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Hi woa i drew hinari too cause they are like one of my favorite designs youve made😭😭

Also sorry 4 posting this twice i needed to fix something on the image 

THE WAY YOU DO SHADING IS JUST YUMM, I love the colors too! very soft very nice sdjks
thank you again for drawing another of my characters wasdjks I love it so much !!

hi ok so i drew your oc rain cause they’re pretty cool i hope you dont mind 😭49059121_jh2Mw8ypDh8L5PV.png

THE SHADING AND LIGHTING LOOKS FANTASTIC, really like the pose and expression too sdjks
its just too good, thank you so much!!! ;0; <3

HRHDHSH np im glad u like it <:DD

I’ve switched accounts btw, so sorry to ask but can you change the artist credit on the image to my new account : nooble ? 🤧

oh sure!! I've updated the credit ^-^
thanks again skdjs


How do you do your lineart? I know lineart takes a ton of practice but do you have any advice on how to make my lines more more interesting??? There kinda like 1 size the whole way though. Everytime I try to add thick lines it looks messy hfkjghfkjhfg

SOBS SAME,, I can't do thick lines either XD
I usually use max 2px for lineart, and then thicken a bit some parts around the edges and corners

hello tere! I love your art, and while im working on mine, my main question is: how do you shade? more specifically, parts of fur and hair? It means alot to me to say that you have been the one to inspire me on creating art, so i thank you for that! >w<

sdjk thank youu!! i'm so glad to hear that c:
I have very inconsistent shading WAJHWS it really depends on the style of drawing
but in the most basic form, I usually use 3 tones, dark, mid, and light shades
I use mid tones for the base color of the shading, add depth/details with dark tones, usually around the edges, and add some lights in like the inner parts of the shading, if that makes sense sjkd
i'm not too good at explaining but I hope that helps xD

oh, thank you! i will try my best to get myself a nice new shading style, and this definetly helps! thanks again, have a great day ^^

umm it's kind of a long process xD but in the most basic form
I draw the silhouette of the tree with flat colors first
as for the trunk, I use a soft darker tone to paint the base of the details
and then refine the details with even a darker tone to add more depth to the initial details, and later add some highlights with a lighter tone
as for the leaves, it's pretty much the same process
use a soft dark tone for the base of the details, and refine with a darker tone and add highlights
I tend to draw each leaf one by one manually

this is kind of an old example but still works uvu-b

Thank u

Can’t really see the picture though

Can’t really see the picture though

hi tere ok I just wanna say

holy fcdgdgsg dude you are literally amazing at what you do, ily 😭 you are literally like my idol you’re so talented and dude, your ARTT bro its so BEAUTIFUL and its just rlly nice to look at 😭 you have such an original art style and your character design is amazing & im just gonna take a moment to say omfgfsg the way you do backgrounds its SO PRETTY DUDEFGDHF i love how detailed your art is 🤧🤌🏾🤌🏾🤌🏾 and bro i love your animation ITS GREAT 😭 you are the person who inspired me to start drawing and animating and i love u sm you’re literally awesome, i am thankful that we have you in this world cause your great🤛🏾

it really means a lot when people appreciate my work and support it!
I really appreciate this message and all of your kind words !! and it's always nice to know that I inspired someone to draw or to create in the first place!! that's just so cool,,
you're really awesome as well, thanks again i'm really glad that you enjoy my work ; w ; <3

EHSHSHSJJSD NP dude you deserve it🤧❤️

How do you draw your trees and shade them?

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thank you so much for the kind compliments, it truly means a lot,, <3 ;w;

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do you think google doodles are fun 

I usually don't pay much attention to them, but yeah I think they're pretty cool!

YO I didn’t know you had a th! Hello there, your th page is gorgeous <3

hey hello!! haha thank you, glad you like it :D

Of course! Im sure you get that a lot, but it’s really cool how thoroughly you’ve coded your th page <33

Oooh I really like your new profile ! Especially with the tabs, it's a very good idea !^^

Thanks!! I really like using tabs, I have them for my characters, so I thought I'd add some for my profile too xD

Tabs are just the best form of navigation for a website, I totally understand that ! XD

(I just need to understand how to properly code those here :,))

aa I see, actually these tutorials helped me a lot to understand them
maybe you'll find these useful! ^_^

Oooh thanks a lot ! It will be useful !^^


YEEE thanks!! I still have to do a few edits but I've been wanting to redo my profile for quite a while now XD

Did you change your profile? Somethins’ different..👁

yeah! >:) finally took the time to do so, the old one was pretty messy xD

Wohoo new TH profile

Yea !! :D

TERE 👁👁🎤

What is your opinion on fish

I like feesh,, 


WAJHWA Thank u !! :P


I don't know if I am allowed to ask about your coding for your character profiles. But I am only interested in the videos tab because I have ocs who have videos that I would like to add to their toyhouse and being able to easily click. Is there anything similar to your code that I could maybe use ? or just your code for it ?

