Mythical Mayhem

Posted 3 months, 20 days ago by AtomicHush

Mythical Mayhem

Oh no! It seems someone mixed up the potion supplies! Vulperia really should get those things labeled! In the meantime, it looks like the shop is holding a special, how lucky!

For this event, draw or write about your aestrolos and what they would use a mythical potion for! 

**Art should be at least a half body with flat colors

Writing should be at least 300 words**

The first entry per user logged to the GD Market either in discord or our Toyhouse world will receive x1 random generated potion for a mythical trait in addition to double GD rates and then be entered in a raffle to receive a normal Mythical Potion at the end of the event!

If you don’t have an Æstrolos, feel free to use our NPCs or another’s with permission!

This event will end at April 2nd!


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