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✶ Codes FAQ ✶

I get a lot of questions about my codes and it is simply not feasible for me to answer every single one in a timely manner. I hope having an FAQ will cut down on that. If this still doesn't answer a question you have or solve the issue you're experiencing, you are welcome to DM me or comment in this thread and I will try to assist you the best I can -- however please understand I may not be immediately available to answer messages!

➺ First, Use Resources

I ask that you be familiar with editing HTML & CSS on Toyhouse before purchasing anything, including knowing how to make adjustments or how to seek out solutions for issues you encounter.

✣ Try using these links listed below to see if you can find the solution:

✣ o1. Toyhouse Guide for Adding Coding to your Profile

✣ o2. HTML & CSS Resources & Tutorials

✣ o3. Bootstrap Documentation

✣ Usually typing the issue you're experiencing into a search engine will yield numerous results that will help you. Try different terms if your first search was not fruitful. There are countless other resources out there for HTML and CSS!

➺ How do I change the colors?

✣ Option One: The code is utilizing standard bootstrap colors, and you can change those by changing what value is listed in the class, or removing it and adding a HEX color via inline style: Bootstrap Colors for reference.

✣ Option Two: The code is utilizing a HEX or RGBA colors, and you will need to find the color code you want to replace it with, and input it in place of the existing color code - this will be under style instead of class:

✣ Tip: If you have to replace multiple color entries, bring the code into a text editor and do a find and replace with the old color and the new one.

➺ I downloaded [X] Code and it doesn't work!

✣ I need more information than that to assist you. Narrow down what the problem is before messaging me: does the code not display at all? Does it display differently than the preview page? Did you not receive a text file with the code in the first place?

✣ Please include a screen shot of the page as it is displaying for you, as well as the code itself in a text file. I cannot solve a problem if I cannot see the problem.

➺ How do I change the icons?

✣ Check out this site:

✣ You can search for numerous icons to swap out what is currently in the code. Each Icon will come with a code you can replace -- look for the line of code that reads like this:

<'i class="fa-solid fa-star"'>

➺ How do I add another column / row?

✣ If you're adding something to duplicate it and alter the contents slightly, find the last column in a row and duplicate the entire column inside the row. You can start a new row by duplicating that as well. Make sure you're keeping everything inside the proper brackets!

✣ If you need to make more adjustments or are encountering issues, check out this link:

➺ How do I change image sizes, my images are too big / too small / not the right dimensions?

✣ Option one: resize and crop your image yourself either using Toyhouse's thumbnail crop, or another free resource. You can resize and crop images via Imgur, or use something like Photopea. There are numerous free resources out there, including app based ones if you only use mobile. I cannot resize your own images for you.

✣ Option two: Set the pixel or percentage width/height yourself on the image or the card that contains the image. This should have the resources to teach you how to do that:

✣ Option three: If the image is set as a background image, and appears too large or small, you can resize how it displays on the card by changing the 'background-size' property:

➺ I can only use Paypal, can I pay you directly for a code?

✣ Kofi and Gumroad both accept Paypal and card payments. You shouldn't have any issue purchasing as long as you input your information correctly.

✣ If for some reason either site is not working, you can contact me with your email in a DM and I will invoice you.

➺ The code I downloaded isn't displaying correctly because of my custom CSS, how do I fix it?

✣ You can either make various adjustments yourself to try and make it display properly, if that doesn't work, do not use the HTML - OR - do not use the custom CSS.

✣ I do not have the time to make individual adjustments to codes just to make it display correctly with every custom CSS variation so please do not ask.


Hello! I just purchased literary and I love the code, but I'm having an issue where the css is causing some of my character's codes to stop properly scrolling, like seen with this one (many of the tabs next to longer pieces of text and info are supposed to scroll, as seen with the base code that can be found here). If it's known what might be causing this to happen or how I could fix it, any help would be appreciated!

Hi there! So I just purchased Vanitas and I was wondering if there was any way to get the title at the top of each page (by default "Vanitas") to link back to my profile? If that isn't doable, then is there any way to make my username visible on the link bar below the title? (I know there's settings for that in the CSS page, but it won't seem to work.) I love the CSS but my only issue with it is that - speaking from personal experience - if someone happened to find one of my characters and wanted to check out my profile, there is no way for them to do so from either the character's profile or the folder page! Thanks in advance c:

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Hi ! Hope you've had a nice day ^^ I have purchased and used the settings bundle for a while, and there is something I wanted to ask since it is quite bothering to me, is if there's a way of changing the character's main picture (character css icon) to display the character icon instead of the user icon? I've tried to edit the css to make it work but it seems to just ignore the command T-T 

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Hello hello! I just purchased the Night Mode CSS and I absolutely love it!! But unfortunately it gets rid of the line that says the date of when the character was created on character profiles (the line usually right above the creator name)! Is there any way to add that back?