I've frankenstein-ed my character profile with different codes! but I don't think I'm allowed to redistribute the edited version though :(

but if you're specifically referring to the video player, it's pretty much just a video embed
you can right click on a video and copy the embed code, and then add it to your character profile!


and use the following code to center the video player:

<div style="text-align:center;">
<div style="display: inline-block;">

Yeah I guessed you did ! But its alright, Thank you so much tho this was very helpful :) !!

wow ur one of my favorite artists/animators :0 didn’t know u had a toyhouse account lol

also ur arts really cool sdfghjkl;

skjdsk thank you!! ;w;

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my shading do be very inconsistent,,, I can't decide for a style it changes everytime WAJHS
but I don't have a much specific process, it's pretty much using a base color for the shading, and then adding some lighter/darker tones wherever I see it fits XD

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I MEAN there's infinite possibilities that there could be alien life out there so MMMMM maybe

Hey! I wanted to know what is your character design process? how do you know if there's enough colours or details and how do you choose colours for the lighting and shading, like in the Everything black AMV. sorry for so many questions. thx Tere

umM well I don't consider my process nothing special :0
I pretty much draw the base character, and then add the details as I go
I would explain further but I simply don't know skldjsc it's just like a natural thing

the shading process I used in the animation was the following: some frames had like 2 layers of shading, then 1 layer of color correction, 1 soft contrast/lighting layer, 1 layer to change the lineart color and 1 layer of lighting, like on this example

here's me shading 1 frame lul https://youtu.be/PeWGa863eZc

Thanks for answering Terenry! the video really helps with cel shading and lighting(also I now know the pain of animating in paint tool sia.)

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I still don't have it ;-; it seems it isn't out for all devices yet


hey I'm so happy to hear that! ^^
I actually don't make music playlists;; I tend to follow individual artists or music channels instead
some music used in my videos sometimes differs a bit from my actual music taste, so I'm not sure if we're talking about the same music style
I'm really into Jazz, Dubstep and Instrumental music
I could recommend some artists if you're interested though!


here are some of my fav artists with some songs I like! (not in a particular order)

JAZZ artists

2. River Side
3. Sailing Day

1. Passion
2. What's Next
3. 情動

1. Frontier
2. Adria Blue
3. Aquarium

Fox Capture Plan
1. Blue Planet
2. Real, Fake
3. 夜間航路

DUBSTEP artists

1. Space Invaders
2. Rally The Troops
3. State Of Mind

1. Break Through
2. Close To Me
3. Definite

1. Here We Go
2. Different
3. Sidequest

God's Warrior
1. For The Light
2. The Highest
3. Miss You Now


1. songs for a rainy day - prelude
2. Amelia's Waltz
3. Daydreamer Girl

Rush Garcia
1. The Huntress - A RWBY Orchestration
2. It's Just Like Dancing
3. Don't You Want Me - A PSYQUI Orchestration

1. carnation
(I actually don't know any more songs from this artists, but this one has been my fav song for quite some time lol)

1.  Masquerade
2.  Feast of Spring
3.  Stellar

that's all!! I hope this'll help you find some cool musics uvu-b


oof late reply but holy moly I have heard all of those songs from before in the past and holy I didn't know you listen to them :"O i was trying to find the songs that i heard before but don't know the name of it :'3 glad to stumble upon this ^^

Question what size of canvas do you use normally?


What do you use to animate & draw with?

