are so pretty SOBS i <3

just wondering, do you do comms?  

Your art hasn't been coming up w your usual heavy watermarks lately! Just with the TH icon at the center. 

Hi there! Just letting you know I sent you a message about verifying a character. Thanks!

I have a question if you don't mind me asking-

I have this character and I've been trying to find the designer

And I've been trying to find anyone who has a similar style

So i was wondering if you created ?


im so jealous of them

shfhsjrais please dont say that,, it makes the creator feel bad and you shouldnt be! Everyone has a diffrent look to their art that some will appreciate and of course, some wont! Everyone has also put a diffrent amount of time and effort into their art, this person has probably been drawing for a long time. dont be jealous ^^ also even if you are dont tell people please, it might make them feel bad even though they didnt do anything wrong.

also sorry scpkid if this convo is spamming u :"D

hey dude this is crazy! i live way close to santa cruz!!

what did you use to make the maps for your world?

Yeah!! Same here!

Ah hello! Firstly I just wanna say your a big inspiration for me! Your art is so lovely and I'm aiming to become a freelance artist one day as well! 💖

Also, I saw in your Dog of Paradise folder that you had a few character concepts that didn't have a set design yet! Would it be alright if i were to design a few for ya? Those moodboards have gotten me thinking and I've got a few ideas! 

Yo, just want to say that you are totes awesome! And so is your art!

hi there! your art and aesthetics have always cheered me up (i grew up in norcal, and you've really hit the nail on the head.) but recently when in the car with some family, we passed through a town called Mill Valley and it totally reminded me of the kinds of places your OCs would live. Half of the houses are hidden on this pretty steep redwood forest, with lots of fog then suddenly it opens up into this cute town, where every house has succulents and plants spilling out of flowerbeds, fairy lights everywhere, and like.. three flower shops in the small area we explored! I'd suggest lookin into it, or even passing through it if you happen to be near!

i just wanna say i hella love your character coding layouts ♡♡♡

Hi! Just came to ask a few questions!

Love your art by the way! 💖

So, what art program do you use?

-Do you reference?
What are some design tips you recommend?

Hope I’m not wasting your time! 👉👈



I use Procreate on iPad with apple pencil

I use references a lot, I study animals before i design them (even if ive drawn them many times before), when I do paintings/sceneries i like to collect multiple references and pick from them while also adding my own originality to it in the form of colors and such. It's a great way to practice.

For design tips, study animal markings/colors, and try to work with it as a base. It will help the design look and feel more like the animal its trying to portray. Another tip is, a popular design choice is using warm natural inspired colors for an animal design, but having the accent (like eye color, paw color, inner ear color, claws, etc) be a more unnatural fun color. For example, a tiger with warm vibrant orange colors, but their paws, eyes, inner ears are a light blue. it's very aesthetically pleasing and works for a lot of mammal species since many mammals have warm colored fur/markings.


what's the best way to study animals? referencing directly from an image turns the art piece wonky and inaccurate for me. any tips?

Your color sense is just phenomenal! All your designs are gorgeous - I love the earthy aesthetic of your art style! And how the heck do you manage to pump out such amazing designs in such a short time? Art god!

Edit: Your original species are so cool, too! I might make a Parah or Skegrdifa! There should be a TH world for characters of your original species!

ello! i have a question where do you post your adopts? :0

just wondering because I can't find open ones on fa ;;

Are those open species? They look amazing ^-^

Which are you referring to ? :o my airplane dragons plus everything in are open!

Yeah those in the link? Their really cool

Hey, um I have a question. I've been seeing a lot of people use your bases and I was wondering where I could find them? If they are available at the moment of course :3 Also your art and characters are amazing and can't wait to see more in the future.

Hey man! just letting u know in ur bio it said "Artist and Character design from" instead of "Character designer"  love ur stuff. keep up the great work !

Hello! I absolutely love you art and species (all of ‘em) I have a couple questions if that’s okay ^^
Do you do customs and do you do commissions? (I need some of your art ^^’)

I love your designs and hope to get one from you someday!

Thanks for reading and stay awesome/amazing!

sorry, may ai ask a question 'bout your coding. how do you have the background of a characters profile stay still while scrolling? it looks like its movie but its still..

Like this?

<!-- ------------------------------

Main Background Change

------------------------------- -->
<div style="position:absolute;top:0;bottom:0;left:0;
background: url( fixed center;

"fixed" is what makes it stay still while it scrolls

you can also position the image top, center, or bottom

I really enjoy seeing obscure species as characters, low key motivates me to create my own 'headworld'

god , I absolutely love your art . It's just so pleasing to look at ahhh

Damn, A Fellow Santa Cruzian AND Angelian... Your art is phenomenal, and your designs are so cute, I'm excited to see what more you put out there ^^

:0 you draw request?

you've got some hella fun characters here!

*im screeching at how great your kids are and your art is just.. mwah* please show me your ways--

Hoya! I really love your art and style and all, and I was wondering if you were ever going to reupload your base somewhere? ^^

I'm asking so I know to wait or not ;)

do you do customs?

HI there! I've come to say that I love your designs!! I've got a question too! 

Since i'm too broke and unstable money wise- would you be willing to make me a custom character (i'd give you species and stuff) but I'd pay with 4 headshots, 3 fullbodies, a character sketch sheet, and a character from this toyhouse account of mine. 

If so, I've got some art examples on hand~~~

oh, scp?? thos skips??

Your characters and designs are beautiful o m g ???

Sorry to bother but there are 3d images of the Ocelot char, is that from a game? If so what game ;u;?

its from second life! its an avatar made by "Dark Spot Designs". I dressed them up myself though :3

Ah alright <3

do you have a deviantart ?? ?

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Love your art style !!