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Hey terenry any plans for december adopts maybe? I really want a design by you for christmas ;0;!

Not sure yet! hopefully yes but depends on how busy I am by then XD


Well acouple of suggestions just in case you decide to, you could do a simpler design batch that way your not over worked. ALSO collab adopts are fine too I´d say. DEPENDING if any one you know wants to do them. 

I haven´t seen anthro adopts from you in awhile either :O

ooh yes!! I've been thinking about doing simple adopts sometime :D
I haven't made much anthro designs lately since they usually take longer, but I plan to do so too!

well no matter what you do feral or anthro I am keeping my eyes peeled!

What kind of art software or app do you use? :0

I use PaintTool SAI 2.0 to draw ^_^

HEY TERENRY LOOK AT THIS! a New art that is baiscally old DA?? buzzly.art  / https://www.deviantart.com/buzzly-art

worth checking out : ooo

I   think its better than sheezy.art / deviantart.com /  + sheezy is  closed for registerations. While buzzly is open. Buzzly is trying to be  old DA quite literally with  the profile pages (Good profile page example). In my opinion has bigger  plans for the site. I think for comparisons sake: Buzzly is old DA but  way better, if you see the profile pages. Sheezy is inspired bY DA but  still very different. dfhkfahdskfjadskjf Worth checking both but  honestly. I thinK Buzzly´s page layout is far more appealing. They are  adding a number of features more so than SA. Like adding groups like DA  had but better. XD Among many other plans and features you can check  them out on DA / Their discord sever.

The site is in beta and  wont be white themed  forever, their adding a site theme, dark mode  later. (early 2022), and  their adding a theme where you can change the  site to any color lmao.  WORTH CHECKING OUT!!

ooh seeming interesting! I've been looking for alternative art sites lately, so this information is much appreciated
I'll take a look and decide if it's viable for me in the future, thanks!

NP! Have a nice day Terenry!

Can i know what brushes yo used in ibis paint x xD?

aa I don't remember, I only used ibis paint once and then uninstalled it D:

Hello I really bad at English but how do you draw and shade on temples? I see a lot of details on them but how hard I try I still can’t recreate a temple i really want to know xD

hmm it depends, usually my process is the following:
First you start by getting to know the basic shape of it and the main structure, then add the details and decorations
Like on this example:

As for the coloring/shading process,
- Once I have the sketch finished, then I draw the flat-colored/lineless background, everything on different layers
- After that, I start detailing each area, usually I start adding the shadows and detail the textures with them, and lastly add some highlights details
- And finally when I finish detailing, I add extra lighting/shadows and a lot of overlay effects xD

here's the procces of this drawing as an example:

I hope this can be helpful to give you a basic idea!
You can also watch the speedpaint here if you're interested in seeing the full process ^_^ https://youtu.be/dqWb9FYGkGQ

Thank you tere :D

ohh that's really cool!! It definitely seems like a good alternative
I'll look into it, thanks for telling me about it! :D

I was just about to see your commission price when suddenly TH informed that your username does not exist, I was shocked that you just blocked me (‘◉⌓◉’)

yeah it must have generated so many broken links haha :S

awwe thank you so much! :3

Hi! Sorry for bothering you tere, but I just want to ask how did you shade your characters so good?! It’s kind of like cel shading but it’s not actually like cel shading???? Teach me how sensei >:0

uhhmm depends, I do have different shading styles! which drawing are you referring to specifically? :o

I really like the style you use to draw the half-face pictures…? With a cloudy background and a quote of the character? I see that you use diamond shapes to shade the face furs, and it looks very nice to me 👀 how did you do that?

Also, how do you draw and shade temples? I see a lot of details in them but how hard I try I still can’t recreate a temple as detailed as yours >< 💦 

Oh my, is your profile comment section turning into a Q&A? xD

I see! my shading style is very sharp/geometrical by itself, it just comes naturally,, xD I usually use the eraser to get that sharper look, I erase the edges with linear strokes
as for the shading I use multiply effect for the layer mode, and clip a layer above to add the lighter/darker tones
for my buildings process, I first draw the basic shape, and then just fill it out with details, here's this quick example:
I recommend starting with something simple, and once you have a solid base you can move on to more complex concepts, it just takes a lot of practice! :3

Danggg 👁 👁 that is alott of tips,, thank you so much for answering me xD

How is your animation so great I can watch them on repeat oh lord


i believe your birthday is today (?)

if it is / was , happy birthday / belated birthday!!

