Should I change Josh's eye color?

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago by tigeus

Should I change the color?

6 Votes Yes!
19 Votes No, keep 'em red!

HEY FOLKS Super weird question out of the blue (and hi there, by the way! Happy holidays, make sure you guys are taking care of yourselves <3) but I've got a question regarding the always unfortunate, ever-present Josh - my human character that you guys may or may not see floating around!

Turns out he's becoming a little recognizable (and I wholly apologize for this,) and as I've been ticking over his design more than ever (he's well overdue for a bit of overhaul!) I've noticed that his eyes are red for almost no good reason. (There is reason, but not a necessarily good one.*) So in lieu of having another thing about the guy to explain away (I do NOT need more of those |D) I've been thinking of changing the color to something more natural, like a brown or even a gray. If you guys have no idea who/what I'm talking about, feel free to vote - basically, "do I abandon 5 years of (unnecessarily) red eyes?", or "do I stick to the originals, for originality's sake?" - this has been eating at me for SEVERAL weeks, shamefully, and I though I might ask you lovely people for your thoughts!

(Alternatively: if there is a chance that you guys have ideas - where should I put the red instead? Is his design red enough to make up for it? Or should I be implementing that elsewhere? Thank you guys for listening to my endless rambling and for (hopefully!) sharing your thoughts!) 

(*In his early design stages, he had 3 colors - black, white, and a small accent of red (in the form of a symbol that floated above his head) - when I turned him into a human, the white went to the coat, the black went to the pants and accents, and the red went to the eyes!)

(Side note: there's almost no doubt that those red eyes, if changed, will stay as an alternative palette option..!)

(..By the way, why is it so hard to make red eye color match, like, anything? (My panic here mostly comes from the fact that in any iterations that I have found, red irises never look unspectacular. And by god, this guy is meant to be as unspectacular as possible, certainly in appearance - let alone that it never quite looks natural or tangible... which is unfortunately what the mind is trying to wander to lately. UGH.) Pinterest can't even save me now!)


It's your OC and honestly,  at this point, just keep them xD we're used to them, we don't care if they 'make sense' or not <3

I have a red eyed OC and yeah while he's a bit more on the albino/some lighter color stuff side,  it's really not anything super makes sense stuff~~ 


I have my old OC from 2009 who has a red eye and a purple eye. Sure it's not realistic, makes no sense and is a little tiny bit reminding me of my Oh no past, but it's a part of his character at this point,  so they'll stay

Ultimately the choice is yours but know that either is fine <3

I've got a guy with red eyes just because I like 'em lmao, but if you wanna move toward more natural tones, just push the color toward brown and leave it like midway between brown and red??

Yeah this is an idea I'd suggest and support as well~

AND I WANT TO BE CLEAR, that if this DOES change: There will be red.

(turns to other camera) there will be red.

(turns to shaving mirror,) there will be red. And there will be LOTS.

Furthermore, I just remembered why I wanted to make this change in the first place - if you're paying attention to my annoying, constant re-uploading and editing of the occasional colorless sketch of the guy, you might have picked up on.. erm.. well.. the lack of color! |D it's because coloring them red DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT. AND I DON'T KNOW WHY. WHAT DID I DO WHERE DID I GO WR