Hello everyone! This is something I wanted to address since a while, but was always afraid of sounding rude or something ;w; 

When posting artwork you make with my bases, please don't use my TH account for credit! 
I would prefer people clicking on my "Art" tab to see artwork actually made by me, if that makes any sense? :,3 I'm not super active with posting art on my public platforms, especially personal art, so this would be a way for people to see it ahah;;;

When crediting my bases, please use off-site links! You can use my deviantart, FurAffinity, or (preferred) my ko-fi so people see where you actually got the bases: https://ko-fi.com/desi/shop

Thank you so much for reading and understanding, I really appreciate it ♥


Oh my apologies I shall do so I just automatically link your account when I post them to my toyhouse but going forward I'll make sure to link your FA <3 

This isn't rude at all so no worries <3 

Noted! I'll try to remember :'D


Alright, I'll quickly go fix that.


You might know this already, but If you have the patience, you have the option to edit the credit of images to put the link you want instead of your TH !
(I personally always put external links for my base makers for this reason, because I figured it might bother some, and turns out I was right since you're not the first one I see adressing this)


Oh, no need to apologize at all!! I actually really appreciate people used my TH, since it means they took the time to see if I was on this platform to properly credit me, but as more and more works are made with my bases it's becoming a bit too much ahah....if anyone not familiar with me stumbled upon my TH profile, they'd have no clue which artworks/designs are actually mine :,D
It sucks there's no way to differentiate the things between by me/with my bases, bc I genuinely enjoy looking through what people do with them (even found a couple designs I wanted to adopt that way!), but I feel like keeping my page clean is the best. Thanks a lot for being so understanding and supportive! ♥