username change (please read!)

Posted 2 months, 30 days ago by Terenry

Hey I just did a small change in my username
I just removed the RM from it cuz I prefer the short version
this change happens to break links with my old username back to my account, and if you own any of my recent designs, I tend to credit the transparent images as off-site
so if you could remove the "RM" from the link and label it would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks! have this cat in a pumpkin


Good to know! Also, how do you pronounce Terenry? Ik its an odd question but for some reason I can't figure it out lol

something like ter-ren-ree :D

Ohhh cool! Thank you lol :D

I remember one day before you post this I was thinking about why I can’t find you (I was think ur username on toy house were Terenry) :v

xD yea, I hope it's less confusing now

WAJHWA THAT'S ADORABLE, love the little doodle !!

Oh xD on Malaysia "Rm" means "Ringgit Malaysia" Also the cat so cute xD

True!! I think someone mentioned it to me before XD

This pumpkin cat is adorable 💖

Thanks :3

I don't own any art of yours but I will defiantly remember 

That cat is adorable tho :'D

Thanks!! ^^

Curious: did the RM ever stand for anything, or was it just like for cosmetic reasons? (like did it stand for something?)


nope, literally just 2 random letters xD

cat just popped out of pumpkin wut-


aa thanks :D

ive pronounced your username as “tenery” for the longest time ever please help me

WHSJAK I think that's the second most common misspell after "tereny" too XD

kk! I also like short usernames lol

yea xD I had different variants of my username on different sites, so I'm trying to keep the same one for more consistency

yep I try to do the same lol

will keep in mind, lovin the gif!

cool! thanks :3


*gently holds the cat* I own none of your design but I def will keep this in mind! :D

yess, thank you! :p