(timezones might be different or i just might be completely wrong about your birthday, sorry if i am aaAA)

yeah it is, thank you so much! :D

You are the one who got me into drawing.. thank you for existing

aaa thank you! it's very nice to hear that ;w;

i have 2 questions. What app do u use 2 draw and i havent found ur ref of terenry and i was hoping to fanart is that ok?

I use Paint Tool SAI 2.0 to draw! fanart is very appreciated it! feel free to draw my characters if you'd like ^^
you can find my main sona reference here https://toyhou.se/7347168.tere#23819073


Your art is so pretty :O  

You are such an inspiration to many, including me, to draw, animate! 

Thank you so much!! it makes me so happy to hear that, it's really cool to be able to inspire others with my art \(^-^)/





very bald

Hi,I came to ask if you could change the credits with my TH username on this art: https://toyhou.se/2446999.aisu/gallery#26721319

the credit was updated, thanks for letting me know! ^_^

Thank you so much!

ajadsjjdadjjhadj dumb question

1. can I make a design that is a little inspired by your designs? or do I need to credit you to do this?

2. can I get pinged when your commissions are open? if you don't do pings ok then (or maybe you already talked about this and I didn't read dsmajdjdajk)

yeah totally!! I don't mind inspiration as long as it isn't heavily ^_^ credit is appreciated but not required
only thing I would ask is not to use my characters as reference to make your own!

I also don't do pings, sorry!

ah alright ty!

BOI! Your every page designs are so cool! I had never seen someone's page designs so cool! <3


The legend the myth, you finally answered. :D

Hello! I’m here to say that you’ve been a big inspiration to me for a while, and I absolutely love your art and animations! I hope you’re doing well! ^^

Thank you so much !!
I'm very glad to know that my work inspires you, that makes me happy :D hope you're doing well too!

ahh thank you! <3
and of course! I'm totally ok with inspiration as long as it isn't heavily c:

my designs are entirely random,, I make it up as I go along :P

oh MAN I've loved your work for YEARS [yells] I hope ur doing well! Absolutely everything you do is incredible keep it up >:DD

Thank you so much!! 


its no problem at all! Keep it up :)

do people who join ur patreon get free art or do they buy it? 0:

It's a monthly reward! Some tiers include different art rewards depending on their level

When you buy a tier, you are technically paying for the rewards included, so it's not actually free

ah ok!

i literally adore everything (and i mean everything) about your style /gen

like your designs and color palettes and art and animations....all of it is so ,,, WOW

youre a really, REALLY big inspiration for me aa-

WAA THANK YOU!! that means a lot ;:
always happy to hear that there are people out there who enjoy my work <3

hey tere! i just wanted to thank you for being an immensely huge inspiration for me! you helped me to find out my style and to improve my art in general <3

aaanndd not to mention but,, do you have tips on drawing scenes? i'm really bad at it and i'm trying to improve it somehow haha- 

That's so awesome!! thank you so much, it means a lot that my art has been of inspiration!

I think I'm not the best when it comes to giving tips haha ;w,
If you're struggling with drawing scenes, I'd suggest focusing on what you're good at, or what kind of scenes you'd like to draw the most, eg. nature, urban environments, indoors.. etc
start with something small and with simple colors / more natural colors
once you have something basic to work with, you can move on to more complex concepts
I am not experienced in realistic kind of art, but I know realism is the best way to portray colors in the best way,  learn about shadows and light, and that kinda stuff!
you might try taking a look at references that are great to use in some circumstances, or just let your creativity flow and experiment with it!

In the most basic form, the way I like to do scenes is to imagine them in my head, the first thing I do is to visualize my ideas of where the different parts will go before I start drawing, just remember that you're drawing to stimulate your imagination, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Think of your own artwork and draw whatever you like
Everything it's just matter of practice!

I'm sure there are plenty of better tips and tutorials out there that are better at explaining than me XD but I hope I was somewhat helpful!

