Customs Open! Updated Pricing Guide

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by ashecodes

It's been a bit since I had a custom guide up, so I figured I'd change that. Here's an idea of what my custom prices look like for HTML & CSS. Please note if you would like a discount on customs (as they are time consuming to create), I request permission to alter and distribute any customs after completed with alternative styling. If you would instead like a unique, one of a kind code for your personal use only, you must pay full price for exclusivity. Note that I will keep the specific styling (colors, fonts, graphics etc.) unique to your version of the code regardless, and only distribute a "re-skinned" version.

HTML Only Codes

HTML only codes are generally simpler and have less components, so they will be a bit cheaper. Prices are starting points, and cost may go up depending on complexity or how many edits / revisions you request.

Simple HTML : $35 for Exclusive / $20 at Discount

This includes single page codes with no more than 3-5 simple sections. Additionally, this encompasses any of my pre-existing HTML codes that you want edited or restyled to your specification. 

Complex HTML : $65 for Exclusive / $35 at Discount

This includes complex single page codes that exceed five simple sections, have heavy specific styling or that have multiple (tabbed) pages. 

CSS Only Codes

CSS codes are generally more complex overall. These prices reflect any kind of CSS that restyles your page: Account CSS, Character CSS & World CSS. 

Simple CSS : $35 for Exclusive / $20 at Discount

This includes a CSS sheet that either includes a simple restyle of TH's default layout / theme, or that is a restyle of one of my existing CSS codes. A custom Restyle of one of my existing codes will always be at $15.

Complex CSS : $75 for Exclusive / $45 at Discount

This includes CSS sheets that make significant custom changes to the default TH layout and theme. These will include CSS that will restyle Account Pages, Character Pages and World Pages.


Please do not haggle, or offer trades / partial trades in designs, points, art, or anything else. My prices are firmly USD only.


Hey there, while I'm not yet ready to order a custom code, it's  something I've been thinking of doing, so if I manage to solidify what I want in my head, what would be the best/preferred method of contacting  you for a custom?

Are you open for Customs?