oh god i forgot its a new month part 2

Posted 5 months, 15 days ago by zinnia

how cold is it

3 Votes HELP
0 Votes southern hemisphere gang
3 Votes its kinda chilly
1 Votes its like 60f

hi gamers

i forget the passing of time is real but here we are woo

personal updates;

i got surgery and physically ive been feeling a lot better! so expect more things happening. might be a bit slow tho as i have a lot of backlog for the months i was so fatigued i couldnt do anything

anyways uhhhhhhhhhhhhh progress updatez

bam bam we got ruby and tiphanie now! and i love them. slowly working on giving everyone sprite edit icons!

nicole and bella have bio skeletons now as well

i have a lot of other stuff to do and its kind of a lofty goal but i wanna try finishing emmy's bio before the year ends. i think it'd be nice

ive also done a lot of work on the pokeau tumblr/website and aside from the previously announced hell sorter, it has a tropes page and faceless characters page now!

and to end this heres a reminder im still doing those pkmn comms bc theyre fun


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