HII! Just wanted to say I’ve been an inspiration for like the longest time,,, ur one of the people that got me in to animating! And I rlly love ur art and designs keep up the awesome work!

also question,,, sorry if you’ve already answered this I got tired of trying to find it in the comments bc there’s 200+ of them haha 😅

how did you do the music coding?

aaa thank you so much!! it means a lot, really makes me happy to hear that ; w ;

The music player I'm using is this one! https://www.deviantart.com/codingtrash/art/Music-Player-1-616035933 It's a paid code, it's available for 70 points
The code comes with a guide on how to install it, it was used back when DeviantArt still supported HTML, but it does work on Toyhouse too! You will need Toyhouse premium though, as it requires of CSS

woweee,, hi again, i finally bought the music player but when I click the download thing it breaks? do u have any idea what to do?

Hi! hmm that's weird, I tried re-buying the code and the download works fine
could you describe the problem more detailed? is it an issue with the download button or the file itself?

It shows this ? Even on my ipad and computerimage0.png

huhh the first thing that came to mind is that it might be an issue with your browser or antivirus?
try disabling your antivirus or any web protection setting in your browser that might interfere with downloads and see if that helps, if not, try using a different broswer like Chrome

hey!! I just wanted to say that I think that they are stealing your artstyle(or characters?)

ahh I have contacted them multiple times in the past speaking about the artstyle, but I didn't know they were also copying my characters,, it has really been hard dealing with this stuff lately :"
Thanks for letting me know though!! I'll see if there's anything I can do ^^'

okay you're welcome!!! 

Hey there! Honestly your coding is absolutely insane-

if you end up answering, before you so, I know you edited if from a base code from flipping through the comments before asking to make sure i wasn't repeating a question asked before.

and since i couldn't find it... how did you get the fixed images that pop up in a few spots on the main welcome thing? I've been Trying for way to long to get it to work in one of my character's profiles, and I was hoping you could help provide me with the line of code + how you used it- or at least point me in the direction of a tutorial/base code if you used one? even the slightest bit of insight would be perfect. qwq

Ah thank you! :3

If you mean the fixed welcome image, this is the code!
<div class="card-block py-4" style='background:url("IMG LINK") center / cover fixed;'></div>

Here's a guide for background images that could be helpful too ^^

Omg You're a Life saver- Tysmm! I've been trying for days and this was the final piece that I was missing! nwn

No problem! owo


aaaaa thanks for the offer !! but I'll have to decline </3
I'm currently not looking for new characters, but hopefully you can find someone who can take good care of them!! ;w;

Hello, sorry in advance for the bad English ;; I just wanted to say that your art is beautiful. You've really inspired me to try landscape type art. I was never motivated to do so because I'm terrible at it, but your art is so astounding and it gave me hope. Your backgrounds, colouring, art style, and shading are so nice to look at. I hope to one day get a commission from you once they open up again !! Have a nice day !

Ahh thanks for the kind words!
Happy to hear that my art was inspiring to you and has helped to give you some motivation to get better at landscape art! it really means a lot
I've always thought that landscape art is really tough and a challenge, but with enough practice it can turn out to be an exciting and creative process, that's why I enjoy drawing them
Thanks again! ^_^

afsdjfsdlak Terenry i just want to say it again that u are a huge inspiration 4 me ;o; <333

no wait, nono more than that-!! you really helped me find my art style, although lots of other artists did too in the past but i never stayed long and moved on to another artist pretty fast, and overall i just did not have anyone to look up to in art for a long time. the last time i had one was years ago-  and slkdfjsdalkfjasl lets just say you are my first main inspiration since years ago! seriouly, lots of my character designs and some other stuff have at least a tiny bit of stuff that is inspired by you, it might not seem like it but they are! 

your the reason why i even bothered to improve my art & animation <33

sorry this is poorly written aa ^^" did not give myself time to think it through bec i`m impatient as i wanted to spill this for a long time

ahh thank you so much ;; that means a lot and it makes me so happy to hear that!
it's so amazing to inspire others with my work, and I really appreciate that!
thanks for your kind words <3

Hiya! I was wondering if it would be okay to draw you gift art? Your characters are super cute and I think they'd be fun to draw, but I just wanted to check first :)

aw thank you! feel free to do so ^^

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love your designs! They never fail to inspire me to design more, and always are so pleasing to look at! It's a really unique design style, and never fails to surprise me! Your art is really unique too, it's always really stunning, and the amount of detail in your art makes it 10x better. Keep it up! ^^

aaaa that's so sweet, thank you so much!! ; v ;

Ello!! I just wanted to say DANG your art is amazing!! Even your toyhouse aesthetic dang!! How do you manage to draw so many wonderful pieces for so many characters and complete animations-

AnywaysDatsAlIWantedToSay Keep being epic!!

