Today's Upload - SS and EMG

Posted 1 month, 20 days ago by Keldas-Cove

Hello again :^]

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Today had a lot of more in-depth concept artwork for both Sun Sprain and Everything Must Go. I've spent most of this month getting ready & going on a vacation to Canada, so while I had trouble getting pages for Sun Sprain made I did get to make some nice concept art / illusrtations of Beat n Brad. I also had a few sketchbook pieces I forgot to photograph last time that I added in this time around.

For the EMG pictures, the traditional art ones shown were mostly done in one sitting. I'm still years off from making that story but I was in the mood for some furries n things. Still trying to figure out the characters' faces and colors, but it's fun to be in the nebulous phase. 

Sun Sprain pages have slowed down a bit with my vacation thing going on, but I'm hoping to pick back up in July. I'll be working on different techniques of drawing after this first major scene to try and get things done a little faster. Wish me luck x_x 


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