I use around 1290 x 720 or 1920 x 1080!
and I use Paint Tool SAI 2.0 for drawing and animating (and Vegas Pro 17 to edit the frames together)
but I also use FlipaClip to make animations sometimes :3

I am surprised you don't use bigger canvases then again that just proves how good you are! XD Thanks for sharing! It's interesting you use flipclip & sai to animate though.

mm yeah! xD actually the reason why I use small canvas sizes it's because my computer was so slow that it was impossible to work on a larger canvas LOL
I have a new computer now, but I guess I just got used to work that way :p

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I'm a bit more hesitant about it, maybe its just too close to my ref sheet format and I don't want people to get confused? It's just a small thing that's become quite a bit of a signature of mine
kinda trying to offer something different and notable that'd help to identify my type of sheet

I'm not saying you can't do it though, something similar as longs as it isn't the same is okay!

hello i wanted to say that its ok if I use the same code profile?

yea sure! 


Hellooo! honestly have no idea, I don't want to give an approximate date because I always end up delaying them;;
If everything goes well, I hope to be able to open them sometime this year, but yeAH I can't promise anything XD

also yes fish are cool


Heyhey!, sort’veee specific question but,

Do you have a certain process for drawing things like wood? On like a building, it is honestly one of the hardest things for me to get looking good and im making something for my friend, so I want it to look real nice, ya'know? ;0;

oh I did actually made some sort of tutorial a while ago!

the process is simple, it's pretty much just drawing lines for the main details, what you need to focus about is color and depth
here is a small example on how I draw wood


this can apply to any kind of wooden structure, so I hope it helps! ^_^

Ahh i see, tysm!! ^_^

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oh if you meant the CSS, it's actually a P2U code! here it is in case you wanna check it out https://toyhou.se/2964689.-p2u-peek
but if you meant the HTML itself, I did code it myself, but I don't have a clean version of it ;o;

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oh those!! I don't remember where I got it from, it was a site of coding resources but I can't seem to find it ;-;
the code is mostly CSS though! but don't think i'll be able to provide a clean version

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Hey!! I probably should've asked you before but after reading your rules again I was wondering if people could take inspiration from how you layout your reference sheets? Not the characters in them, just the reference sheets themselves? Because they're really well laid out :0! It might sound unreasonable but I wanted to make sure?

yeah that's alright! as long as it isn't a direct copy from it lOl
but I don't mind if you wanna make a tabs-sorting type of sheet :3

Thank you! :D

Your art is so pretty???? like WOW :0

aaaaa thank youu!!

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ah that's uncertain! I'm not sure if I'll be opening art trades again yet
so can't really promise anything ;o; nice arts tho!

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Hey! love your art and animations. I was wondering, what is the CSS code you use?  i'm interested in using the same one for my account.

Hey sorry for the late reply! I've been away recently :S
I'm happy to hear you like my work! This is the CSS I'm using https://toyhou.se/2964689.-p2u-peek

Thank You Tere. 

artist of the century


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aa thank you!! nice to know you like my work! ;w;

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I've personally haven't tried many art programs :0 but I've been using PaintTool SAI for many years and is a really good program!! I also use it for animating although it doesn't have any animation features lol
I'd recommend looking for the latest version, which is SAI 2.0!

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Oh hey! I remember watching your videos some time ago! always loved your animations, you're just so talented <3

hope you're doing well and also--  happy new year!!

waaaaa thank you so much!! that's nice to hear!
Happy new year to you as well ^-^

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hii :3

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I'm alright, tho could be better xD and you?

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ahh I feel you :S I hope you get better soon!
I've been trying to render a video all day, but the render keeps crashing and I can't seem to be able to fix it ;-;
kinda weird cause I've been rendering the same kind of videos with the same way these past months, so idk why my program decided to break suddenly XD

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Thank you! ;v;

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haha I try XD
I'm good, just been a bit busy though

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can I know what you use voice software for your and Elmo character in random things xD

It seems that the website I used isn't available anymore, rip :(

Hello Tere!!! :D

I really like your work and wanted to ask, have you ever encountered fear when starting to draw? I always liked to draw cats and there is a desire, and after I started going to art school, I began to be afraid to make even sketches, it feels as if at a subconscious level the teacher stands and looks at how I draw a sketch and wants to throw out everything that is not drawn in realism. 😔

Hey ^^ Yes I've experienced that when I was starting! But I've never assisted to an art school whatsoever
I imagine art schools are prepared for a wide general public, that's why they're structured in a way to help people who want to get in the art industry professionally
Realism is the basis of this structure, as it's the best way to learn how things work

If you wanna draw cats, go for it!! Remember you draw for yourself
I don't know what direction you want to take in your art career, maybe art school isn't what you're looking for?
As a self-taught artist, I've found it more exciting to experiment and learn by myself, and if I ever wanted to improve myself in something specific, I can count on plenty of free resources on the internet
However, do not be influenced by a comment from a random person like me xD do what you think is best for you!