That's really sweet aa

hello aaaa

i just wanted to show this to you (again i think you already saw it) since my instagram went 🕺

alsoyoure really cool and i appreciate you + your art is really detailed and unique jsgmfs 

and not and right are best bois aa

whajhasasj yess I saw them !!
I commented on your insta but I'll say it again, they look so cute wAAA;; I totally love how you drew them,, <3
aaaaa thank you so much!! ; w ;

holy moly your art and use of colours are gorgeous!

your backgrounds are seriously art goals, keep up the great work! ;w; <3

aaaaa thank you so much !! ;v; <33




WAHSKHA OMG THANK YOu,, that's so kind hhhsjdk it means a lot T w T <3


youre welcome!!!

teach me how to shade tho 😩😩

your art is absolutely stunning oh my goodness <3333 do you by any chance take custom comms? 

Aaaah thank youuu <3

And yeah I do! You can find my custom prices here: https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices#j

All my commissions types are currently closed! I don't know when I will be opening them yet :0

Hiya! I really love all your art and characters! <33 I was wondering if it's fine if I was inspired/slightly referenced your art? (sometimes I have trouble with scenes, and look at how you do components such as the moon or sky to help me with it!)

Hey thank you!! <3
I don't mind if people get inspired on my art as long as it isn't heavily, or entirely replicated! But you can totally be inspired and have a little reference to help you out ^_^

I think you're talking mostly about scenes, but just in case I want to mention not to reference any of my characters if you'd include them inside "my art" ;v;

Thank you so much! (Yeah, I was only talking about scenes, I won't reference any characters!)

Hii i just wanted to ask what code you used for Tere and Kumi’s responsive art thingy? ;w; I’ve been wondering for a while now :’D

Hey! :D I used this one code https://codepen.io/knyttneve/pen/YgZbLO
It requires css to work, so you'll need toyhouse premium to use it!


hihihi IM SUCH A FAN OF UR ANIMATIONS AND CHARACTERS,,<3 can i ask you to list the characters that r ft?

I don't currently have any characters for trade
none of my characters are, and will be ever up for trade :0



well thats fine,,

dizu has been one of my favorite characters youve had,, theyr poggers

hehe yeah!
he is one of my top favorites as well x3

do you do customs free or are they 4 paypal,,?

i really love your designs aa, id kill for them!

Aaaa glad you like them! ;v;

I don't do customs for free, but from time to time I make adoptables too

I only accept payments with DeviantArt points and PayPal for now!

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uh uh hi,,

im such a fan? and also where do you usually make your otas or do you not make any? 0:

ahh thanks!
I rarely make otas, but I usually post them here and on my DeviantArt! ^^

id love to be friends if we can! :D

how to kindly decline? ashdjklas
I hope not to be come off as rude, but I don't know :C
I get that asked a lot, and I can't be friends with everyone, you know;;

alright! thats fine

and also, are you taking requests?

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I've been wondering how much u charge for customs, I couldn't seem to find the prices under the Commissions tab

ooh is the button not working? :0
you can find all my commissions prices here! https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices
customs can be found almost at the bottom of the page ^^

aaaa thank youu

I love your art and designs, and you're a big inspiration to me (: also, do you do art trades? i'd love to do one someday if you're interested

Aw thank you!! ^^

My art trades are currently closed, I'm not sure if I'll be opening them again though :0

Aaa hi, I just want to say that you hold my idol and inspiration slot at the moment :> No one had taken that slot for 3-4 years ;w;

wow that's a long time! I'm happy that you've enjoyed my art during all this time, it really means a lot !! <3

hoi umm Tere, Do u do any custom comission or something? UR DESIGN ARE FRICKEN AMAZING AAAAAAAAAAA

aaa thanks!!
yes I take custom designs commissions! they can be found on my commission's sheet https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices
All my commissions are currently closed though! ^^'

asdfghjkl tysm! I wanna order if I have enough deviantart points~

Happy (late) New Year! Hopefully, money isn't an issue and your Patreon supporters are giving you basic funds!

Also I don't want to ping you in Discord for this question, who gives you shelter right now?

