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username change (please read!)

Posted 1 month, 12 days ago by Terenry

Hey I just did a small change in my username
I just removed the RM from it cuz I prefer the short version
this change happens to break links with my old username back to my account, and if you own any of my recent designs, I tend to credit the transparent images as off-site
so if you could remove the "RM" from the link and label it would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks! have this cat in a pumpkin

Have you seen this character? (help)

Posted 6 months, 24 days ago by Terenry

The character in question


been searching him for literally years, and yet I've had no luck to this day :S
his original name was Single but idk if it still keeps it

so I traded it years ago (around 2016-2017 I think)
but the person I traded the character to later traded this character again, and since then it's probably that this character has been traded multiple times
there is no track of the trading or who owns the character now

so if anyone has seen or knows who owns it, please let me know! I'd really like to get him back ; v ;


EDIT: Okok I'm gonna list a few things that I mentioned in the comments that could help in the search!

  • I still don't know if this character has been uploaded to Toyhouse
    - The character is not credited to me, I tried to search all my designs here as Off-site and On-site Designer, but I couldn't find this character
    - I also searched tags such as "blue" "dog" "oc" "scarf" etc, I think I looked through all the pages from oldest to first, but I wasn't able to see it
    That was a while ago, so there must be new characters under these tags, I still do not rule out the possibility that this character could possibly be on toyhouse now

  • I didn't have a Toyhouse account back when I traded them, the character was traded through Deviantart's sta.sh 
    - It's probably that all the trading history has been kept private
    - I also remember people using Google Hangouts or Skype in that time, Toyhouse wasn't very well known, so it's very likely that the person didn't have a toyhouse account
    - I originally traded the character to @//Skriblo around 2017, they didn't have a toyhouse account back then, and they also had a different username at that moment
    I asked them multiple times a while ago, but they say that they don't remember to who they traded the character, so the current owner remains unknown
  •  I am the creator of the design
    - The art shown was drawn by me
    - I tried searching through Google Images search with every piece of art I have of him, but I didn't find anything
    - It's possible that the person who owns the character now might not know that I made the design, since there wasn't a design credit system, people would usually just trade the ref sheet or a random drawing of the character

  • I'll keep updating the list if I get more info to share!