I hope you keep on going with what you like!

Thank you very much, I have ideas, I have everything I need. After reading your message, I realized my problem, because I am used to the fact that I succeed in the field of drawing landscapes, so when I look at the fact that my understanding in drawing cats is gradually lost, I begin to evaluate myself too much. I will try to evaluate myself less at this stage, and just return to the state where I liked to just draw as much as I can and not be ashamed of my work.

Thank you very much for your motivation ❤️


I've been doing art for most of my life that I can remember XD but I've started doing digital art since around 2011!
and ye of course!! I'm totally ok with inspiration ^_^
I think your art is really cute! I hope you can find a style you like :3


Hello! I actually LOVE your art so much 💖💖 and I just have to ask, "what art app do you use to draw?"

aaah thank you! :"3
I use Paint Tool SAI 2.0 to draw ^^


aaa thank you! ;w;

yooo let's gooo!


I need to know, do you accept Gifts? 👀

O do you mean like a physical gift or a digital gift like a drawing or a game?
idk, It depends on what the gift is XD

Digital drawings! Aha, should've been specific cause I adore your talent so much, been such a huge inspiration for me and just AAAA, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A TOYHOUSE!! So, I just wanted to double check with you bout gifts and such!! 

Also, sorry if I'm all over the place, just great to see you reply and everything! :']

ooh of course!! gift art is appreciated ^_^
skdjks I'm happy to know you enjoy my work !! it means a lot ;o;


How can one not like your art work tho?? It's so pretty and detailed but I do have urges on wanting to snuggle those ocs that shouldn't be snuggled or look like they don't want it

lOL it's crazy to think that my art has inspired so many people !! after all i'm just a random artist drawing colorful cats on the internet xD
WJHAWJKS I'D DO THE SAME, I love all my ocs very much

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HELLO TERН XD WHAT I WANT TO SAY ,,,, oh, I like your work and how do you detail them ??  I will say this, many say so, Uhhh,,,, but it's still true!  your work is very impressive, you look at them and such, wow, a person has so much imagination to translate it into reality, WOW, oh and by the way !!!!  all good participation in the ,, competition?  

HIHI THANK YOUU!! that is really sweet, it means a lot really! ;v;
the adopt raffle BLEW UP, so many entries aaa xD
I'll be spending some good hours copy pasting names :P

Are there really that many entries already? wow, °о° I can wish good luck to write them all down !!! XDD

hi tere! i just want to say i really love your style and characters, it encouraged me to pursue digital art! when are you opening up comms again, your chibis are irresistable-

i drew zekki, but i guess no one looks at da anymore Gift - Zekki by neepyelpy3 on DeviantArt

also, can i have the link to your discord?

sorry for late reply! I didn't see your comment with so many notifications ^^;
that means a lot, thank you so much!!
and thanks for drawing Zekki!! :o aaa it looks really cute!

oh if you mean my discord server is currently not accepting new members, it's been under construction for a while, we still don't know when it'll be open to the public again :s

np, I tried a mix of styles, including yours! Got it about the server, thanks though 

Hello !

I'm trying to work on backgrounds, and saw your work (beautiful art and animations btw!), I'm curious, what's your shading process for such detailled backgrounds ? ^^

Hii sorry for late reply! :'3
thanks for the compliment! usually my shading process is involved with the detailing process
I pick a darker tone to add depth and contrast to the objects, which also works as shading
and then with a lighter tone to add subtle highlights and reflections
here is a little explanation with some examples I did a while ago if it helps! https://toyhou.se/~comments/10469158

Hi ^^

Thanks a lot for your answer ! It's really interesting and helpful to know the process for detailled backgrounds like you do ^^

Thanks again and have a nice day !^^


hey :3

hi :3

Hey terenry any plans for december adopts maybe? I really want a design by you for christmas ;0;!

Not sure yet! hopefully yes but depends on how busy I am by then XD


Well acouple of suggestions just in case you decide to, you could do a simpler design batch that way your not over worked. ALSO collab adopts are fine too I´d say. DEPENDING if any one you know wants to do them. 