Thanks! Happy new year ^^
my patreon has been going surprisingly well, so I'm very happy about that!
and uhhm I'm not really sure how to answer to your question, it seems like quite a personal question and I'd rather not answer to anything personal

AAA whaTTT I love your art I can't??? I got a huge wave of inspiration and started but ended up just forgetting about bc backgrounds are not exactly easy for me hahAA.. anyways like what you're a complete goddess I cant :0 I must start saving up points now AAa

sorry you probably get a lot of these o.o

Random unnecessary comment  but merry Christmas!!! I hope you've had a great day!! :D

(Also love the new vids!!! So inspiring (and helpful!) :O)

Thank you so much!!
Merry Christmas for you too! ^^

Hi there, while browsing through your art and I came across some really gorgeous traditional-art scenes! I was wondering, what materials do you use to create them? It looked like either paint or oil pastel, but I wasn't sure-- whatever it is, it looks amazing!! 

Thank you!! Most of my traditional art was drawn with Derwent pastel pencils!
I upload the progress of these drawings on my instagram ^^ https://www.instagram.com/terenry/

omg Thank you so much!! That's super helpful!!!! ;D

Hiya! Just wanted to say your detailed backgrounds, especially the japanese-influenced ones, are amazing! One question, do you use references for them? Because i'm practicing backgrounds and I'm not sure how I should go along with it-

Thank you so much!
I don't use references for my art, I do look at random pics to get an idea, but not directly reference them
I like to create and design my own original buildings and backgrounds!! It really only takes a lot of practice haha
Backgrounds has always been my favorite part when drawing, so I just enjoy making them a lot! :D

If you're struggling with drawing backgrounds, I'd suggest focusing on what you're good at, or what kind of backgrounds you'd like to draw the most, eg. nature, urban environments, indoors.. etc
you might try taking a look at references that are great to use in some circumstances, or just let your creativity flow and experiment with it!

Oh, awesome! Thanks so much <3I'll remember this :)

Sure! I updated the character permissions ^^

Thank you so much!! I'm really happy to hear that ;w;
I'm glad I was able to help you, the drawing looks amazing! :D

your profile coding and ocs are so pretty !!

Thanks!! ^^

Hi! ^^
My commission prices can be found here: Commission Prices, but I don't have a specific date for when I will be opening them
It's possible that I might open commissions next month, but I'm still unsure about that!! :0

and ahh I'm not too good when it comes at giving tips ><
I think the shading will depend on the style you would like to focus on, it can be realistic, or a more cartoony style
I am not experienced in realistic kind of art, but I know realism is the best way to portray colors in the best way, learn about shadows and light, and that kinda stuff
I personally like to use different shading colors depending on the atmosphere of the drawing
if it's a night drawing, I would use mostly blue tones, or if it's a sunset drawing, I would use more reddish/orange tones
if you want a bright and colorful background, pick brighter colors, If you want a photo-realistic effect, you can use darker and subtler colors
but don't be afraid to experiment, I would suggest to try different techniques and work out which one feels right for you, it's probably the best way to learn something new! everything it's just matter of practice!

No problem!
I actually don't use many brushes :0
These are all the brushes I use:
▸LINEART BRUSH (for sketching, linearting, and color)
▸DETAIL BRUSH (for shading, painting, and backgrounds)
▸TEXTURE BRUSH (rarely used, for random textures)

they're pretty normal brushes, so there isn't much tips I can give about them xD

h o w

how are you so good at art and animation

aaaa I really don't know what to answer to that ;;;

But hey thank you, glad you think my stuff is good! ;v;




hihi you've probs been asked this a lot but like, when are you planning to opens commissions? :o

(Just curious now that I have enough points lol-)

Hii! aa I honestly have no idea
I was planning in opening them this year, but I ended up being more busy than I thought!
I don't want to give a specific date because I always end up delaying them;;
I MIGHT take some commission slots next month, but yeah I'm not sure ;o;

Oh I understand! ^^

And if you open slots next month, I'll try my best to get a com!! :D

But it's also completely fine if you don't open them, not everyone has the time yaknow! 

Just take it easy yo and do what's best for you ^w^/<3

Yee :D thanks!

Just here to say I am so inspired by you , you are a huge idol for me, i hope I can get as amazing as you :00

aa thank you so much! that means a lot ;v;

No problem at all!! You are such an inspiration! I hope that when you open comms, I can save up enough :0

lol you are my greatest inspiration qvq

aw thank you!! that means a lot ;w;

Happy Birthday!!! <3 Your art is simply amazing!

aaa Thank you!! <3

Just wanted to say your characters, art, and animation is always so cool! Also if you ever reopen commissions I'd literally love to commission you one day :0

Ahh thank you so much! ;u;

I still haven't officially open commissions to the public, but I'll most likely announce it through my DA when I do!