Edit: also I just noticed that on the character viewing pages it shows favorites on some but not all of them and it’s random which ones get it, that might have to be fixed in an update

Hi, so far I've downloaded 2 codes and none of them show the actual HTML code but instead show me pictures. Here is a screenshot of the "f2u minimal moodboard" one that I downloaded. I also downloaded the "f2u aesthetic board" and it did the same thing. Would appreciate it if you helped me out because I really like these codes.


(Nevermind...i found it!) I have the Same Problem the Downloads only provide me a PNG Image, could you figure it Out already?

Do you mind sharing what you did to fix this issue? I’m still struggling with it :/

For me it was only a Problem in my Phone, when i opened it on my iPad i Had a third File that Had a Downloadlink in it.

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Hi !

I would like to add a background instead of just having a solid color in the background but I do not know how to do it.


I tried to do it myself but it covers the header and the background repeats itself where I would have liked it not to be the case...



can you help me please ?

thank you and have a good day !

Hey lovely! I have this code and am using it but I'm not able to see the fave icons under the characters image when I'm looking at the characters in folders, is there any way that I can fix this?

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The issue is that the new sections are nested inside the last (smaller) column, inside the previous row. You'll need to move them from inside the previous column and row, and into a new one entirely.


Hopefully this shows what I'm talking about, where the highlighted section starts and ends, you'll need to take the new section from there, and paste it after the last </div> highlighted here. It also looks like you may have accidentally deleted the last </div> that enclosed that tab, so I believe you'll have to add in another at the end of that tabbed section. Try to make those changes and see if it fixes the issue! If you're still having problems, just let me know and I can try to fix the code myself if you can send me a text file of the edited version.

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Hi there, sorry for the late response, I've been busy this month and comments get buried pretty easily in my notifications. Those things could be changed easily if you'd like me to give you some code snippets for the icon and the folder font size. If you'd like some more custom edits made to the code, my custom rate info is here:

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Just send a DM! That's easiest for me to keep track of all in one place.

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hiya!! I got the Autumnal CSS and I have ONE quick q!! My username is REALLY long and it spills into another line on desktop which doesn't look very good :'> is there a way for me to alter the font size of my username since changing the body & button fonts won't work? I haven't altered the body header because I'm p sure my username is considered to be part of the sidebar!
apologies if this is a rly easy question to answer! I looked around and haven't rly found any answers for my issue!


Hey there! If you add the following snippet of code at the bottom of your CSS, it should allow you to change the font size to whatever you wish! The default is 16pt, so you may want to try 15pt or 14pt to see if that fits better. Any issues let me know.

.side-nav .display-user-username {

font-size:16pt !important;


YAAAAY IT WORKS PERFECTLY, thank you so much for your help :'D!! And ofc thank u for the beautiful CSS!!

hello! i recently bought Night Mode CSS and i wanted to ask if there is a way of modifying the code to show the little default icons under the character's names? i mean favorites, number of artworks and comments c:

Hey there, sorry for the late response, questions often get buried in my comments. I just changed the main CSS sheet to re-include it, if you re-save your pages out it should take effect.

hello there, thank you so much for answering!! i am not quite sure what you mean by that, i probably need to re-download the css and reapply it to the css section right? :>

Nope, all you need to do is go to edit any part of your account that has the CSS applied (main profile, folders, etc.) and update/re-save for the changes to take effect - I edited the external CSS sheet, so updating it will just force it to re-apply the changes. If it doesn't, try to re-save again with the 'Turn on Strict CSS warnings' box checked.

ohh i see, thank you so much!! it works!

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Sorry for the late response, questions in my comments usually get buried pretty far. I just changed the main CSS sheet to re-include it, if you re-save your pages out it should take effect.

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hi! i'm using your autumnal css for my profile but i can't seem to figure out how to get the background/banner image to display a gif to be the same size as the screen, it currently looks like this and won't stretch out/grow. i've tried changing the $bg-size: element from cover to initial and auto, but none of them make the image the correct size. it might be an issue with using a gif because i've used images before and they fit the screen just fine, but i was just wondering if there's a keyword or snippet of code that i'm not css-savvy enough to know about :)

edit! - i'm also having trouble getting the $bg-position: line of code to work with a gif, just thought i'd add

Hello! Hopefully the right spot to ask. So I bought Mythic CSS Bundle ( and was hoping I could implement my own html however it always looks goofy and I can't satisfy myself. Anyways, I was wanting to ask if you would be okay with creating a whole new HTML that works with Mythic CSS as a commission? I would of course give you more info on how I want it and such. (Next month most likely)

I know it says you won't make any changes but wasn't entirely sure if this also goes for customs.

