Don't use my profile codes!

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by SinfulWhispers

Just wanted to add a journal letting everyone know that the profile codes on my Characters are for personal use only. Please don't use them Q.Q;

Some Characters I've traded might still have the profiles on them and that's totally fine! But please don't use it for other characters.... Especially if you don't credit me.

The only person who has my permission to use them has been Rossthebat (TH)~


ohno- ;;; 

the character you traded me has that coding- but I haven't changed it since I liked it- would you rather I change it or keep it and credit you? o: 

The Characters I traded that have it are totally ok! ^u^d

As long as the coding isn't used on another Character or used again <3

phew phew

either way I'll add credits to you c: 

Thanks ^u^ <3