Awesome!! I'll be waiting then, take your time! :3

your scene arts are so so beautiful !!! :eyes:

Thank you !!<3

just wanted to stop by and say that i love your art! it's been a pretty big inspiration for me!! (the profile css is super cool too haha)

(and uh... if i ever have time, would i be allowed to draw fanart for any of your characters? they all look so nice!!)

aw thank you so much!! <3

and of course! :"00 that'd be so nice, I really appreciate it!

Heya Tere!! Im always wanted to ask you, what is your gender??? And your pronounce??:0

And yeah, yo characters fvking cute!!!

ooh I'm a girl, she/her or they/them is fine ^^
also thanks!!

hey, what template did you use on your folders? They look so nice!! 💕

ooh thanks! I don't remember exactly from where I got it, but this is the code ^^
<p><a class="btn btn-outline-secondary mb-3" href="#LINK" id="" rel="noopener noreferrer" style="letter-spacing:1px;">📁 FOLDER</a></p>


tyvm! 💞

I see that you redrew your pfp :O

Its so pretty-


aw thank you!
yeah finally redrew my pfp after 3 years X")

okok but like actually quite curious,, do you watch anime ?

Also you have such an amazing style, I literally love your scene art,, any tips for learning how to make scenes like that ?

Ahh thank you!
and no, I don't watch it
all I know I learned it by myself and with a lot of practice through the years, so I guess its just matter of practice! ^^

alright !! Ty ee

yeah! they are closed at the moment, but you can find my commission prices here ^^ https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices

honestly I don't know ;o;
hopefully in a few months, but I'm not too sure

Hello!! I absolutely love your art and it is so awesome and amazing!!! Are you ever open for any DT,AT,or simple art requests?

Ahh thank you!! <3
I'm currently not open to anything, I'm not taking trades and requests anymore at the moment!

Alrighty,and Btw you were the one who animated my favorite part of that Brightheart (girl like her)map!?

(Part 11)

Yeah! :D

Awesome man!! I'm kind of actually starting a cartoon series soon! Any tips for the animation part of it((Isn't posted yet,looking for editor))

That's amazing!
Though I have no idea about creating cartoon series, so I don't think I can give any tips about it
I'd recommend looking for tips from other people that participated on animated series and stuff! I don't know any so I can't really help much on that :S
But good luck in your project!!

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Also,are the auctions actual money auctions or like a raffle of sorts?

yes, they're with real money

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Solo por curiosidad, de todos los Ocs que tienes, cual fue el primero que creaste owo ?

la verdad no sé :P

el más antiguo actualmente es DKRS! fue creado en 2012 

tengo ocs incluso más antiguos, pero ni idea de cuál fue el primero xD

Aaa your art is so godly,,holy heck. Duddee!!🌟💕💫 i have a question too, what art program do you use for your drawings? :"O

Ahh thank you!! ^^ I use Paint Tool SAI 2.0!

Ah tysm dude! And yeah ofc np aaajshdk >w<💕

Random question but who would you said is your most favourite OC out of all your characters? You give love to all of them, I'm just curious to hear who is your fave X"D

I don't think I have a very favorite oc! i,, i love them all equally úwù

Yessss all your ocs deserve tons of equal loaf they're all brilliant uwu

Hi!! I absolutely love how creative all your OCs are, and the fact that their profiles are so organised really completes them. I'm just wondering what template(?) you use for their profiles? Like, the design of them with Name, Info, Refs etc. and would you be able to send a link? I love it so much!

Thank you so much! ^^
I bought the code fromEggy, this is the one I'm using https://toyhou.se/2505659.o1-overview-6-
still, they have many free codes I recommend checking out as well!

Oh my gosh you replied so fast      Tysm!! Keep up the good work by the way :D

This user's account has been closed.