I just purchased and it will not give me the text for me to use for the code, it just shows up as a broken version of the code which is weird for me (looks like this no text to copy/paste)

Do you mean the text file is displaying as if it's a broken HTML page, rather than actual text? I can directly DM you the text file if you like. I can verify it works correctly on my end. I just updated the Kofi files as well in case there was an error in uploading.

Yes that’s what I mean, sorry, I’m not very good at articulating ;;w;; thank you so much

Could I get the text file please?

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Hi ! I was wondering if for the $3 simple CSS, there was a way for tags to show? I can't show tags/ when doing view all, organize by favs/recent/etc., 

Hi! I'm considering buying this code and I have a question, will this apply to all of my TH or strictly my TH profile? By that I mean, if I select one of my characters, will I see this code applied to their pages too, or no?

It will only show where you paste the HTML code, so if you paste it to your profile, it will only show on your user profile, if you paste it on a character profile, it will only show on that character's profile. Hope that clears it up!


Hi! I purchased your Setting CSS code and I was wondering is it was possible to change the background image of the header to small repeating images rather than a large image? A lot of the backgrounds I use are actually really small repeating patterns, but whenever I use them as a header image for this CSS they either stretch or sit in the centre being small. I'm not very knowledgeable with CSS but I tried to take a look at the linked resources and I still wasn't quite sure.

Hi! Love the codes, just bought the circe profile, and it works great! though on mobile ive noticed the images are VERY dark, i thought they were black at first. Is there a way to tone it down slightly for mobile only as its fine on pc if not all good IGgEaxa.png

I'm not sure why it would be displaying that way on mobile other than potentially incompatable with your mobile browser. You could change the background blend mode from "overlay" to "normal" and see if the overlay mode is what's causing the issue.

Hello! I'm experiencing the bug where sidebar does not scroll to the bottom of the page and there's a gap like below. This bug shows randomly on different folders - in one folder sidebar is full, in others there's a gap. Is there any possible solution to make the bar always full? This bug also appears if there's no background.
I'm using the css!

If the page is too short (nothing or very little in the content area) the content area will shrink -- it's just how it's set to scale on default. I adjusted the CSS to hopefully help the issue. Re-save the pages you have the CSS implemented on and it should take effect -- it may take a few hours to go through however.

It works great now, thank you so much for doing this!

Hello! I purchased your Circe character profile code and it came with a file for custom fonts for premium users, but I'm unsure how to use that (I do have premium c:) Where would I have to insert the text in order for it to work?

Just paste it into the CSS portion of the character profile!

Is there a F2U FAQ code similar to this?

I haven't put one up, no.

oh darn, ok! tysm! is there any you would reccomend?

Sorry I don't know of any off the top of my head! I would consider making a F2U one in the future though when I have a little more time. You could try asking in the HTML/CSS forums for any recs in the meantime!

Hello hello! I've been working on tweaking the Tabbed RPG Profile to make it more bare-bones in terms of info and for a separate relationship situation. I've managed for the most part, but when turning it into a relationship list I am unable to remove the extra lines that appear over and below the character blurb, on the first page (which in this case I have put down for use for rp parties) without completely breaking the code. I would love to have it look the same as it does in the Family tab, but I can't figure it out. I would be very grateful if you could give me advice on what I should do about it.

Hey^^ I have a question about your Literacy CSS code. So I’ve been using it for a while and it’s been working fine but today I was trying to code a character profile and use the primary color but it appears to be the same as the bootstrap I have for the rest of th. The pink to be specific. I’ve tried re-uploading the css assuming I broke it but that wasn’t the case. I’m not sure if it’s something on my part, th‘s part, or something wrong with the css. It only seems to do it for card backgrounds, the text looks perfectly fine and is the primary color you set. IMG_7107.png




Hopefully this makes sense

I think the primary background and text were set incorrectly somehow, I adjusted the CSS sheets on my end -- try resaving the pages you have the code on and see if it refreshes -- if it doesn't immediately, give it a few hours and try again and it should refresh. If there is no change after about 24 hours, let me know and I'll recheck the code! Hope that helps!

Alright I’ll let you know how it goes^^

It’s been fixed, Tysm! I didn’t know how long I could go without using bg-primary on everything✨😭

Glad it worked! Thanks for letting me know so I could make sure it got fixed.