I haven´t seen anthro adopts from you in awhile either :O

ooh yes!! I've been thinking about doing simple adopts sometime :D
I haven't made much anthro designs lately since they usually take longer, but I plan to do so too!

well no matter what you do feral or anthro I am keeping my eyes peeled!

What kind of art software or app do you use? :0

I use PaintTool SAI 2.0 to draw ^_^

HEY TERENRY LOOK AT THIS! a New art that is baiscally old DA?? buzzly.art  / https://www.deviantart.com/buzzly-art

worth checking out : ooo

I   think its better than sheezy.art / deviantart.com /  + sheezy is  closed for registerations. While buzzly is open. Buzzly is trying to be  old DA quite literally with  the profile pages (Good profile page example). In my opinion has bigger  plans for the site. I think for comparisons sake: Buzzly is old DA but  way better, if you see the profile pages. Sheezy is inspired bY DA but  still very different. dfhkfahdskfjadskjf Worth checking both but  honestly. I thinK Buzzly´s page layout is far more appealing. They are  adding a number of features more so than SA. Like adding groups like DA  had but better. XD Among many other plans and features you can check  them out on DA / Their discord sever.

The site is in beta and  wont be white themed  forever, their adding a site theme, dark mode  later. (early 2022), and  their adding a theme where you can change the  site to any color lmao.  WORTH CHECKING OUT!!

ooh seeming interesting! I've been looking for alternative art sites lately, so this information is much appreciated
I'll take a look and decide if it's viable for me in the future, thanks!

NP! Have a nice day Terenry!

Can i know what brushes yo used in ibis paint x xD?

aa I don't remember, I only used ibis paint once and then uninstalled it D:

Hello I really bad at English but how do you draw and shade on temples? I see a lot of details on them but how hard I try I still can’t recreate a temple i really want to know xD

hmm it depends, usually my process is the following:
First you start by getting to know the basic shape of it and the main structure, then add the details and decorations
Like on this example:

As for the coloring/shading process,
- Once I have the sketch finished, then I draw the flat-colored/lineless background, everything on different layers
- After that, I start detailing each area, usually I start adding the shadows and detail the textures with them, and lastly add some highlights details
- And finally when I finish detailing, I add extra lighting/shadows and a lot of overlay effects xD

here's the procces of this drawing as an example:

I hope this can be helpful to give you a basic idea!
You can also watch the speedpaint here if you're interested in seeing the full process ^_^ https://youtu.be/dqWb9FYGkGQ

Thank you tere :D

what app do you use and what brushes do you use to draw trees?

what app do you use and what brushes do you use to draw trees?


ohh that's really cool!! It definitely seems like a good alternative
I'll look into it, thanks for telling me about it! :D


I was just about to see your commission price when suddenly TH informed that your username does not exist, I was shocked that you just blocked me (‘◉⌓◉’)

yeah it must have generated so many broken links haha :S


awwe thank you so much! :3


Hi! Sorry for bothering you tere, but I just want to ask how did you shade your characters so good?! It’s kind of like cel shading but it’s not actually like cel shading???? Teach me how sensei >:0

uhhmm depends, I do have different shading styles! which drawing are you referring to specifically? :o

I really like the style you use to draw the half-face pictures…? With a cloudy background and a quote of the character? I see that you use diamond shapes to shade the face furs, and it looks very nice to me 👀 how did you do that?

Also, how do you draw and shade temples? I see a lot of details in them but how hard I try I still can’t recreate a temple as detailed as yours >< 💦 

Oh my, is your profile comment section turning into a Q&A? xD

I see! my shading style is very sharp/geometrical by itself, it just comes naturally,, xD I usually use the eraser to get that sharper look, I erase the edges with linear strokes
as for the shading I use multiply effect for the layer mode, and clip a layer above to add the lighter/darker tones
for my buildings process, I first draw the basic shape, and then just fill it out with details, here's this quick example:
I recommend starting with something simple, and once you have a solid base you can move on to more complex concepts, it just takes a lot of practice! :3

Danggg 👁 👁 that is alott of tips,, thank you so much for answering me xD

How is your animation so great I can watch them on repeat oh lord


yeah it is, thank you so much! :D

You are the one who got me into drawing.. thank you for existing

aaa thank you! it's very nice to hear that ;w;

i have 2 questions. What app do u use 2 draw and i havent found ur ref of terenry and i was hoping to fanart is that ok?

