Galaxy★Babies Free MYO event!

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by GalaxyBabies

galaxy_babies_banner_by_hunnibunnii_de1sArt by @spadeinaspocket

Happy Birthday GalaxyBabies!    
    To celebrate we are holding their first free myo!  
Please read on for details on how to get your ticket. 
Note we are only giving out 50! 

30/50 OPEN
Our Discord Server:  
Come join us for Exclusive events and adopts, in server auction, and species currency!  
  Info you will need:  
Ticket guide:  - 
And our world:  

Also in the past, before we owned galaxybabies, free myo's have been identified by a special marking on their neck.  
We plan to continue this tradition with a few changes.  
1.) You can put the mark anywhere on the design but it must be clearly visible.  
2.) We have two marks now you can choose from, the original and a brand new one.  
(We hope to add a new mark for every free myo event we do, you can only get this mark from a free myo event)  
(Yes it can stack, and should stack with other GalaxyBabies markings)      


Fill out this form: username: (So we can deliver your ticket) 
Species: GalaxyBabies 
Rarity: (Common/Uncommon/Rare) 
Advertisement: (You share this journal on any platform) 
Mythics: (Share the journal to more than one platform get free mythic traits) 
(You can also tag your friends to get free mythics 2 friends = 1 free mythic) 
(Mythics are limited depending on the rarity of your ticket please check the guide) 
Platforms include but are not limited to: Deviantart, Toyhouse, Instagram, Twitter... etc.w  
You have to join the toyhouse world to enter this event.

Here is the blank form Toyhouse 
Species: GalaxyBabies 
   This is to expedite ticket delivery.  
And get tickets to people in a timely manner.  

An admin will confirm via reply we have received your form and logged your ticket.  
They will give you your ticket number. 
Once you have your ticket number you can start on your design.  
You can not turn in your design without a ticket.  
Designs get turned in via server in the myo-approval channel  
Or on the rare occasion you can turn them in GalaxyBabies via note.

Designs turned into the server have a quicker approval time.  
DEADLINE IS AUGUST 21st to not interfere with out contest deadline~ 
 Extensions will be given on a case by case basis and will not be past August 30th.  
Message us for other ways to remove your deadline.  
If you would like no deadline we still have 5 tickets available in server.