Thank you so much! :D
and I don't, I will not be participating in artfight this year :0

This user's account has been closed.

so b you're a huge inspiration to me and i absolutely love your art and animations! keep up the great work <3

aw thank you very much !! <3

oh my god hi i never knew you had a TH!! you're a huge inspiration to me, and all of your art and animations are stunning, i can tell you put a lot of effort into them!! keep up the great work! <3

aaa omg thank you so much!! <3

No problem!! 🥺👉👈💕✨

Your art is absolutely amazing! I can’t stop gawking at how detailed it all is :’0

Thank youu!! <3 ;o;

AHHH I saw your account some time ago when I didn't have a account and I thought I would never find it again--- but I did!! man, your profile is so much nicer now!!! I still love your characters to death, and your art. c,,could I draw a few of your bab's?? 

efienfigtnfvnj I tend to fan over people's stuff a lot hehe sorry 

Your kinda an idol for me and *extreme fan noises* 

Okay I'm gonna stop and just post this-- Have a good day and stay safe :)) (Also i'm just, scared to post this so uh,,, sorry if I seem off or suspicious I don't want to seem that way hhh)

ahh thank you! ;w;
asgdlaskd that'd be nice <3 feel free to draw any of them aa

i ?? love?? your?? aRT?? ive been your animations on youtube for some while now and ever since i first saw them you've been a massive idol for me ^^ your animations are so smooth omg :0

Aaaa thank you so much <3 !! ;w;

np !! <33 owo

Hey Tere! I was the one who drew the Sesfi for you, you mind editing the credit to my profile instead of my DA? I finally got a Toyhouse XD I love all your characters btw :3

ooh thanks for letting me know! It's edited now ^^

Awesome, thanks! :D

Do you make all the backgrounds for the character profiles? :O

oh if you mean the backgrounds behind the names and titles, I use patterns from https://www.toptal.com/designers/subtlepatterns/ ^^

Alrighty! Thank you :D

oml your page looks awesome!

ooh thanks! ^^

god... kumi is so cute... i wanna draw them so badly...❤︎❤︎❤︎

aaaa yess ;w;;

Oh gosh
Ur thing looks amazing

aA thankS

Hiya! I was just wondering if it’s ok to draw art of your ocs? They’re all super unique and I wanna try drawing a few :D

of course! that'd be nice <3

heyo !! i was wondering if you do art trades or commissions for da points? :0 anyway, your art and animations are very stunning and pleasing to the eye, great work <3

Hi !! and Thank you ^^
I don't do art trades, but I do take commissions, they can be found here https://www.deviantart.com/terenryrm/journal/COMMISSIONS-CLOSED-723550272
All my commissions are currently closed, but I'm hoping to open them in a few months more

alrighty !! ty for telling me and yw for the compliments :))

I’m a huge fan! Been watching your YouTube channel for awhile and just found your TH!

Ooh that's nice! :D

Love your characters, animation and art ^o^

Thank you! ^^



(just curious if art trades will ever be open? ty!)

Thanks !! ^^
I probably won't be doing art trades anymore, I'm not sure yet ;0
I don't think that I'll open art trades this year

oh ok its fine

amazing art again!

aw thANK YOU!! ;v;

Here's the same code with the links modification https://pastebin.com/spgE6c9n if you wish to change the colors, you can get the color codes here https://www.color-hex.com/ The code contains indication of where is each thing, and a visual help of how to change the colors as well The pictures of my code belongs to me, so you would have to change it with your own pictures

aa I think I'm not allowed to redistribute the code, the original code can be found here https://toyhou.se/3937191.-01-condensed-notes

:0 I love your ocs! they're so original and beautiful i-

also, sorry to bother you, but do you ever sell designs?

Thanks!! ;v;
I don't sell designs through Toyhouse, but I do sell adoptables and custom designs on my deviantart! https://www.deviantart.com/terenryrm
though my custom designs commissions are closed at the moment, and I probably won't be making any adoptables in a while since I been pretty busy lately

thank you for telling me! uwu

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aW thank you!!!
hope you have a great day too! <3 >u<

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your profile coding is really pretty !

oh thanks! :D
The original code was made by vomco though! https://toyhou.se/4787826.-f2u-free-float  and I slightly edited it myself 

ohh ok tysm!

I found you >:3

oh well hello xD

I just get a toyhouse codeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! xd

ahh that's nice!!! x3

ヾ(^▽^*)) *happy noises*

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Thank youu!! <3

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Hey I’m super sorry to bother you but are any of your ocs for sale atm? I really love your art and designs <3

Thank you! But none of my characters are for sale/trade, sorry! :0

Where did you get the code for you profile thingy? :0

I love love LOVE your art!it's just awesome and the way you draw backgrounds,amazing,your designs are so unique qvq

Thank you! ^^