I use Paint Tool SAI 2.0 to draw! fanart is very appreciated it! feel free to draw my characters if you'd like ^^
you can find my main sona reference here https://toyhou.se/7347168.tere#23819073


Your art is so pretty :O  

You are such an inspiration to many, including me, to draw, animate! 

Thank you so much!! it makes me so happy to hear that, it's really cool to be able to inspire others with my art \(^-^)/





very bald

Hi,I came to ask if you could change the credits with my TH username on this art: https://toyhou.se/2446999.aisu/gallery#26721319

the credit was updated, thanks for letting me know! ^_^

Thank you so much!

ajadsjjdadjjhadj dumb question

1. can I make a design that is a little inspired by your designs? or do I need to credit you to do this?

2. can I get pinged when your commissions are open? if you don't do pings ok then (or maybe you already talked about this and I didn't read dsmajdjdajk)

yeah totally!! I don't mind inspiration as long as it isn't heavily ^_^ credit is appreciated but not required
only thing I would ask is not to use my characters as reference to make your own!

I also don't do pings, sorry!

ah alright ty!

BOI! Your every page designs are so cool! I had never seen someone's page designs so cool! <3


The legend the myth, you finally answered. :D

Hello! I’m here to say that you’ve been a big inspiration to me for a while, and I absolutely love your art and animations! I hope you’re doing well! ^^

Thank you so much !!
I'm very glad to know that my work inspires you, that makes me happy :D hope you're doing well too!


ahh thank you! <3
and of course! I'm totally ok with inspiration as long as it isn't heavily c:

my designs are entirely random,, I make it up as I go along :P


oh MAN I've loved your work for YEARS [yells] I hope ur doing well! Absolutely everything you do is incredible keep it up >:DD

Thank you so much!! 


its no problem at all! Keep it up :)

do people who join ur patreon get free art or do they buy it? 0:

It's a monthly reward! Some tiers include different art rewards depending on their level

When you buy a tier, you are technically paying for the rewards included, so it's not actually free

ah ok!

i literally adore everything (and i mean everything) about your style /gen

like your designs and color palettes and art and animations....all of it is so ,,, WOW

youre a really, REALLY big inspiration for me aa-

WAA THANK YOU!! that means a lot ;:
always happy to hear that there are people out there who enjoy my work <3

hey tere! i just wanted to thank you for being an immensely huge inspiration for me! you helped me to find out my style and to improve my art in general <3

aaanndd not to mention but,, do you have tips on drawing scenes? i'm really bad at it and i'm trying to improve it somehow haha- 

That's so awesome!! thank you so much, it means a lot that my art has been of inspiration!

I think I'm not the best when it comes to giving tips haha ;w,
If you're struggling with drawing scenes, I'd suggest focusing on what you're good at, or what kind of scenes you'd like to draw the most, eg. nature, urban environments, indoors.. etc
start with something small and with simple colors / more natural colors
once you have something basic to work with, you can move on to more complex concepts
I am not experienced in realistic kind of art, but I know realism is the best way to portray colors in the best way,  learn about shadows and light, and that kinda stuff!
you might try taking a look at references that are great to use in some circumstances, or just let your creativity flow and experiment with it!

In the most basic form, the way I like to do scenes is to imagine them in my head, the first thing I do is to visualize my ideas of where the different parts will go before I start drawing, just remember that you're drawing to stimulate your imagination, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Think of your own artwork and draw whatever you like
Everything it's just matter of practice!

I'm sure there are plenty of better tips and tutorials out there that are better at explaining than me XD but I hope I was somewhat helpful!


aaa thank you so much!! it means a lot, really makes me happy to hear that ; w ;

The music player I'm using is this one! https://www.deviantart.com/codingtrash/art/Music-Player-1-616035933 It's a paid code, it's available for 70 points
The code comes with a guide on how to install it, it was used back when DeviantArt still supported HTML, but it does work on Toyhouse too! You will need Toyhouse premium though, as it requires of CSS


Hi! hmm that's weird, I tried re-buying the code and the download works fine
could you describe the problem more detailed? is it an issue with the download button or the file itself?


huhh the first thing that came to mind is that it might be an issue with your browser or antivirus?
try disabling your antivirus or any web protection setting in your browser that might interfere with downloads and see if that helps, if not, try using a different broswer like Chrome

hey!! I just wanted to say that I think that they are stealing your artstyle(or characters?)

ahh I have contacted them multiple times in the past speaking about the artstyle, but I didn't know they were also copying my characters,, it has really been hard dealing with this stuff lately :"
Thanks for letting me know though!! I'll see if there's anything I can do ^^'

okay you're welcome!!! 