Hi! Right now I'm using your code Shuffle 2.0 and I have more than 4 characters so I was expecting only 4 of them to show up and every so often they rotate around. Is that not the case, or have I broken the code in some way? Everything else works, except there's just a large chunk of the page that has all ten of them just there. If the code does not do that, is there a way that I can make it do that? (or like a gallery people can page their way through). Thanks so much!

That is not an intended function of the code, all the characters that you input will show up, the title "characters may rotate" is just an expression to state that the featured characters may be manually swapped out from time to time. You can kind of get the effect you play around with adding a carousel though the links might get buggy -- I can play around with adding that feature to the code. I'll see what I can come up with and I can get you an updated file when I complete it!

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The folder header with the button links  can be turned back on by adding this additional line of CSS: 

.characters-header {

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It's possible, but it'd be best to use an additional CSS import across your character pages. I fiddled a bit, but I will warn you to get it to display correctly, I had to fiddle a lot with exact sizing, so it may not display properly across all resolutions -- there might be a better way to solve the problem but right now this is the best I could come up with. It will not work correctly if you use a character blurb longer than one line, however. If you are okay with turning off the blurb and the folder link, it will be less touchy, but this should at least function.

You can add this import link to your existing CSS sheet on your character pages (paste it directly underneath the original import - you must use both imports!), see if it gives you the result you're looking for: 

@import '0/13058/eqqkMK/topheader-character-import';

If it's giving you any issues let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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I believe the issue is with the length of the character name and the fact that you're using tabs - like I said, it's an imperfect solution because it relies on static sizes, so variable elements like character name length, or how many tabs you might be using will cause problems. I can turn the display of the character folder off if you don't find it necessary, which should ultimately be the easiest way to fix it. Otherwise, I can try to fiddle with it more but it will take some time.

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I'm gonna post this to html help too, so no pressure if you're busy, but I encountered something weird and wondered if you had any ideas?

When using this theme: When I change the top pill buttons from "primary" to "secondary" "light" or "dark", they vanish. The others (warning, info, danger, success) all work fine. Any ideas? Thanks!

edit for additional info: If you highlight the space where the button should be, the text is still there.

I'm not sure why that would be, there's a chance that TH does not have secondary/light/dark presets for badges, you could instead try adding 'bg-dark' or 'bg-light' etc. to the badges and see if that works. Otherwise, you could change their background color using inline CSS.

Hello! Your themes are really pretty, I'm looking forward to using them!

However I'm having a little bit of a problem with the links on top of the F2U User ID Card. I managed to change the icons to the ones I wanted to use, but when I enter the url to youtube and tiktok instead of the # I get this:

I thought at first that it was because I changed the little icon, but since it happens to the tiktok one as well, that doesn't seem to be the issue. Do you know what the reason might be? It doesn't seem to happen to all the urls as some of them work perfectly fine, but others don't really work for me.

Thank you beforehand!

It looks like you might not have closed a tag correctly or possibly pasted the link in the wrong spot causing the tag to break. If you can show me the HTML code itself that was edited, I can figure out exactly what the issue is and make sure it's fixed.

Sure! So when it works I've got this:

And this is what it looks like when I get the error.

thepasteldyke" style="color:inherit;">

Here's a screenshot:

EDIT: ah, good thing I got a sceenshot since the code actually... coded X´D

As far as I can tell, I think the @ in front of the username in the tiktok url is messing with how toyhouse reads the code, since that's how you link to a user. Try replacing the @ with the following code, removing the spaces: ' & # 6 4 '

That was it! Thank you so much for the help!

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CSS restyles the basic style of Toyhouse, meaning it will often override things on HTML codes on default -- you are welcome to try to add additional CSS to adjust some of the issues, but changing the original stylesheet would change things for other users using the code, so I cannot make those adjustments unless you want to purchase a custom.

As far as the color of the box, that's because the theme restyled the basic bootstrap colors, which are set on the HTML you are using. Remove the 'btn-success' entry on the link class, should fix it.

If the larger font size bothers you, add this as an additional line of CSS under the import:   .profile-info-content .display-user { font-size: 1em !important; }

The top bar is not styled in this CSS, so it will remain whatever the default is for your theme. If you want to change it, add:  #header { background-color: #HEX; }

The folder header does not appear that way when looking at your profile, it's supposed to match the primary accent link, so I'm not sure why it is showing as dark for you.

The folder button is intentionally set not to display on default for that code. It would need additional custom restyling to adjust that.  Try adding something like this:

.side-nav li.header, .side-nav li.subheader {
  display: block;
.side-nav li.subheader {
  background-color: rgb(229, 156, 213);
  color: #fff;
  border-radius: 10px;

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