Hey there! Honestly your coding is absolutely insane-

if you end up answering, before you so, I know you edited if from a base code from flipping through the comments before asking to make sure i wasn't repeating a question asked before.

and since i couldn't find it... how did you get the fixed images that pop up in a few spots on the main welcome thing? I've been Trying for way to long to get it to work in one of my character's profiles, and I was hoping you could help provide me with the line of code + how you used it- or at least point me in the direction of a tutorial/base code if you used one? even the slightest bit of insight would be perfect. qwq

Ah thank you! :3

If you mean the fixed welcome image, this is the code!
<div class="card-block py-4" style='background:url("IMG LINK") center / cover fixed;'></div>

Here's a guide for background images that could be helpful too ^^

Omg You're a Life saver- Tysmm! I've been trying for days and this was the final piece that I was missing! nwn

No problem! owo


aaaaa thanks for the offer !! but I'll have to decline </3
I'm currently not looking for new characters, but hopefully you can find someone who can take good care of them!! ;w;

Hello, sorry in advance for the bad English ;; I just wanted to say that your art is beautiful. You've really inspired me to try landscape type art. I was never motivated to do so because I'm terrible at it, but your art is so astounding and it gave me hope. Your backgrounds, colouring, art style, and shading are so nice to look at. I hope to one day get a commission from you once they open up again !! Have a nice day !

Ahh thanks for the kind words!
Happy to hear that my art was inspiring to you and has helped to give you some motivation to get better at landscape art! it really means a lot
I've always thought that landscape art is really tough and a challenge, but with enough practice it can turn out to be an exciting and creative process, that's why I enjoy drawing them
Thanks again! ^_^


ahh thank you so much ;; that means a lot and it makes me so happy to hear that!
it's so amazing to inspire others with my work, and I really appreciate that!
thanks for your kind words <3

Hiya! I was wondering if it would be okay to draw you gift art? Your characters are super cute and I think they'd be fun to draw, but I just wanted to check first :)

aw thank you! feel free to do so ^^

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love your designs! They never fail to inspire me to design more, and always are so pleasing to look at! It's a really unique design style, and never fails to surprise me! Your art is really unique too, it's always really stunning, and the amount of detail in your art makes it 10x better. Keep it up! ^^

aaaa that's so sweet, thank you so much!! ; v ;

Ello!! I just wanted to say DANG your art is amazing!! Even your toyhouse aesthetic dang!! How do you manage to draw so many wonderful pieces for so many characters and complete animations-

AnywaysDatsAlIWantedToSay Keep being epic!!

That's really sweet aa


whajhasasj yess I saw them !!
I commented on your insta but I'll say it again, they look so cute wAAA;; I totally love how you drew them,, <3
aaaaa thank you so much!! ; w ;

holy moly your art and use of colours are gorgeous!

your backgrounds are seriously art goals, keep up the great work! ;w; <3

aaaaa thank you so much !! ;v; <33



WAHSKHA OMG THANK YOu,, that's so kind hhhsjdk it means a lot T w T <3

youre welcome!!!

teach me how to shade tho 😩😩

your art is absolutely stunning oh my goodness <3333 do you by any chance take custom comms? 

Aaaah thank youuu <3

And yeah I do! You can find my custom prices here: https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices#j

All my commissions types are currently closed! I don't know when I will be opening them yet :0

Hiya! I really love all your art and characters! <33 I was wondering if it's fine if I was inspired/slightly referenced your art? (sometimes I have trouble with scenes, and look at how you do components such as the moon or sky to help me with it!)

Hey thank you!! <3
I don't mind if people get inspired on my art as long as it isn't heavily, or entirely replicated! But you can totally be inspired and have a little reference to help you out ^_^

I think you're talking mostly about scenes, but just in case I want to mention not to reference any of my characters if you'd include them inside "my art" ;v;

Thank you so much! (Yeah, I was only talking about scenes, I won't reference any characters!)

Hii i just wanted to ask what code you used for Tere and Kumi’s responsive art thingy? ;w; I’ve been wondering for a while now :’D

Hey! :D I used this one code https://codepen.io/knyttneve/pen/YgZbLO
It requires css to work, so you'll need toyhouse premium to use it!


hihihi IM SUCH A FAN OF UR ANIMATIONS AND CHARACTERS,,<3 can i ask you to list the characters that r ft?

I don't currently have any characters for trade
none of my characters are, and will be ever up for trade :0



well thats fine,,

dizu has been one of my favorite characters youve had,, theyr poggers

hehe yeah!
he is one of my top favorites as well x3

do you do customs free or are they 4 paypal,,?

i really love your designs aa, id kill for them!

Aaaa glad you like them! ;v;

I don't do customs for free, but from time to time I make adoptables too

I only accept payments with DeviantArt points and PayPal for now!

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uh uh hi,,

im such a fan? and also where do you usually make your otas or do you not make any? 0:

ahh thanks!
I rarely make otas, but I usually post them here and on my DeviantArt! ^^

id love to be friends if we can! :D

how to kindly decline? ashdjklas
I hope not to be come off as rude, but I don't know :C
I get that asked a lot, and I can't be friends with everyone, you know;;

alright! thats fine

and also, are you taking requests?

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ooh is the button not working? :0
you can find all my commissions prices here! https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices
customs can be found almost at the bottom of the page ^^

This user's account has been closed.

I love your art and designs, and you're a big inspiration to me (: also, do you do art trades? i'd love to do one someday if you're interested

Aw thank you!! ^^

My art trades are currently closed, I'm not sure if I'll be opening them again though :0


wow that's a long time! I'm happy that you've enjoyed my art during all this time, it really means a lot !! <3

hoi umm Tere, Do u do any custom comission or something? UR DESIGN ARE FRICKEN AMAZING AAAAAAAAAAA

aaa thanks!!
yes I take custom designs commissions! they can be found on my commission's sheet https://toyhou.se/6987839.commission-prices
All my commissions are currently closed though! ^^'

asdfghjkl tysm! I wanna order if I have enough deviantart points~

Happy (late) New Year! Hopefully, money isn't an issue and your Patreon supporters are giving you basic funds!

Also I don't want to ping you in Discord for this question, who gives you shelter right now?

Thanks! Happy new year ^^
my patreon has been going surprisingly well, so I'm very happy about that!
and uhhm I'm not really sure how to answer to your question, it seems like quite a personal question and I'd rather not answer to anything personal

AAA whaTTT I love your art I can't??? I got a huge wave of inspiration and started but ended up just forgetting about bc backgrounds are not exactly easy for me hahAA.. anyways like what you're a complete goddess I cant :0 I must start saving up points now AAa

sorry you probably get a lot of these o.o


Thank you so much!!
Merry Christmas for you too! ^^

Hi there, while browsing through your art and I came across some really gorgeous traditional-art scenes! I was wondering, what materials do you use to create them? It looked like either paint or oil pastel, but I wasn't sure-- whatever it is, it looks amazing!! 

Thank you!! Most of my traditional art was drawn with Derwent pastel pencils!
I upload the progress of these drawings on my instagram ^^ https://www.instagram.com/terenry/

omg Thank you so much!! That's super helpful!!!! ;D

Hiya! Just wanted to say your detailed backgrounds, especially the japanese-influenced ones, are amazing! One question, do you use references for them? Because i'm practicing backgrounds and I'm not sure how I should go along with it-

Thank you so much!
I don't use references for my art, I do look at random pics to get an idea, but not directly reference them
I like to create and design my own original buildings and backgrounds!! It really only takes a lot of practice haha
Backgrounds has always been my favorite part when drawing, so I just enjoy making them a lot! :D

If you're struggling with drawing backgrounds, I'd suggest focusing on what you're good at, or what kind of backgrounds you'd like to draw the most, eg. nature, urban environments, indoors.. etc
you might try taking a look at references that are great to use in some circumstances, or just let your creativity flow and experiment with it!

Oh, awesome! Thanks so much <3I'll remember this :)


Sure! I updated the character permissions ^^


Thank you so much!! I'm really happy to hear that ;w;
I'm glad I was able to help you, the drawing looks amazing! :D